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Crimson Death

This takes place after New Moon. Edward attempts to surprise Bella with something big. But there plans are interrupted with others that have plans of there own for Bella, and the people she loves. Final Chapter Added!


16. Chapter 16: Pay Back

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“PLEASE!” Bella begged again.

Alice and I were at her side. There was nothing we could do for her. She would have to fight this one on her own.

Why had I done this? I hated seeing her in pain, and yet this pain was caused by me. Because I was selfish and wanted her forever. How could I do this to her?


I turned away from her aching body. I couldn’t watch this. I couldn’t watch what I had done to her.

“Edward…” Alice was in front of me, her eyes focused on mine. She took my hand. “Edward, you were right to save her. It was the only way. It was what she wanted.”

I knew she was right, but I didn’t believe her. Bella was sitting in agony because of me. And now I couldn’t even look at her, because of the guilt that consumed me.

“Why don’t you go take care of Victoria. I’ll stay with Bella.”

Victoria. Perfect. I would take out my anger on her, and there was a lot that was building.

“Ok, but stay with her, I’ll be right back.”

“She’ll be fine.”

Alice let go of my hand and I walked towards Victoria. My family still surrounded them.

“Edward is Bella ok?” Esme asked walking to my side.

I guess technically she was. I just shrugged my shoulders, and gave her a weak smile.

“I’ll go help Alice. Rosalie why don’t you come with me.” It wasn’t a question, she was demanding that she go with her.

Rosalie sensed that and sulked towards Esme. Mumbling some curses under her breath. I glared at Rosalie. Even now with all that had happened she still felt resentment for her.

“I don’t know why I have to help her. It’s her fault Victoria was after her in the first place.”

Her eyes met mine for a millasecond, then she looked away and continued walking in silence.

“Let’s have some fun.” Emmett said, flexing his muscles, a huge grin on his face.

My blood boiled, and I could feel the burning hatred in my throat. I growl escaped from deep within my chest, as I looked her over.

I took my balled up fist, and threw it against her face. It took her by surprise and she fell to the ground, her hands stopping her face from hitting the grass. She was screaming a bunch of curses in her head, but I ignored her.

“Emmett and Jasper, you can have Angelo. Victoria will come with me.” Emmett let out a deep chuckle, as he grabbed Angelo. Angelo didn’t fight the numbers were against him.

Victoria’s head was still turned away from me. I grabbed her long red hair, and jerked her off the grass. Her body was in the air for a second, before she came crashing down onto the pavement. Her clothes, scratched against the ground as I dragged her body by her hair away from the others.

She twisted against my fingers intertwined in an iron grip in her hair. My arms were shaking with rage, as I dragged her away. I had never been this angry before, not even when James was hunting Bella. I could feel the hatred growing with every step I took. She would pay for the pain she caused Bella, Charlie, my entire family and the pain she cause me.

She continued to fight against me, but my grip never faltered. She didn’t speak, the only sound that came from her was small growls and whimpers. But her thoughts were filled with struggle and fear.

“I need to get away. ANGELO!” she yelled for her vampire friend. He wouldn’t hear her. “No! I had her…this was suppose to my revenge.” She let out a loud thunderous growl in her head.

“Whose sorry now.” I said through clenched teeth.

She never answered…