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Haunting Games

Bella and Jake have a perfect life together in LaPush. Their 7 year old daughter is beautiful and smart and they both have good jobs. But that will all change when the pack comes across vampire trails. They realize that these vampires are back for what they left, Bella. Its been ten years since they left and they can't wait any longer. Can Bella keep her family safe? Or will they all fall in to darkness? I have major writers block so it will be a while!!!!!

I OWN NOTHING!!!! seriously not even the idea is mine!

5. Will You?

Rating 5/5   Word Count 569   Review this Chapter

I stared at Edward knowing what he was thinking. I couldn’t comprehend that he could possibly still want me after all this time. After he left me in the woods. He had broken my heart and I wanted to get him back. I tried to summon up all my courage and strength to tell him to get away from me. I tried but I couldn’t do it.

I found myself kissing him. Not a careful kiss like I was so used to with him. This kiss was all the passion, hurt and love that had been built up over the years. It felt so good and so wrong at the same time. I wanted to end it but I lacked the willpower. I had nothing on him. He was too beautiful for me. I cried as he held me in his arms. “Bella. Run away with me. We’ll ease the pain. Our secret will be safe. Please Bella, my life is too dreary and I don’t want to be in the straight and narrow anymore.”

I looked up at him. I realized I had to go back to him. I couldn’t escape true love. There was no way. I leaned into him and inhaled his scent. I knew I had to die. Figuratively of course. We would have to fake my death so Jake wouldn’t know. I could do this. But how could I leave my only child? I wouldn’t see her grow up. I would miss out on her entire life. Was I willing to do that?

“Edward”, I spoke this time. “I love you. Too much for my own good. But what am I supposed to do with the fact that you were going to kill my family? And my daughter? I won’t have another chance at having a child. I want to leave with you but I need to sort this out first. I wish I could just leave, but I can’t.” He inhaled a deep, shaky breath. He closed his eyes and began to tell me how everything could work out.

“I would have never harmed your family. It was an errant thought. I understand, however, if you don’t forgive me for it. Your daughter would grow up to be a werewolf. If her father wasn’t Jacob Black, I would tell you to bring her with you. I know you won’t have another chance but we can adopt if you want. I would do anything for you. I’ll help you sort this out if you please come away with me.” I stared at him in shock. I knew he would take care of everything. I just couldn’t leave my baby.

I thought for a long moment. I realized that nothing mattered to me more than my child. I would take her with me. Or watch her from a far. I needed my child and Edward. I moaned. Why couldn’t things just work out?

I leaned into Edward and kissed him again. I felt someone watching me. Before I heard the howl I knew who it was. I looked to the door and saw a russet colored wolf howling in pain. I felt my heart break knowing I inspired that pain. The wolf’s eyes zeroed in on me and he growled. He jumped at me just as Edward ran for him. They missed each other and I felt razor sharp teeth sink into my leg.