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Crimson Death

This takes place after New Moon. Edward attempts to surprise Bella with something big. But there plans are interrupted with others that have plans of there own for Bella, and the people she loves. Final Chapter Added!


8. Chapter 8: Revenge

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Some where deep inside me, I knew who this voice belonged to. I blocked her name from my mind, never letting it touch my lips. This couldn’t be real, not her, not now. With every word she spoke, I felt the queasiness - that I had just rid of - returning. The terror and sickness that had suddenly consumed me, told me not to look behind, but I couldn’t delay it any longer. I turned my head to see whose voice made the hairs on the back of my neck stand, to finally put a face to the gut wrenching voice, to meet my nightmare.

Her red hair stood out vividly in the bright moonlight. She wore faded jeans that had holes in the knees, and were frayed at the bottom. The fitted dark blue t-shirt showed off her muscular form. She was in very good shape. Her curves were harsher than Rosalie’s or Alice’s, but she still had a softness to her. She was barefoot, just like I remembered. Her face held a evil smile, that showed off her gleaming white teeth.


Had she always looked so…so terrifying?

The very thing that I had tried to block from my mind, was now standing only ten feet away from me. Her eyes stayed fixated on me, never straying to look at Edward. Her furious gaze made my body numb, only leaving me with the feeling of fear trickling through my veins.

“How pleased I am to see you both again.” She didn’t move as she spoke. She stood with her arms crossed over her chest. She looked different from the first night I had seen her. Then she looked protective, anxious, like she didn’t know what to expect. But tonight she had an air of confidence and ease.

Edward stayed crouched in front of me. He never answered her. He watched her every move, waiting for her to attack.

“You had to have known we were coming. I mean with that wonderful little vampire that can see the future and all.”

“LEAVE NOW!” Edward roared. His earth-shattering voice was unexpected and made me throw my hands over my ears.

“I‘ll take that as a no.” She still didn’t move, not even flinching when Edward had yelled. “There’s no reason to get loud. We’re simply here for HER.” She pointed one long pale finger at me. Her piercing gaze pulled me in, I couldn’t look away.

“You can never have her, so LEAVE!” I shook my head as Edwards voice made me come back. I turned away from her eyes, and kept them on Edward.

His face held a familiar pain - one that had feared for my life too many times - but right now, there was something different about the pain that his eyes held.

“I can’t leave without her. I have searched and searched for just the right moment, and here it is. Right now, while you share your last romantic moments together. I couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.” She laughed. I cringed at the thought, this could be our last moments together. My forever never even began with him, this couldn’t be the end. “You took James, now I’m taking her. It only seems fair.” Her voice was suddenly very stern., she wasn’t playing anymore.

Edward didn’t say anything he just growled loudly, as he launched his entire body into the air, crashing into her like boulders in a rock slide, throwing her to the ground. He stood up clamping his fingers around her throat as he lifted her above his head. He let out a thunderous roar directly in her face, making her squint as his breathe surrounded her.

I wanted to cheer for him, but knew it was inappropriate. I didn’t expect him to attack her as quickly as he did. Maybe she hadn’t plan this out as well as she thought. I watched as Edward held her in his hand, her feet dangling off the ground. I hoped that this was over, that he would be able to finish this right now. The veins in his arms protruded as his grip around her neck tightened, threatening to end her existence right here.

Victoria let out a stifled laugh. “You foolish vampire.” she choked out. Her eyes burning with hatred, as she stared down at Edward. “You’ll be sorry you put your hands on me!” she growled softly. Her lips pursed together, then she spit in Edwards face. He flinched away swiftly as the venom hit the side of his cheek. I stared at her astonished that she had actually just spit on him. It happened so fast, that even though I had just seen it, I couldn’t believe that she had in fact done it.

Edwards face was still turned away. I could see his eyes growing with even more resentment. He slowly turned to face her. He let out another deafening roar, as his grasp around her throat strengthened.

His fingers started to penetrate her pallid skin, his fingers half disappearing into her skin. But she only had a hint of discomfort on her face. She looked more angry than anything.

She let out a muffled growl. “I’d let go if I were you.” she hissed

“Not a chance!” Edward said, with same amount of a venom.

“Angelo!” Victoria yelled.