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Haunting Games

Bella and Jake have a perfect life together in LaPush. Their 7 year old daughter is beautiful and smart and they both have good jobs. But that will all change when the pack comes across vampire trails. They realize that these vampires are back for what they left, Bella. Its been ten years since they left and they can't wait any longer. Can Bella keep her family safe? Or will they all fall in to darkness? I have major writers block so it will be a while!!!!!

I OWN NOTHING!!!! seriously not even the idea is mine!

6. End

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“Gather round ye boys and girls,

Listen ye to my tale.

Of two boys and one girl,

Which on will win her

Which one is destined to fail?”

Though music pulsing through the room was unfamiliar the lyrics seemed to be written about my life. Well, my life about 10 years ago. But Edward had left, so I picked the only choice I had. Jake was the most perfect guy I could have picked even if he was a werewolf. I felt little, warm arms grab my arms and pull. It had no effect. I turned over in my bed to see what Kristen wanted.

“Mommy, get up. There’s a boy downstairs who wants to talk to you.” I looked at my daughter in terror. Who was it? I already knew the answer but I didn’t want to accept it. I looked at Kristen’s face and froze. Why was she so scared? As I looked out at her my nose began to burn with a terrible stench. It was like rotting food. It was terrible.

“Krissy. Krissy what’s wrong,” I pleaded. She just stared into my eyes. I got up more quickly than I was used to and sprinted for the bathroom. I shrieked in horror at what I beheld.

My skin was snow white with no hint, or trace of color. My long, tangled brown hair was now long and perfectly managed. I was perfect to look at. I was glorious. I looked at my eyes and shrieked again. They were black in the middle like normal. My irises were blood red. Tendrils of black crept into them and made them look even more evil than they were before. I was a vampire.


I walked down the stairs at a pace that would usually be called running. But nothing was usual right now. I just about fell over (not an easy thing to do as a vampire) when I saw who was in my kitchen. When Kristen said a boy I thought she had meant Edward. That would have been ten times better than the entire pack and the Cullen’s.

“Hello,” I squeaked. I was terrified with what they will say.

“Bella, we are so sorry for what Edward did. He will never be justified in his actions,” said Carlisle. Even though Jasper was there I knew that it was Carlisle’s presence that calmed me. It always had.

It was Sam that spoke to me next, “Listen Bella. We can’t have you on tribal lands. We are going to have to ask you to leave.” I tried not to show my grief at this thought. How could I leave LaPush and Kristen? I formed a new question in my mind.

“Where’s Jake?” I knew the answer already. It was the dream I had while I was transforming. The blood and fire. I shivered as I recalled.

“Bella… Jake and Edward fought…,”Sam looked very forlorn as he said this. He had just stepped down as Alpha. He will have to be it again. Carlisle and Alice looked so sad. Esme was heaving dry sobs as she thought of her eldest adopted son.

“I understand. Who will take care of Kristen? I won’t leave her if she will be put in an orphanage.” I looked at all of them letting them know how serious I was about this. I wasn’t going to leave my daughter alone. I had been alone and I didn’t want her to know what it is like.

I didn’t even see Embry there. I wasn’t surprised though that he would volunteeer for this. “Me and Ang will take her. She will be fine, Bells.”

And I knew she would be. She loved going over to Uncle Embry and Aunt Angela’s house. It would be like a party for her. Well, maybe not a party but definitely better than living with the Cullen’s.

If I could have cried I would have. I was being forced to leave my home. My husband was dead and my daughter couldn’t come with me seeing as she was the only one in line to take over as Alpha. One thing was certain, I was never coming back.

“Bella, you can come stay with us. You are already part of the family.”

I looked at Carlisle and shook my head. He understood I think. He left me alone to get my things together. I was going to crash my car and set it on fire. I would then fly up to Canada and live there for a few years working on my control. It was so easy to plan my life now. I looked at my house as I drove away, promising that I would never come back here.