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What happens when Tanya comes to visit the Cullens? Edward/Bella. Written for Twilight Tables . Thanks goes to my friend, Ciara , who helped me by suggesting this idea for this story.


1. Chapter 1

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Shrouded in the moonlight, Edward was like a god; the golden of his hair melding together with the silver moonlight in perfect harmony, the straight edge of his nose, the soft glow of his eyes. He was down in the field, smiling politely and making conversation with a beautiful blonde.

Although I knew I had nothing to worry about, I could not help the doubts returning, painful and relentless. It was because of the wedding that Tanya was here – which was almost enough reason for me to want to cancel it. The rest of the Cullens were there as well, and as much as I wanted to peep at them from the overlooking window again, I suppressed the urge and wandered around the empty house aimlessly.

Edward had wanted me there at first, but I was adamant about staying in the house; so much so I told him I was not feeling well – which, considering the headache that was growing, was starting to be true. I let myself into Edward’s bedroom and clambered onto the bed, trying not to think of Tanya laughing, talking, or basically being around him.

A part of me told me I was being irrational, but jealously still washed through me, instinctive and strong. Tanya, with all her pretty blonde hair and charming smiles… compared to me, with dreadfully plain brown hair and my clumsy awkwardness…

Stop! I clenched my eyes shut. The images were really not helping when I was already giving it my best effort not to think about Tanya. Tanya and her affections for Edward. I gritted my teeth.

Was it my fault that I was so painfully plain compared to Edward? It just was not fair that the person I happened to fall in love with looked as though he had just flew through the clouds from the heavens. Tanya could fit into that picture nicely. Hell, she could even be pictured flying through the clouds hand in hand with Edward – whilst me… It would be terribly difficult to imagine a swan flying together with an ugly duck, wouldn’t it? Yes, that was the perfect analogy for us.

What if one day Edward realised what a huge mistake he had made by marrying me? Certainly, I would not be able to bear it then. Maybe – as much as I loved Edward – this was a mistake. Maybe I should –

The door opened loudly, and I could hear Alice chattering loudly and giggling. Squeezing my eyes shut, I rolled onto my side and buried my face into the soft pillow. I did not want to face him tonight. Guilt seeped into my slowly. Edward could never be a mistake, no matter what.

I breathed deeply and evenly, trying to keep my heartbeat calm when I heard the quiet click as the bedroom door opened.

“I know you are not asleep, Bella.” Edward said quietly, sitting at the edge of the bed and facing me.

I was caught, yet again. Sometimes, I did not know why I even bothered trying. I opened my eyes slowly.

“Are you feeling better?” He reached out to place a cold hand on my forehead.

His concern was touching. Edward’s presence was like a cure, and the earlier feelings of jealously and guilt dissipated. I smiled. “I am fine.”

Edward regarded me closely, and not for the first time, I was glad he could not read my thoughts. “Jasper is rather annoyed with you,” he said casually, his hand tucking strands of loose hair behind my ear.

“Oh,” I said, just as casually. “Is that so?”

He nodded. “He says that at the rate you are going, he won’t be surprised if you had turned green by now.”

I widened my eyes innocently. “Green?”

Edward settled into the bed beside me, his hand on my cheek. “Green is the universal colour for jealousy, did you not know?”

“I know that,” I tried lightly, as my cheeks started to burn. “And what has that got to do with me?”

He considered my thoughtfully and then answered, “Do you remember what I told you before?”

“About what?” I said frowning. I had a bad feeling about this.

Edward decided to get straight to the point. “About you being the only one who ever touched my heart. Bella, there is no reason at all for you to be jealous, even if I find it rather amusing. Tanya is merely an acquaintance and it will always stay that way.”

I huffed at him. He found it amusing that I was jealous? “I highly doubt she thinks of you as a mere acquaintance.”

He groaned, pressing his face into my neck and inhaling deeply, an all too obvious attempt at distracting me. “You are my life, Bella. And regardless of the many doubts you have about Tanya, know that I will always belong to you, and you to me.”

His cool breath caressed the soft skin of my neck and I shivered, rendered unable to string a coherent thought together.

“I cannot comprehend why it is that you always think the complete opposite of yourself?” Edward pressed his cool lips to my collarbone.

“I am like–” I paused, and then sighed. “–vanilla. Plain and –”

And then Edward’s face was directly before mine, furious. “You are terribly deluded, Bella. It is I who does not deserve you.”

“I thought you could not read my mind?”

Edward scowled at me. “I can’t.” Then, his scowl slowly faded and his countenance turned to one that of exasperation.

“Bella,” he sighed, stroking my cheek. “What do you want me to do before you get it into your stubborn head that you are the most desirable person I have ever seen and that I will love you, and you only, for eternity? Perhaps you want me to hire a plane with a banner that says ‘Edward Loves Bella’ and pay the pilot to fly around Forks a hundred times? I could fly it myself too, if you want.”

“No,” I gasped.

“Or perhaps you want me to jump off a cliff to prove my love for you? Believe me, it won’t be too difficult for me to do so.”

“You won’t do that,” I said firmly, taking hold of the side of his face and glaring at him. His eyes were dancing with amusement.

“I won’t.” He shook his head. “Only if you don’t think of yourself in that way again.”

He was enjoying this too much. I sighed, as he traced his lips up my neck, my cheek, and then resting them on my lips. His scent whirled around me, sending my mind into a daze. Even though his lips were cool, I could feel flames licking me in the places where our skin touched. Edward kissed my tenderly, then pulled away somewhat reluctantly.

“Do you promise?” He demanded.

Sufficiently dazed, I gave up, nodding as my heart pounded wildly. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I drew him closer and surrendered to his intoxicating kisses.

“Just so you know, love,” he murmured against my skin. “Vanilla is not plain. It is sweet, warm, and enticing.”