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Crimson Death

This takes place after New Moon. Edward attempts to surprise Bella with something big. But there plans are interrupted with others that have plans of there own for Bella, and the people she loves. Final Chapter Added!


6. Chapter 5: Anxiety

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The door bell rang at exactly six o’clock - of course he was right on time. Alice had gone home, leaving me to finish getting ready. I tugged at my dress making sure it was just right. I took one last look in the mirror before I headed down stairs.

I took a deep breathe before opening the door - I’m ready. I was anxious, but was surprisingly overcome with excitement. I was ready to find out what was going on, but scared it would turn out badly. I twisted the doorknob, finally opening the front door.

There he stood in all his angelic beauty. He wore dark denim jeans with a white dress shirt, under a black blazer. The wind blew tousling his bronze hair. He smiled my crooked smile. He looked like a model or actor going to a movie premiere. His eyes were extremely light golden and warm. His presence alone made me feel safe. But even with him now here, the anxiety that made my stomach turn never faded.

He nodded his head as he looked me over pleased by what he saw. “You are absolutely breathtaking.” I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks, his gaze made me feel self-conscious. He took my hand, pulling me into his body. He kissed me lightly on my lips, and pulled away swiftly. It was over far to fast, but my heart still managed to skip a beat.

“You of course look very… handsome.” I couldn’t think of the right words. His beauty was indescribable.

I locked up the house. Charlie was out fishing, I assumed he must be having a really good time, he was usually home by now. But I didn’t think anything of it. I turned to face Edward. I smiled and took his hand while we walked to his car. I should have known with all the extravagant clothes, that he wouldn’t be driving his simple silver Volvo. But instead in Charlie’s spot was his black Aston Martin.

I looked up at his face, still trying to figure out what this all was. “Are you going to tell me what’s going on yet?” I grinned eager to be let in on the secret, in hopes he would relieve my stomach from doing flips.

“It’s a surprise.” he simply stated, looking down at me smiling with that same mischievous look Alice had.

He opened my door for me, and I slid into the passenger seat. My nerves were getting the best of me, and I started fidgeting with my hands. My stomach did turns as I waited anxiously to get going. Edward grabbed my hand and kissed the back. He continued to hold it gently as we pulled away from my house. I stared at the small house that I had grown to love, and call home. It gave me a strange feeling, one that made my stomach ache even more. I felt sick, not because of the unknown surprise that was still to come. But because I felt as though this would be the last time in along time that I would be seeing my house.