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Rosalie's backstory. Possibly.

Written for the No Dialogue challenge, February 14, 2007.

1. Tristan

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He was following me. I could feel his icy gray eyes on my back as I walked briskly through the alley. He made sure to stay far enough behind me that I couldn't see him when I whipped my head around. I walked faster. I heard him pull something out of his pocket and I could see it glint in the moonlight through the reflection in the puddles that laced the street. I was scared now, even though I would never admit it, stubborn as I was. I shouldn't have broken up with him then...or there. But he was drunk and abusive and I had to get out. Besides, he wasn't nearly worth the 2k he paid me. I didn't think he'd act this way. There'd only been two or three of his cronies present when I'd done the deed. I could smell him. The smell of his kind wasn't something you could forget. He tried to hide what he was by being with humans, drinking himself mad and being with me, but I could see through it all.

All of a sudden I could feel something cold blowing on my neck. And that smell...oh God. I whipped my head around only to find myself face to face with Tristan. I screamed and tried to run, even though I knew it was useless. He cut me off and blocked me into the corner of the alley. I glanced at his hand and then froze. He had a knife. A gargantuan, silver knife. I started to shake and he threw back his head and laughed. It wasn't a normal laugh though. It was the kind that made me cringe and had cruelty ringing in every breath. He laughed at my fear. He laughed.

And I struck at him. He roared and yelled something in Latin. He raised his hand and I screamed just as the knife struck my heart. I hit the ground and I felt something sharp graze my arm. It felt like my entire arm had been drenched in lighter fluid and then held a lighter to it. It all went black then. I heard a bass snarl and a sound like two boulders ramming against one another. Tristan was praying in Latin, but suddenly he screamed. A sickening snap pursued his scream and it was eerily quiet.

A soft, methodical voice was talking to me, but I didn't understand. He pressed his lips to the spot on my arm that was burning and the pain lessened somewhat. But then he moved his mouth to the hollow at the base of my neck and sunk his teeth into it. My first thought was to scream because the pain was so intense, but instead I bit my lip and suffered in silence. The voice was speaking to me again, but another wave of pain hit me and I blacked out for what seemed to be forever, only to resurface to another voice.

I opened my eyes, still writhing in silent agony, to see another insanely gorgeous boy. This one was different than the other one though, maybe about seventeen with oddly colored bronze hair and peculiar gold eyes. He was staring at me, so I shut my eyes and looked the other direction. He laughed a musical laugh and called me something in Italian. I opened my eyes again, but was hit with a spasm of pain that made me open my mouth and scream. He didn't laugh this time, but his eyes fell to my chest. A giant slit ran down my sternum covered in coagulated blood from the knife Tristan had. So quickly that I didn't register what he had done, he wiped the blood away with his fingers and stuck them in his mouth.

I don't know what it was in his eyes that I saw, but it scared me and I screamed. He looked panicked and ashamed all at once. He picked up the knife, slashed at his wrists and I watched as he bled and his eyes became black, coal black. I gasped and I was hit with a wave of pain, forcing me to scream again. He stood up and then ran. He ran so fast, he was gone and back with the first man before I could figure out what had happened.

And then, the pain stopped. I noticed that the younger one's eyes were gold again and he kept eyeing the knife across the alley. I sat up. They whispered to one another, but I could still hear them. I shook my head in disbelief at what they had said. They turned to me and spoke. I sat, still disbelieving. They had told me I was...a vampire.