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Haunting Games

Bella and Jake have a perfect life together in LaPush. Their 7 year old daughter is beautiful and smart and they both have good jobs. But that will all change when the pack comes across vampire trails. They realize that these vampires are back for what they left, Bella. Its been ten years since they left and they can't wait any longer. Can Bella keep her family safe? Or will they all fall in to darkness? I have major writers block so it will be a while!!!!!

I OWN NOTHING!!!! seriously not even the idea is mine!

3. Angel meets Demon

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This was going to be harder than I thought. If my former family’s interference wasn’t enough, the Volturi were refusing to help. How was I going to execute this plan? The thoughts piercing through the barrier in my mind were now starting to bother me. Would they ever just be quiet and keep their thoughts to themselves? I wish I couldn’t read minds.

But if I couldn’t read minds I wouldn’t be able to know what the pack is planning right now. I love being able to know what they are thinking. It was a blessing really. Jacob, meet us at the old Cullen place. They want a meeting. I could hear the malice dripping of his thoughts. It was excruciating. In that moment I heard Esme’s thoughts. They were pained at the thought of someone. Me.

I felt terrible causing her that much pain but somehow I couldn’t let that get to me. If I did, it would jeopardize the plan. The plan was the only thing that mattered now. My mind caressed every detail and made sure it would be perfect. There was one factor I did not consider. That Bella actually did love Jake and wasn’t just using him to keep her mind off of me. I couldn’t let myself linger on that fact for too long though.

Bella, my angel. She loved him so dearly, and I was planning on ruining her life. I could barely contain the reasonable side of me this time. It screamed at me to just let her go. She will follow if she wants too. I was infuriated with myself for leaving my family, for leaving Bella. I wished I could go back and fix all this. I couldn’t though. She had chosen her path just as I had chosen mine. Perhaps I would go to her and ask her first.

Edward. Please stop this madness. I know you can hear me. Call me.

Alice’s thoughts help bring me down for a moment. I punched her number into the phone. It didn’t even ring before she picked up.


“Hi, Alice.”

“What the hell do you think your doing? I can’t believe you are going to go through with it. I won’t let you. We will fight you until death if we have to keep you away from her and her family. Edward, just let her go.”

My voice quavered as I spoke. “Alice, I have a new plan. One that doesn’t involve killing anyone. I want to talk to her. Tell her how much she means to me and beg her to come back to me. I can’t live without her Alice.”

The line went dead after that comment. I knew she believed me. I remembered Bella’s face when I saw her in her bathroom. Her big, brown eyes wide with shock and fear. Her long brown hair framed her face perfectly. Her body. I couldn’t let myself think of that much. It was immoral and unjust. She was married. Married. Something I wanted more than anything. I just wanted to be with her.

If I could have cried, I would have. Just a single tear though. I ran towards her home at full speed. I knew she was home alone. She obviously forgot to tell Jacob about her encounter with Alice today. Listening to Alice’s thoughts during that was very interesting, but painful. I didn’t want to see Bella's face in that much contorted pain ever again.

I walked silently into the front room. It was very tidy and well put together. Definitely Bella's design. I slipped quickly in to the den where she was writing her novel. She didn’t hear me enter. I didn’t expect her to hear me. I walked slowly towards her and grasped her wrists firmly. She gasped and began to scream. I urged her in a quiet voice that nothing was wrong.

“Bella, darling there is nothing to be afraid of. I'm here. I won’t hurt you or your family. I’ve given up on that plan. Please stop screaming.”

After about a minute of silence she turned her head towards me and said “If you don’t want to hurt me will you let me go. I need to make dinner for my daughter.”

The way she said it cut me down to my dead heart. I let go slowly not wanting to let go of my love. She stood and walked away. I noticed how much more graceful she was now. She could pass as a vampire now. I followed her into the kitchen. She turned to me and put on a face of pure unrelenquished hate.

“What are you doing here? I don’t want you anymore, don’t you get it? I’ve moved on. I want you to do the same.”

There was no twinge of regret or sadness in her tone. She was serious. But her deep, brown eyes were saying something else. It showed how vulnerable she was, and how much she missed me. I could see it, but could she feel it?

“Darling Bella, I never wanted to hurt you with what I did. I left you to protect you from my kind and myself. I love you Bella and I want you back.”

As the words rushed from my mouth she looked at me puzzled. She crept forward and looked into my eyes. I knew what she would see there. Longing, lust, passion and love. I wanted her to know how much I cared for her. I didn’t care if she wanted me to leave and never come back, I just wanted her pain to end right here.

“Edward, your eyes are red. Why are they red? Aren’t you still a ‘vegetarian’?”

Her tone and question confused me. Hadn’t Alice already told her? In that moment I realized what she was saying. I had to make sure my mind wasn’t just making up what it wanted to hear. I need to make sure my angel wanted it as well.

“Are you, Isabella Marie Swan Black, telling me that you would be with me if I was a ‘vegetarian’ again? If that is all you ask I shall do it and we can leave tonight.”

I took a step towards her as she took a step back. Her eyes were full of caution and frustration. I was confused. Didn’t she want me? Didn’t she love me anymore? I wanted to close the gap between us so she wouldn’t have to ever be alone again. I took another step and pulled her into my arms.

She tried to break free but to no avail. I wrapped my arms around her lightly but she was not strong enough to break free. She thrashed and eventually just gave up. She looked at me with sorrowful eyes and whispered, “Don’t do this to me Edward. Don’t make me choose between you and my husband. Don’t. Please.”

I tried to control my sadness. How could I be doing this to her? It was killing her on the inside and killing me too. I would find a way to make it up to her. I will have her again. It might take a few tries but I will succeed in the end. I gazed longingly at her face and made a decision. Bella was a school teacher at the high school. I would enroll and make her see me everyday.

I quickly said goodbye to Bella because I could hear the thoughts of her husband. Those filthy bloodsuckers will not come near my family. I will not let Edward kill me or Kristen. I will find him and kill him. I chuckled under my breath. It was a funny concept really. This overgrown dog trying to kill me? It was impossible.

I waited until everyone was asleep to sneak back to watch Bella. I stood at the window, and listened to her sleep. She began to talk. She talked about Kristen and Charlie and Renée. Her little brother came to mind a few times. I just watched and listened when the patter of tiny footsteps caught my attention.

The bedroom door opened to reveal a black-haired little girl wearing a pink t-shirt and basketball shorts. She looked like a little version of Jacob. As she walked towards her parent’s bed she tripped. Bella instantly sprang up to see what the sound was. I laughed and walked away so they couldn’t see me. A child who looked like a dog and acted like an angel. What a strange combination. I listened as the child explained her bad dream and crawled into bed with them.

After about thirty minutes they were all sleeping again. I listened to Bella again and this time she said my name. Edward.Edward, no. Don’t. NO KRISTEN!! They woke once more to a hysteric Bella. She tried to convince Kristen it had nothing to do with her. She finally made a joke about bad dreams running in the family and then went back to sleep.

It was then that I left to make my arrangements for school tomorrow. I was glad I was already enrolled. I ran to where I was staying. It was Charlie’s old house. It had been burnt down some years ago. I lived there for now until I could go someplace else. I lay down on the spot where Bella’s bed used to be. I closed my eyes and did the closest thing I could to dreaming.