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Bella Cullen

This is Bella . . . married to Edward!!!!! Isn't she so cute as a married girl? Oh - and I guess being a vampire helps . . . Medium: Colored pencils Time: About an hour and a half, maybe two

Alrighty folks, here is Mrs. Isabella Cullen! Complete with black vampire eyes, wedding band, and an out-of-this-world dress. (I got inspiration for her dress from Lord of the Rings - which is my FAVORITEST movie EVER, lol) I made her pale, gave her black eyes because I didn't want to give her red ones (you know - newborn), and tried to make her look somewhat pretty. You guys should review and tell me how I did! I know it's definitly not my best work - it's too cartoony. But you should still tell me if you like it all the same!

1. Isabella Cullen

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