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Carlisle's Love

My most professional looking yet - a pencil drawing of Esme! Medium: Pencil - from 4H all the way to 8B (all art junkies know that that means, lol) Time: At least three hours. Possibly more.

This drawing represents, truthfully, who I am as an artist. I learned to draw using graphite pencils, I've never had much expertise with color. I'm a portrait artist, with a love for faces - this is me. I drew most of this last night. I was watching the Denver Nuggets game (I'm a HUGE fan), but they were losing pretty bad. I needed something to take my mind off the depressing game, so I started drawing. My pencils created, out of nowhere, Mrs. Esme Cullen! Please review, this one I'm proud of. It means a lot for me to finish something this big in such a short amount of time . . .

1. Esme

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