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Crimson Death

This takes place after New Moon. Edward attempts to surprise Bella with something big. But there plans are interrupted with others that have plans of there own for Bella, and the people she loves. Final Chapter Added!


11. Chapter 11: Giving Up

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It was completely dark. I was laying on my side, my cheek rested against the cool leather seats. I curled into a ball, wrapping my arms around my waist. The tears that once were flowing like a river, now had gone dry, leaving dry streaks on my face. I hadn’t opened my eyes since Edward had left my sight. The voices had faded, leaving me to my own thoughts. I desperately searched for Edward within the walls of my mind. I needed to protect myself from the pain, but didn’t want to let go of his face.

There he was, but it wasn’t my Edward. It was the Edward that I had been ripped away from, the one that was torn between saving my life or Charlie’s. I cringed as his face came into view. He was still so beautiful, but the expression his face held was heartbreaking. His eyes held a sadness I had never seen before, and never thought I could comprehend. I desperately wanted to hold him, to be able to comfort him, as he had comforted me so many times. But now I was in a car with two vampires that wanted to inflict as much pain on me as they possibly could.

I had listened as they stuffed Charlie, still unconscious, into the trunk of the car. I wanted to scream at them for leaving him in there, but I had nothing left. There was nothing to fight for anymore. The only thing I had left to think about was what they would do to me. I didn’t want to imagine the pain that would be coming, but I couldn’t help wondering what exactly they would do to me…to Charlie. I hated that he was involved, he would probably be right next to me as they killed me. I just hoped that he wouldn’t be conscious for that, that he wouldn’t have to see that pain.

I had somewhat come to terms with the fact that I would be dying. That she had won. I no longer wanted to see her face, I didn’t want to hear her voice, or even say her name. Everything about her disgusted me, and made my stomach turn. The only thing I wanted to hear and see before I died was Edward. If I could have nothing else before I left this earth, it would be only to see his angels face once more. His beautiful liquid topaz eyes, to smell the exquisite scent that radiated off his entire body, to hear his musical, enchanting voice. I hoped that-that memory of him still existed, that I would be able to vividly remember all these things right before…

But if I was going to die, then I needed to know how she had done it. Why no one had come. Why no one knew. I still didn’t want to hear her voice or open my eyes to see her villainous face, but I needed to know. She at least owed me an explanation.

I finally got the courage to ask. “How did you do it?” I asked, my voice broken and weak. I still didn’t open my eyes, I would only open them if it was needed. But I carefully prepared myself for her voice.

“What?” she asked, confused by my sudden question.

“How did Alice not see you coming? How did you know that we’d be there? How did you do it?” My voice still soft, almost a whisper.

“Simple.” she said as if a child could figure it out. “I know how Alice’s little gift works, that she can’t see what’s going to happen unless that person finally makes up their mind, and even then it’s not definite. So for that very reason I love surprises.

“This all was just something that happened. I didn’t plan on coming for you today, I actually was taking a little break, just to get my head together. Nothing I was doing seemed to be getting me anywhere.

“Luckily I had decided to bring my friend Angelo back into Forks with me. Now Angelo has terrific hearing. Well I guess technically all our kind have good hearing, but Angelo can even hear things we can’t. It’s like all his enhanced senses, are ten times superior than a normal vampire. He definitely comes in handy when you want the element of surprise. But you know that.”

She suddenly went quiet, I kept my eyes closed. It was bad enough to have to listen to her voice, I didn’t need to see her face as well.

“I arrived at your house exactly when your father drove into the driveway, when I brilliant idea popped into my head. It was perfect timing. But I wasn’t sure what to do with him once I grabbed him. So I thought about it, which wasn’t a good idea. If I planned this there was a possibility of Alice finding out. I knew that once I made up my mind to grab your dad Alice would find out, and I wouldn’t have time to do anything. So I didn’t plan I just acted on a whim. I knocked your father out - which was really easy - grabbed him, then I drove to Edwards house. We were almost there when Angelo announced that you both were all alone. And that he didn’t hear or see anyone approaching your house so we had time. And well you know the rest.” She finished, leaving me stunned.

Now I knew why the others didn’t come, why Alice hadn’t known. But Alice should’ve at least seen something, anything. Frankly I didn’t care anymore. Victoria’s words should have broken me down, but I didn’t cry. I had nothing left. I was already broken into a million pieces, so her words would had no effect on me. That’s all I wanted to know.

I was tempted to ask what she was going to do to me, but I was afraid of what she would say. That it would be too gruesome for me to handle. I wasn’t ready for that.

I thought about opening my eyes to see where we were. If they drove anything like the Cullens - which I was sure they did - then we would be a long way from Forks.

I opened my eyes knowing that if I saw her face I might fall apart. But I didn’t have to look at her face, I only had to look out the window. I unwrapped my arms from my waist, and I tilted my head over the edge of the leather seats, making sure that once my eyes were open I would be safe from her face. I slowly opened my eyes. They burned from the tears that I had cried, and from the sleep that seemed to evade me. I stared at the black carpet of the car floor while my eyes adjusted. Then I cautiously sat up. My body was stiff from being curled up in a ball for who knows how long. My eyes quickly darted to the window on the left side of the car. She was driving, so being behind her seat seemed like the safest place - away from her eyes. I stared out the dark tinted window. It was completely dark, everything a blur - she drove just as fast. I didn’t recognize anything around us. It was too dark and blurry to make out any definite shapes.

I kept my eyes on the world outside, all of it passing me in a mysterious haze. I wanted to see what was ahead of us, maybe I would be able to recognize something in front. I shifted to the right, inching to the edge of the seat, making sure to continue avoiding her face. My eyes fell to the blurriness that was ahead. It was exactly the same. The only thing that was in front of us was the road, which was illuminated by the car headlights.

From the corner of my eyes I saw Angelo’s face turn to look at Victoria. I looked at him his eyes were horrified, but he didn’t say anything. It looked like he was listening intently on something. I hesitantly looked at her, she was also staring at him, confused by his expression.

I searched for a reason for Angelo’s sudden change, but there was nothing in front of us. A car had silently pulled up next to us and quickly pulled ahead. There was a bright light that came from the rear of our car. I turned around, bright lights temporarily blinding me. I put one hand to my eyes and squinted trying to see who was driving like such a maniac.

She looked at Angelo and screamed. “What is it?!” There was desperation in her voice. I turned back to look at Angelo. He didn’t answer as he listened to what was coming.

He opened his mouth, but was never able to let the words leave his lips…

There was a sudden crunch of metal, as the car that had pulled ahead swerved into the corner of our car. My body flew back into the dark leather seats. Victoria quickly yanked the steering wheel in an attempt to miss the car that was now stopped right in front of us. She stepped down onto the brake, making us swerve to the right. My body flew to the right side of the car, my entire right side slammed into the door, my head smashed into the window. The window shattered, sending glass shards flying every where. Instantly my head seared with pain. I felt the side of my head, there was something wet. I warily brought my hand down to my eyes. My fingers smeared with crimson blood. The smell of blood clouded my mind, I felt the darkness taking over me, and I didn’t fight it. I was so sure that this was better than what Victoria had planned for me. I closed my eyes letting the darkness completely take over me, leaving the chaotic world behind.