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Crimson Death

This takes place after New Moon. Edward attempts to surprise Bella with something big. But there plans are interrupted with others that have plans of there own for Bella, and the people she loves. Final Chapter Added!


15. Chapter 15: Fading Heart

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I knew what I had to do.

I moved down to her face. Her beautiful brown hair stained red. I brushed her cheek with the back of my fingers. It was colder than usual, it’s usual warmth all but gone from her fading body.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered into her ear with my eyes closed. “I never wanted to damn my angel. But I want you forever…never was never an option.” I hope she could hear me. “I love you.”

Her heart quieted, slowing to a single low thud.

I kissed her neck. My lips stayed pressed against her soft porcelain skin for a long moment. I took in a deep breathe, taking in all her sweet aroma. I closed my eyes, the smell of her skin and blood instantly sent a new surge of adrenaline coursing through my veins.

Her heart grew softer, it was now only a gentle murmur.

My lips parted, allowing my sharp venom coated teeth to penetrate the skin in the arch of her neck. My eyes shot open and I could feel the topaz being taken over by the new found blood. Her blood touched my tongue. She tasted even better than she smelt. Her blood was so much better than in Phoenix. It was so fresh and untouched, not poisoned with another vampires venom. Her blood flowed down my throat like a sudden burst of water putting out a raging fire. It was like I was finally quenching that thirst that had scratched at my throat for too long. I wanted more. I bit down harder, sending a new wave of blood rushing down my throat.

I hand pulled at me. Pulling me away from the delicious taste, I wouldn’t go easily. They pushed and pulled, forcing my teeth to release. They dragged me away from her, until her scent started to fade. I licked my lips, tasting every last drop. Something so delightful shouldn’t be wasted. Bella’s blood was still so fresh on my tongue. There really no words to describe the taste. For the next hundred years I would still have it imbedded in my mind. I knew that nothing could ever come close to her.

“Edward!” a faint voice called to me. “EDWARD! EDWARD!!” A hard fist whipped against my cheek, making me snap out of the daze. “EDWARD!”

It was Emmett. My eyes were open, but only when he had punched me was I able to really see the sight that was before me. The cars were in total flames.

I looked at Emmett a evil smile strewed across his face. He turned to something on the side of the road. I followed his eyes.

Esme, Jasper and Rosalie were all standing next to Victoria and Angelo, who were seated on the ground. I shot up and stalked over to them, fist clenched into tight balls.

“Edward!” her faint voice called in agony.


“The fire!” she screamed frantically throwing her hands in the air.

I looked at Victoria then back at Bella. Victoria would wait, she wasn’t going any where.

“Leave that for me!” I yelled to Emmett, as I pointed to Victoria.

“We’ll wait!” he said with pleasure.

“Edward! Make it stop, it burns! Please make it stop.” Alice was by her side holding her hand, tyring to comfort her.

I knelt next to her and took her hand. “Bella…I’m here. It’s ok.” I said drawing circles on the back of her hand.

“Please make it stop!” she begged her body convulsing from the pain. I couldn’t help her, all I could do was watch as she struggled with the pain for the second time tonight.