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Spring Fling

It was her night, and it was perfect. Story of the Spring Fling Dance, Junior Year.

Planned, though not finished in time for the minor character challenge.

1. Chaos, thy name is...

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The music blasted in the small, sweaty gym, decked out in streamers and balloons. The teens walked in optimistically, smiling, laughing. The chairs around the room were packed with friends sitting around chatting quietly, their dates across the room with their friends. The small dance floor was empty.

The low-key entrance in the corner whisked all the younger couples away into their own little private place, paradise, hell, or otherwise.

The juniors and seniors that had arrived sat in the shadows of the back corners, half of the girls already in tears. The guys were oblivious to everything going on with their dates; they moved on and started dancing with the next girl that crossed their path.

The couples walked in, all the girls dying for attention; the guys simply going along with it. Not one pair could make a statement; draw the attention of everyone in the room.

The music beat on, all the songs out of date; missing from the charts for nearly a year already, though the patrons of Forks didn’t care. Music was music to them—their connection to the outside world didn’t relay much in the means of pop culture. It didn’t matter; the bizarre sunny weather was so exciting that they, the younger, more easily energized students at least, would be dancing anyway.

Against a wall near the door stood all of the dateless freshman boys—all hoping that the girl of their dreams would walk through the doors, and they would sweep her off her feet, swiping her from her senior boyfriend. Across the room were the girls, simply watching their friends that actually had dates, and wondering why they were dragged there. Students were coming in more consistently now, flowing through the doors and immediately blending into the crowd.

For such a huge occasion, it was very nondescript.

In the shadows of the speakers stood a group of boys discussing the girls in the school, mostly the juniors and seniors. Some were in love with the new girl, Bella, some drooling over Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale (Though their friends had no problem telling them they were delusional), and one had his eyes set on the most beautiful girl his eyes had ever rested on. Her brilliant emerald eyes mesmerized him, and she dominated his every thought.

The weather was cool and slightly humid, urging her to get inside. Her purple dress was beautiful—spaghetti strap and form fitting, with an uneven hem that landed anywhere from right above her knee to mid-calf—but it wasn’t the most weather appropriate. Her date stood chatting, though, and she tugged his elbow repeatedly, gradually getting less gentle, until he turned around and went in. She followed, walking briskly to get in front of him, gently brushing his shoulder as she went by, and using her special walk, the one she always used to get guys. Her hips swung, and his left hand slipped into his pocket. She smiled deviously, knowing that she’d always get her way.

The gym had settled further down into a near silence, aside from the music. There was nothing to talk about. No one had looked particularly stunning yet, the major break-ups were too predictable for anyone to care, and there were simply no surprises. Everyone knew who would look pretty good, though not astonishing, and who would simply look decent. Everyone knew who was coming with whom. Everyone knew exactly what would happen.

Conversations went on quietly, everyone daydreaming really. Their patience was stealthy; they never knew they were using it. Just like all of Forks, the dance was consistent, never changing. They were forever children. Forever afraid of change, forever desperate for something familiar. Forever curious about the outside, but rebelling against it when it takes from what you want.

At the entrance, just into the shadows of the balloon arch, she paused, pulling her already annoyed date back with her. He took a deep breath of tension; she took a deep breath of confidence. His brown eyes gazed upon her green, waiting for her to be ready. Her delicate hand reached up and flipped her corn silk hair, and she smiled, ready to be the star of the show.

The pair stepped into the dance, both looking brilliant, but one truly shining, actually standing out. Their steps matched flawlessly with the tempo of the music, and the lights hit them just right. All eyes flashed up to them, and the blonde smiled contentedly, though already planning her next eye-catching performance. After all, the entrance is only a beginning.

As the teens began to look away, to go back to what they were doing, one stared, jaw dropped, continuously at the fair-haired fairy that just walked into the room. He appraised her purple dress, its form flowing over her curves tightly, showing off her perfect curves. She looked so perfect that he didn’t even acknowledge that she was standing next to Tyler Crowley—another guy, a guy that wasn’t him.

The blonde continued to smile, occasionally striking a pose as she scanned the crowd, searching for any trace of the only three people that could ruin her night—Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale, and the worst, Bella Swan. Her mouth bent to a scowl for just a moment; the thought of that little brat drove her nuts. But she wasn’t there, so Lauren was free to rule the way she wished.

“Calv? Calv? Earth to Calvin? Calvin! Snap out of it. We all know you’re totally in love with Lauren, which is bad enough, but you don’t have to totally drool over her,” said another freshman boy, this one in love with the brunette, Bella Swan. Calvin looked up and rolled his eyes.

“Sorry, man,” he said, and he went right back to Lauren. Lauren’s hair, Lauren’s dress, Lauren’s body, and Lauren’s eyes, her shining, emerald eyes. She was perfect.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my GOSH!” Exclaimed Jessica Stanley, separating each ‘gosh’ into two syllables. “You look amazing!” She continued, trying to be excited rather than jealous. Lauren smiled, and thought carefully as to how to complement the annoying little person that was the best friend she could find in such a small town. With her frizzy, curly, messy, dull brown hair, disproportionate features, and oily skin, Jessica looked less than amazing.

“That’s a pretty dress, Jess,” she said, rather halfheartedly. Jessica broke out in giggles, and her date, Mike Newton, looked extremely uncomfortable next to her. Once Jessica calmed down, she went goo-goo over Mike, and walked away.

“See you later, Lauren,” were her departing words.

Lauren sighed in relief. A major embarrassment had just been avoided. She turned to her date, grabbed his arm and pulled him out to the dance floor. He frowned.

“We’re dancing,” she said, sternly. Tyler sighed and rolled his eyes, but continued to follow her out to the dance floor. When she reached up and put her arms around his neck, he followed suit and put his around her waist. When she gravitated toward the center of the floor to get more attention, he followed suit and gave her a spin to draw even more. When she started to move more quickly so they could clear the dance floor, he drew her in and out to take up more space. Tyler went along with her wishes as he knew it was the only way to enjoy her. Her body, her hair, and her willingness. The willingness was the key to the rest, and that was lost if she didn’t get her way.

Jessica Stanley stepped away from her date and toward the blonde highlighting the dance floor, signaling to the bathroom once they made eye contact. Lauren nodded, and Jessica giggled off.

“I’m going to the lady’s room, okay?” Lauren said. Tyler nodded and walked off toward Mike, and the two began discussing their dates and the torture they were put through to get anything out of it, though Mike wasn’t getting anything good. Lauren walked off casually to the restroom, meeting Jessica right outside the door.

“Mike is so incredible!” The mousy brunette squealed, bouncing as much as she could in her three inch heels. Lauren nodded, and that was all Jessica needed to talk for another five minutes straight. The blonde tuned her out, and started playing with her smooth, white hair in the mirror.

Tonight was perfect. She was in control—she could have anything she wanted. Every girl in the room envied her; every guy in the room wanted her. There was nobody there that could ruin it, though the lack of decent people to be friends with was a tad annoying. The power was intoxicating, but she craved more.

She wondered how she could get more power; how she could get that edge. She would have to make people fear her; make people know that she got what she wanted, when she wanted it. It would take a demonstration. Just as Jessica finished talking, Lauren knew what she needed to do and immediately left for the dance floor, and one particular guy. She walked back into the gym, trying to attract as little attention as possible, though a few boys still looked after her. She walked silently up to Mike, who was simply standing around, bored of Tyler, dreading the return of his date. Tyler had disappeared to the hallways with a few other idiotic jocks, and Jessica was still in the restroom, striking up conversation with anyone who would listen. Lauren’s plan was going perfectly.

“Hi, Mike,” she said seductively. The boy looked up, confused, but drawn.

“Erm, hi, Lauren?” He responded, though he struggled to get it out with the way she was staring at him.

“You know, Mike,” she began. “Jessica’s kind of a loser, and so is Tyler. And you look incredible in that suit. Could you imagine the two of us together? It would be—” She paused, leaned in, and breathed into his face, “incredible.” Mike was stunned, and Lauren took her chance to grab him and pull him close for a kiss.

Lauren took small steps backward as she got more passionate, and Mike followed until they were in the center of the dance floor, and all eyes were on them. Lauren pulled away, and Mike stumbled back a few steps, gasping. One at a time, Lauren met the eyes of every girl in the room and viciously conveyed her message. She was queen.

In the back corner, Calvin acted on pure instinct. His friends, who had begun to ignore him and his infatuation with Lauren, looked up, wondering what he was doing as he walked briskly to the center of the dance floor, straight at Mike Newton. One by one, every other patron in the gym looked up, and silence blanketed the room. Calvin was only one foot away from Mike when he curled his hand into a fist and—

“WAM!” Calvin’s fist slammed straight into the blonde boy’s stomach, and Mike doubled over. Lauren stifled a gasp. The sophomore turned to her and took deep, slow breathes. The pair made eye contact, and everything else in the gym was lost. They stepped toward each other, and looked deep into each other’s eyes until the very second their lips met. The kiss was brief, though. Tyler reentered the room, and the first thing he saw was his date out on the floor with another guy. He stormed up to Calvin, and once again, fists were flying.

Lauren smiled, confidently, as everyone else in the room stood terrified. She walked out the room content, knowing that she’d always get the attention she wanted.