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Crimson Death

This takes place after New Moon. Edward attempts to surprise Bella with something big. But there plans are interrupted with others that have plans of there own for Bella, and the people she loves. Final Chapter Added!


10. Chapter 10: Topaz

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There she stood, with the little red jewelry box in her hand. I tried to wipe away the tears, but they wouldn’t stop from flowing. I stared at the box, knowing exactly what it held, but didn‘t want to believe it. I didn’t want to know what was in there. I didn’t want to be right. If she opened it, and it actually held what I thought, I would fall apart. I could feel the same darkness that had once taken me over - what seemed so long ago - starting to creep up again, threatening to suck me back in.

“Angelo, we really did come at the most perfect time.” She smiled as she faced the box toward herself and opened it. Thankfully I still couldn’t see what was in it. Angelo never answered, he just stood there with the same look on his face. “Look at this.” She said twirling the box in her hand. “See Bella.” She faced the box towards me. I closed my eyes tightly and turned away.

I didn’t want to know. I squeezed my eyes shut so that it was completely dark.

“Oh come on Bella.”

I could feel her icy presence kneeling right next to me. She grabbed my chin with her cold hand, and jerked my face towards her.

“Look Bella.” she said firmly.

I kept my eyes closed. I didn’t want to know. I didn’t want to know. Maybe if I kept telling myself that, then I would actually start believing in the words.

“Bella!” she said irritated. I didn’t want to play her games anymore. But my curiosity was getting the best of me. I knew she just wouldn’t let it go. I wanted to know! But I didn’t want to be hurt, to feel the pain that would overwhelm me if I finally saw what that little box held.

I opened my eyes slowly. Right in front of my nose was the red velvet box. In it was a beautiful gold banded ring with 3 gemstones. It wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t very small, it was perfect. The three gems were topaz, just like Edwards eyes. The middle being the biggest, and then one on each side. I loved it. And I hated that this was how I was seeing it, with the person I probably hated most in the entire world, holding it teasingly in front of me. The pain that this moment held was enormous. I could feel myself falling, the darkness starting to engulf me.

I looked at Edward, he was sitting on the ground watching me carefully. He was all muddy, but his face was clean and still so beautiful. Now the tears were like a flood. As I stared into his eyes, the world and commotion that once was, was now all a blur. I could only see him. His eyes were dark and heartbreakingly miserable. His face was flat, emotionless. My face probably held the same exact look. I wanted to touch his angel’s face, to tell him it would be ok…to tell him I loved him. But we both sat motionless, unable to physically embrace one another.

Victoria interrupted our moment - as heart wrenching of a moment as it was, it was still ours. “We have to leave now, and of course Bella will be coming with us.” she said, as she placed the red box in her jeans pocket.

Edward stood up, not moving towards us, but watching Victoria.

“I told you, you can’t have her!” Edward yelled still not moving, afraid to provoke them.

“It looks like I already do have her.” she said, as she scooped me up off the ground and held me against her body. Edward took a step forward. “No, no, no, Edward, we both know that I could break both there necks before you could even take another step forward.” The phony humanity that her voice had held just a second ago, was gone. Her tone had grown irritated. She was ready to leave, and Edward kept getting in her way.

Edward just stood there, he couldn’t do anything. I could see the hopelessness in his eyes, but his body stood stern, never showing any weakness. He didn’t move, as we started leaving again.

“Edward,” I yelled as he was almost out of view. “Edward, I love you...I love you forever.” My voice cracked, and the words didn’t hold as much forcefulness as I hoped.

“I love you Bella. I’ll come for you. Don’t worry this isn’t over.” His body never moved, as his eyes followed me. He was almost out of view. “I love you!” he yelled one last time.

I struggled against Victoria to keep him in view. I pushed at her arm around my waist, in an attempt to get away. But it didn’t matter, she was no match for me, her arm never faltered, it stayed wrapped tightly around my waist.

She had won. I could no longer see Edwards face. I closed my eyes, trying to keep Edwards face, as she dragged me to the unknown. A light smile danced across my lips, I could see Edwards face behind my eyelids. We were sitting in his meadow, his shirt open, the sun against his pale marble skin, making him look like a crystal. The warm sun on our faces, the cool air danced through his bronze hair. The flowers swaying in the wind. The tears continued flowing from my eyes. I could feel the hole in my chest return, the edges seared, as the scent and memory faded with every step we took.