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Crimson Death

This takes place after New Moon. Edward attempts to surprise Bella with something big. But there plans are interrupted with others that have plans of there own for Bella, and the people she loves. Final Chapter Added!


7. Chapter 7: Romance

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I could see the night sky perfectly from his backyard. The moon, the stars, everything. The babbling river and the trees swaying in the cool night air, played as background music.

There was a garden canopy set up in the middle of his yard. The covering was a sheer white fabric, allowing the stars to be peek through. White Christmas lights wrapped around the four steel stands of the canopy. Directly underneath, sat a round table draped in a beige cloth. There were no plates or utensils, just a elegantly folded napkin. In the center of the table sat a bouquet of red roses sitting in a small clear vase. Little white candles surrounded the vase, eliminating the table. Red rose petals were carelessly thrown on the damp ground. A gust of wind blew, picking up the loose petals, sending them swirling in the air. From some unknown place I heard Edwards cd that he made for me, playing softly.

I stared at Edward, not having any words. Tears filled my eyes, not quite finding my cheeks, but threatening to spill over at any moment. He was smiling with satisfaction, obviously the reaction he wanted. I threw my arms around him. He embraced me, wrapping his arms around my shoulders, completely over taking me. I pressed my ear against his sculpted chest, and listened as he breathed - the only sounds close to a heartbeat. I left his chest and stared into his enchanting butterscotch eyes, still not able to find the right words. He kissed my forehead, took both his thumbs and wiped away the tears that had unknowingly escaped. I smiled and shook my head as he cleared my face. He released me from his hold, and gestured at the table. We kept our fingers intertwined as we walked to the table. He pulled the chair out for me, and I sat down. He kissed my hand before placing it on the table, and went to sit in his chair. I grabbed the napkin - it was so skillfully wrapped I hated to unfold it - and placed it in my lap.

“Thank You.” I said, finally able to speak. It’s all I could say, I still wasn’t sure how to react.

“You’re Welcome.” He looked happier than I had ever seen him.

“So…” clearing my throat, ensuring I had finally found my voice. “What is all this for?” I was still confused.

“I just wanted to do something nice. This is me attempting to make up for leaving you.” He reached over the table, and grabbed my hand, squeezing it gently as he spoke. “This is simply because, I Love You.” He smiled my favorite crooked smile.

My pulse quickened. “So…” I changed the subject so I could calm myself. “What did you cook?”

“Well, I thought I would make you the meal you ate on the first night I took you to dinner.” he glanced at me warily. “You do remember…right?

“Um… I’m not sure if I remember that night.” I said playfully. Of course I remembered that night. The night all his walls were down for the first time. “Could you refresh my memory.”

His lips turned into a hard line, but his eyes were still kind. “The night I saved you from your wonderful friends.” he said sarcastically with a hint of anger.

I tried to continue playing along, but his face was so serious, I didn’t want to upset him more. “Of course I remember… I’ll never forget.” I smiled as I stroked his hand.

The corners of his lips turned upward. “Not funny.” he stated, still smiling.

He quickly got up from his chair, and ran into the house. Before I could even ask where he was going, he retuned with a crystal plate, filled with food. It smelt absolutely delicious. He placed it in front of me. Then he left again, and returned with a basket of bread and a glass of coke.

“It smells great.” I said, taking in the scent of the mushrooms. I stabbed a ravioli with a fork and popped it into my mouth. Of course it tasted divine, even better than the restaurant. “Nothing for you.” I said teasingly.

“Maybe later.” he said, flashing his white teeth, as he looked me over.

I shivered, as I tried to swallow my food. “What?” Maybe tonight would be the night I joined his family.

Quiet laughter escaped his lips. “You’re not the only one that gets to make jokes.” he said still laughing.

“That’s not funny.” I said pouting. He had gotten my hopes up, and then crushed them in seconds. Deep down I knew it was a joke, but I wanted it to be true. “You know how badly I want to be apart of your family, to be with you, and you just think it’s a joke.”

“I don’t think it’s a joke.” He had stopped laughing, but his face still held a playful smile. “Bella, I know what you want, but I just can’t do it…at least not now. It was just a silly joke. I didn’t mean for you to take it so seriously.”

I looked down, not wanting to look into his dazzling eyes. “Well I…”

A soft menacing laugh came from behind me, interrupting my words. My eyes widened, and my mouth hung open, as I choked back the words that were now stuck in my throat. In that second, Edwards entire face had changed. He no longer had that playful look in his eyes, and his lips no longer held my crooked smile. He clenched his teeth together, and his nose flared, but he wasn’t breathing. His chest had gone still, no longer taking in the night air. The atmosphere had changed dramatically. Suddenly going from excitement and pleasure, straight to misery.

“Oh , this is so sweet.” Her voice touched my ears, sending chills down my spine.

Panic and fear coursed it’s way through my blood, leaving me frozen. Edward attention was on the voice behind me. I was afraid to look away from his face, afraid to see the thing that had the power to turn my Edward’s wonderful mood black so quickly. Edwards body rose from his chair, swiftly making his way to my side. He crouched over in a defensive position - one that I recognized from the countless times he had protected me. Even though his face was no longer in front of me, I continued to keep my focus forward. I wasafraid of the horror that awaited me. I didn’t want to know.

Edward let out a growl from deep within is chest.

“Now Edward,” she said calmly. “Let’s not do anything you’ll regret.”