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Crimson Death

This takes place after New Moon. Edward attempts to surprise Bella with something big. But there plans are interrupted with others that have plans of there own for Bella, and the people she loves. Final Chapter Added!


17. Chapter 17: Guilt

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“Alice!” I yelled, knowing that it was unnecessary to yell for her, she could hear me if I whispered, but I wanted her to really get the full intensity of my anger. “Alice, you’d said she’d be ok.”

“What?” If she was going to play dumb, then she needed to do a better job then that.

“You said that if we hit the car, then they’d be ok! Now look!” I was shaking with rage.

This was her fault. If she hadn’t shown me that Bella would have been ok, then I wouldn’t have hit them in the first place.

“I know!” she screamed back at me. She stood up and left Bella’s side. “I saw her she was suppose to be ok. This wasn’t suppose to happen.”

Her face was racked with the guilt that Bella’s condition was partly her fault. I knew it wasn’t purposely, but right now I needed someone to blame for Bella’s condition. I was already loathing myself enough.

“Are you sure you didn’t purposely make me do this, so I would have no other choice but to change her.”

Alice flinched back at the accusation I threw in her face. Her face suddenly went from remorse, to anger. She glared up at me, with so much venom I almost backed down.

“How dare you! You think I did this on purpose. Like I wanted Bella to feel this pain. I would never wish that on anyone, especially her.” Her small hands were clenched into tight fist that were straight to her side.

“You knew I wasn’t planning on changing her. So how about you just make the decision for me.” I said mocking her.

“I never…”

“How could you not see something like this happening?” My hands were outstretched, pointing at the chaos that was before us.
“I can’t believe you think…”

Carlisle interrupted her mid-sentence. “Edward! Alice!” He stood before us both, his eyes accusing. “You can argue about this later. We need to leave.” He glanced between the both of us, he stopped to stare at me. “Did you take care of Victoria and Angelo?”

Like they were even an issue anymore. “Yes.” I simply answered.

“Ok then lets go.” He turned his back to us and walked to his car.

I looked at Alice. We hardly ever fought, but when we did it was usually because of her unreliable visions. I had forgotten about the fact that Alice would be riding with me back to Forks. It was going to be along drive.

Emmett carried Bella and placed her into the back seat of my Volvo. She still was thrashing around in pain. Her screams had softened and now were soft whimpers of pleading for help. Carlisle carried the still unconscious Charlie and placed him in the back seat of his car.

Alice and I got in, and I started the car.

“I can’t believe he thinks I did this on purpose.” her thoughts filtered into my head.

I was so wrong for blaming Alice. Her thoughts were filled with guilt, anger, and frustration. How could I have put the blame for something I did on her? How could I put my guilt on her shoulders? More waves of shame rolled throughout my body. I felt sick as if I was about to fall over at any moment. I managed to hurt two of the people I loved most in the world in one long night. I was a like a plague.

Carlisle lead the way on the road. Emmett and the others rode behind us.

The sky was changing. The sun was slowly creeping above the horizon. Taking over the night sky, bringing with it an entirely new day.

“It’s really beautiful.” Alice spoke quietly. Her voice was pained with remorse.

I didn’t answer. I searched for the right words to make my wrongs right.

The sun slowly continued to swallow the night, erasing all remnants of the day before.

“Edward…” Alice broke the silence. “I really didn’t,”

I stopped her. “No.” She wasn’t going to apologize for something she didn’t do. I wouldn’t let her take the blame for me losing my head. “I was wrong to yell at you like that. I was angry at myself and searched for someone to blame. I know you didn’t see any of this.”

She contemplated my words for a while.

“Edward admitting he’s wrong.” she said sarcastically.

“I do that sometimes. Just don’t get used to it.” She smiled. It was a real smile that showed me that I was forgiven.

Then we both fell silent.

Bella continued to jerk around in the back seat. She would scream for me suddenly which sent a rippling pain through my entire being. My hands would tighten around the steering wheel, and I’d close my eyes and try to focus on something else besides her anguish. Now more than ever I was happy that I couldn’t hear the things that were going on in her head.

Alice sensing my self hate decided to try and console me. “You did the right thing.” Again I wanted to believe her, but couldn’t, not after she was so wrong earlier.

I nodded my head and she understood.

Now all that Bella needed was time. Time…