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How do you comfort a vampire?

Written for the No Dialogue challenge, February 14, 2007.

1. Comfort

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The days passed quickly after Edward's return. My life had returned to what it had been before the... before the dark time. School flew by, as did work as I anxiously awaited the nights; the very time I once feared. During the dark time, the nightmares were bloodcurdling and scarring but now, with Edward holding me, keeping me safe and sound, I slept peacefully - granted I did sleep. It was always so easy to get lost in his eyes, pools of liquid topaz usually, captivatingly beautiful and mesmerizing in every way. Most nights I found it difficult to sleep, forced awake by the very company I feared to lose.
Since his return, Edward had become my shadow. He refused to leave my side and for that I was grateful. It had been a rough time while he was away and I was inwardly terrified of losing him again. He reassured me often that he was here to stay, that he would never leave me again, but lately, his words seemed to lack the sincerity they used to hold. I tended to overanalyze things as of late, to freak out when it seemed my hopes would be crushed by a sudden departure of the Cullen family. Often I tried to convince myself that it wasn't true, that he was honest and really going to stay, but my words were void of the convincing tone behind them.

Edward had become distant the past few weeks, quiet and easily angered, much the same way he was before he left me. The change wasn't drastic enough for others to notice it, but it was enough to worry me. His eyes began to hold a pained expression as he'd walk with me and he'd stiffen at my touch. I never found myself wanting to know what he was thinking so badly, to have a moment with his gift to read his mind, but I had to make due with intuition and gut feelings. Edward was a confusing creature, but as confusing as he was I still loved him.

All thoughts of Edward pushed aside, things in Forks were becoming progressively better. The temperature outside was warming slightly though the rain continued to fall at random times, keeping things from getting too hot. Charlie refused to let up on my punishment despite my model behavior so I remained in the house, cooped up with only school and work as an escape. Edward helped ease the pain of being confined to the house, but there were times I longed to be outside walking along the beach or laying carefree in the meadow while Edward glittered brightly beside me. Though, the punishment I was forced to endure was worth every dirty dish scrubbed for the safety and life of Edward.

My mind was the only place that was truly my own. It was my new safe harbor since Jacob's decision to leave me alone. My mind was the one place Edward was unable to reach, though he had found other ways of prying into my thoughts. With my free time locked in the house I thought a lot more about everything, yet nothing at the same time. Edward, lately, was the main focus of my wandering mind, the main character in the story of my life. I couldn't seem to grasp what he could even possibly be so upset about! The mere thought of him being bothered drove me crazy and I longed to comfort him, though I was unsure of how to.

How would one go about comforting a Vampire? They weren't typically the kind of creatures who were close to anyone, especially a human, let alone get upset and need comforted. Edward had made me feel better on so many occasions, but how would I do the same to him? He was the definition of perfection, the keeper of my heart and he was hurting, I could see it in his eyes. My mind raced with possibilities and the only thing that made any sense to me was that I must be the cause. I was always the reason for trouble, though unintentional. I racked my brain trying to think of possible occasions when I had done something, anything to upset Edward but I never could think of anything.

I had to come up with something, I couldn't stand it much longer to watch Edward shy away from me with a hardened gaze. I longed for the playful grin or the mischievous eyes that melted my insides. Days passed as I tried with all my might to think of anyway to snap him out of his depressed state. There wasn't anything I could do except wait, something I had always been horrible at. I wanted the old Edward back, I missed him. I wanted the compassionate Vampire I loved back instead of the stoic, silent Vampire I was currently with.

Following the routine, I slid into bed and he was beside me in seconds. No words were exchanged though I shrunk down under the covers further, intimidated by his tough manner. He sighed, though it was barely audible and stood, moving towards Renee's old rocking chair. Without thinking I grabbed his wrist and pulled him back towards me. He raised one of his perfect eyebrows in confusion but honored my silent request. He sat on the edge of the bed and I sat, staring intently into his eyes. They were a darker shade of gold, a golden brown with flecks of black.

Moments passed in complete silence before I leaned up and gently brushed my lips against his. I pulled back slowly, searching his eyes for any signs of pain or regret as I had expected, but there were none. Instead, his eyes shone brightly as a smile played across his face. He brought his hand up to touch my cheek. I shuddered lightly at the cold touch but kept my eyes locked on his. My heart skipped a beat and my face got hot as he leaned forward and kissed me. I suppressed a hoot of triumph as I realized he was back. The Edward I knew and loved had returned and I couldn't be happier.