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Crimson Death

This takes place after New Moon. Edward attempts to surprise Bella with something big. But there plans are interrupted with others that have plans of there own for Bella, and the people she loves. Final Chapter Added!


3. Chapter 3: Unenthusiastic

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Just as soon as he was out of sight, Alice pulled up in Carlisle’s black Mercedes. She got out of the car, practically dancing towards the house.

“Good Morning Bella.” She said cheerfully. She was excited, and obviously knew exactly what Edward was up too.

I moaned at the sound of her voice, knowing something definitely was going on and she wouldn’t tell me. But instead she would torture me all day, while I waited anxiously for six o’clock to come around.

“Hello Alice.” I said unenthusiastically, closing the door as she step into the house.

“So Bella, what did your little unexpected visitor want?” she said mockingly.

“ Jacob just wanted to stop by to warn us that they lost track of Victoria.” Alice’s face never changed, none of this surprised her. I wondered if she already saw all this, and this was just wasted breathe. But she sat quietly as I spoke. “They almost caught her, but she somehow got away. They haven’t be able to pick up her scent in almost three days, and no ones been hurt or gone missing.” Alice’s face still held the same expression, she didn’t seem worried about any of the news I just told her.

“Well of course they lost her, you can’t rely on dogs.” she laughed at herself. My mouth turned into a hard line. I didn’t enjoy the joke as much as she did. She picked up on that immediately. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so impolite. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Her words were honest, and I knew Alice would never want to hurt me.

“It’s ok.” I said and quickly changed the subject. “So Alice did you have any ideas of what we could do today?” The mood instantly changed, which I was thankful for.

“Not really. But Edward made it clear that you have to be ready by six.” She sat thinking about possibilities for the long day ahead of us. “Maybe we can go to Port Angeles and catch a movie?”

“Um…ok, but that would only take up half the time.” I wasn’t looking forward to today. I most likely would be distracted, and probably wouldn’t even notice the movie.

“Don’t worry Bella, we’ll find something to do while we’re there.” She had a hint of mischievous in her eyes. She obviously already had something planned, but wouldn‘t tell me, knowing I’d probably protest.

I sighed knowing that I couldn’t stop her, and that I would have to go along with anything she had premeditated. “Fine Alice, do with me what you will, but be prepared for a long, maybe even grouchy day.” I warned her.

She grabbed my arm and we headed to Carlisle’s car. She was in such high spirits, I didn’t want to rain on her parade. So I decided to be as happy as humanly possible and go along with her plans. I hope I wouldn’t regret it, but than again I’d never bet against Alice.