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Haunting Games

Bella and Jake have a perfect life together in LaPush. Their 7 year old daughter is beautiful and smart and they both have good jobs. But that will all change when the pack comes across vampire trails. They realize that these vampires are back for what they left, Bella. Its been ten years since they left and they can't wait any longer. Can Bella keep her family safe? Or will they all fall in to darkness? I have major writers block so it will be a while!!!!!

I OWN NOTHING!!!! seriously not even the idea is mine!

1. Nightmare or Truth?

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1277   Review this Chapter

The soft moss underneath my feet suddenly gave way to cold, wet cobblestones. I looked up and saw I was in a dungeon. The bare walls were just that, bare. The single light in the hall was a crude torch, like the ones straight out of fairy tales. I stared and stared but my eyes refused to adjust.

After what seemed like hours, I tried to move. I couldn’t. Movement of any part of my body was impossible. I started to cry. How could I be stuck when not but 2 minutes ago I was running through our meadow? I started to scream for help. My mouth opened to scream his name but no sound came to my lips.

Had I truly gone insane? Or was this just some tricky situation I had to talk reasonably to get out of? Just to be sure I looked down. Shoot! I thought to myself. Manacles kept my wrists and ankles in place. I wished my love could come and save me.

I started to cry once more when I saw who was next to me. I stared into his dark brown eyes and knew he could not see me. I tried again to scream his name but he could not hear. ‘Jake, JAKE!” I screamed. Why couldn’t he hear or see me? Why?

My right wrist was suddenly free. I quickly pulled my arm over to him and began to softly caress my husband. “Oh Jake, what is this place? Who is imprisoning us here?” as I touched and spoke to him he looked my direction. He could see me. He could hear me. I was in a sudden bliss as he kissed my lips passionately saying my name.

His warm lips did not feel right. I had felt this kind of tension, this edge to a kiss before. I felt the wound in my chest rip itself open. I couldn’t breath. Jake stopped kissing me to look down the hallway. He growled the wicked growl I had ever heard erupt from his chest. I followed his eyes and immediately saw what caused this horrid response.

Standing there, looking quite smug was the person I had pushed myself away from forcefully. He stood there, looking as much like a god as any person had right to, glaring at us with a hateful, angry, disgusted and forlorn look to his eyes. His body seemed ten feet tall to me and I gasped. His untidy bronze hair fell just over his eyes but you could read them still. His lips turned up in to a wicked smirk as he looked up. His eyes hit me with full force.

“Bella. Come back to me. Leave this dog and come to me.”

His voice was running through my ears like a liquid gold. It was beautiful yet terrifying. I had missed him so much. There was nothing more I wanted than to welcome him back with open arms. I couldn’t, I wouldn’t. He had broken me beyond repair and I would not let him do that again. I firmly stood up and held my ground.

“I will not let you break me again, Edward. You have no power over me. Not anymore.”, as I spoke I shot a baleful glance at him and flipped him off. Childish I know but I had wanted to do it for ten long years.

His face dropped and he spoke through closed teeth. His eyes burned with anger, no, fury. “You have just made the biggest mistake of your life. Good bye, Bella.”

With that final word, leapt at me, baring his teeth. I felt his teeth sink into my neck. I screamed with pain. I knew he would kill me. I knew this was the end.

“Jacob,” I screamed. “I love you.”

I woke up screaming. When I realized where I was I started sobbing. I was so glad that Kristen was gone at a friend’s house. When I started screaming I heard Jacob running down the hall to see what was wrong. He had been overly protective lately. He said that Andrew, Sam Uley’s son, had come across vampire trails.

I thought about that for a minute. Could my dream be prophetic? Was it Edward that was here? As I thought his name the whole in my chest ripped open. Jacob came just in time to put me back together again. I cried and cried until he finally spoke.

“Who was in your dream this time?”

We both knew he didn’t have to ask. It was obvious. I had to tell him the truth though. I owed him that much.

“It was him again. This time he had both of us in the cellar. He…was going to kill you I think.”

Talking about the dream sent me into a spasm of shivers. It also caused me to remember that fateful night. I don’t want you to come with me. I cried letting out all of my frustration and sadness. The worst part of me crying like this though was that I was hurting Jacob. I couldn’t stand that.

As I looked into his eyes I saw the familiar guarded expression. He didn’t like talking about him. For that fact neither did I. I decided it was time to get up. I looked at the clock near my bed. It was 6:30. What was Jake doing up this early? I looked at him inquisitively.

“What are you doing up this early?” I asked him, my voice drenched in suspicion.

His eyes tightened as he smiled, happy to change the subject. He looked like he was 16 again.

“Well, I was making breakfast because Sam, Emily, Andrew, and Rachel are on their way over.”

Shoot. I had forgotten they were coming over. I jumped out of bed and in the same motion fell flat on my face. Not the greatest way to start the morning. Of course, my hysterical husband thought it fit to laugh at me.

“Don’t laugh at me. I should be laughing at you!”

He looked at me with a curious look in his eyes, but the smile never left his lips. He was taunting me. I knew it well.

“I should be laughing at you because you forgot to pick up Kristen!!”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, he rushed downstairs to get his car keys then figured out why I was laughing hysterically. He bolted back up the stairs and stood in the door way, growling. He looked really pissed off. His eyes narrowed as he leapt towards me.

Thankfully over the years I had gotten quicker and easily dodged his attack and ran for the bathroom. I was two feet away from freedom and then his arms caught me around the waist.

“Jake. I need to take a shower if they are going to be here soon. And besides no 6 year old in the world gets up on a Saturday at six o’clock.”

He looked at me and smiled giving me a warm feeling inside. He leaned forward and kissed me. Not a normal light kiss. This kiss was like the ones we had before we had Kristen. I reveled in it. And of course it was over much too soon.

“It’s a good thing I love you. You had me going there for a minute. I’ll go finish making breakfast. I love you, Bella.”

As he walked down the stairs I turned to walk into the bathroom. I shrieked loud enough that I was sure I woke the neighbors. I screamed because there, staring through the window, was Edward.