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A Twist of Fate

Jasper is kicked out of the house when the Cullens discover he has cheated on his "vegetarian" diet. What Jasper sees before he leaves is sure to change his and Bella's lives forever. A Jasper/Bella fic.

Okay! I know, I know. I've not been good at updating at all. It's been about 4 and a half months actually. I will be deleting those stories, editing them, AND THEN putting them back up. The only other one staying will be We Meet Again. Not to worry though. They will be back. Anywho, this is a Jasper/Bella fic and I hope you enjoy. I'll be MUCH better with my updates on this one.

7. Giggles and Confessions

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Bella's POV

I'd woken up on Monday with a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I'd gotten dressed and ready in record time. After I'd shoved a bowl of cereal down my throat, I walked quickly out the door into the sprinkling rain. I was in a hurry to get to school. I'd get to see Jasper when I was there. The thought excited me more than it should.

I had my hand on the driver side door handle and was about to hop inside when I heard a voice behind me.

"Would you like a ride to school today?"

I smiled. It was just the voice that I wanted to hear. I turned around to face Jasper, looking up into the rain. He was one of the tallest people I knew.

"Yes I would, as a matter of fact," I stated.

I'd just noticed that in front of my house was his flashy Mercedes. I really did need to pay better attention to my surroundings. No wonder I tripped over things all the time.

He opened the passenger door for me and I tried to slip inside. I managed to hit my knee on the seat and fall backwards. I didn't hit the ground though. Jasper caught me, of course.

It always felt so strange when someone kept me from falling. I was always tensed, ready for the ground to come up to meet me, then someone would catch me and it took awhile for me to get relaxed again. It was as if I was still waiting for the fall even though I was firmly planted on the solid ground.

"Thanks," I muttered before getting into the car. It always embarrassed me when I fell, no matter who I was with.

"No problem," replied Jasper, already in the drivers seat.

He turned on the radio and Artie Shaw drifted softly out of the speakers. He wasn't lying when he said he liked forties music.

"So," he began. "I've been thinking, and I have no idea how the people at school are going to take this. You and Edward were fine on Friday," he said looking at me. I'm guessing he felt the dip in my mood when he said Edward's name. He waited a minute before continuing.

"Normally I wouldn't care what the other people thought. I'm just worried about what they'll say about you, Bella. You do know how this will look to them, right?" he asked, looking into my eyes despite the fact that he was racing down the road at speeds that I couldn't even begin to comprehend.

I had to think about that one for a second. If I was seen with Jasper and not Edward, the others would assume that something had gone wrong in our relationship. They'd be correct to guess that. It'd be pretty obvious.

And then, after seeing Jasper away from Alice for once, they'd assume that there was something gone awry in Jasper and Alice's lives.

When they see Jasper and I together, they'd connect the pieces. They'd think that Jasper and I were getting back at Alice and Edward for something. They wouldn't know exactly what, of course, but the thought would be out there. All the other kids would make us the bad guys in the situation. Only Jasper and I would see it how it really was.

Edward and Alice wouldn't be seen as the villains. They are after all "brother and sister", adopted or not. No one would expect the things that were happening behind the Cullen's closed doors. The people at school would think we'd gone on some crazy rebellion against the rest of the family. The overall outcome would not be good.

Jasper stayed quiet while I thought. He was used to being patient, being immortal does that to a person.

Once I figured out the consequences, I turned so I wasn't looking at him. Just a glance at his eyes might cause me to say something that I didn't want to reveal at that particular moment.

"I know how it will look to them. At this point I don't care. Most of them aren't that good of friends to me anyway. I won't mind being seen with you, even without Edward," I admitted.

Jasper and I had never been alone together in public. There was always one of his siblings with us, he mostly just tagged along for the ride.

"As long as you know what you're getting into," sighed Jasper as we pulled into the parking lot.

He found a space that was far away from Edward's Volvo.

He got out and opened my door for me. As we walked towards the building, I could see people staring. Not only at Jasper's car, but at us too. I could see the questions in their eyes.

I saw Angela walking toward me cautiously.

"Hey, Bella," she said, quietly greeting me.

"Hi, Angela," I waved. She looked next to me and saw Jasper standing there.

"Hello, Jasper," she said. I was impressed that she even said anything else. Jasper could be so intimidating, and Angela was... well, Angela.

"Good morning, Angela," said Jasper. I felt the atmosphere change slightly.

"See you in class, Bella!" said Angela, a little more enthusiastically than I expected.

"Uh-huh," I murmured, trying not to smile.

After she had walked away I turned to Jasper. "Think you overdid the eagerness a bit?" I asked, finally letting out the laugh that I'd been holding in. It was rare that Angela was ever enthusiastic about anything. It was entertaining to witness.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he replied. I could see the edge of his lips twitching. He was trying not to smile.

I jabbed him in the ribs and he let out the laugh. I turned to walk away but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back. He found the spot on my side that made me laugh like a crazy person when someone tickled me there. Nobody knew about my crippling ticklishness except, of course, the entire Cullen family.

When I was done laughing, I stood up and glared at Jasper. Tickling me wasn't fair at all, especially because you can't tickle a vampire back.

Jasper wasn't looking at me though. He was looking all around us. I followed his glance and saw what he was looking at.

Every single person who stood outside school was staring at us. I felt my cheeks redden and knew I must look like a tomato by now.

I scanned the crowd and every single person had a look of shock on their faces. All except for Alice and Edward.

They both looked absolutely livid. They looked at us as if we'd betrayed them. I could see Edward's face become more and more twisted while Jasper looked at him. He was obviously reading Jasper's thoughts. I was glad I didn't know what was going on in Jasper's head right now.

Jasper looked at me, breaking away from Edward's glance, and said quietly, "Would you like me to walk you to class?" He said it so quietly that no one else would have known he spoke.

"Yes," I whispered, wishing to be anywhere but there at that point.

As soon was we started moving, everyone began going on with their business again. Jasper and I were surely going to be what the gossip was all about for today.

Jasper and I didn't talk as he walked me to English. We stopped in front of the door to the classroom.

"I'm sorry about all that back there," he said, ducking his head and not meeting my eyes.

As he was talking, the people that were entering the room were looking at us, jaws dropped.

"It's not your fault at all," I said, trying to meet his gaze. He wouldn't meet my eyes.

I started to get impatient. I was usually the one that avoided looking into other people's eyes. "What's wrong, Jasper?" I asked.

He finally looked at me and sighed. "I've been thinking, Bella."

"You're always thinking," I replied.

He ignored my comment and continued. "I can't do this alone. I can't stick to this diet alone. I can't stay in this town alone. I can't do half the stuff alone that I could before I was part of a family. I've become dependent on others for my survival."

I nodded, not quite knowing where he was going with it. Was he leaving?

The bell rang but he kept talking. "What I'm saying is, I need your help. Without you, I don't know where I'll end up." His eyes were searching mine for some kind of answer. "I need you, Bella." He finished. There was a pleading note in his voice that I'd never heard out of him before.

"I'll be there for you," I croaked. He smiled faintly and told me he'd be here to meet me after class was over.

I walked into English dazed. I couldn't believe that Jasper had actually told me that he needed me, that I would keep him from doing something he'd regret.

"Nice of you to join us, Miss Swan," said my English teacher.

"Sorry," I murmured, taking my seat. I looked up from my notes only a few times. People were staring at me, stunned, whenever I looked up.

It was one of the longest classes I'd ever had to sit through.

When the bell rang I bolted out of my seat and got to the door before anyone else. I stepped out of the room and saw Jasper leaning against the wall.

"How was class?" he asked as we started walking.

"Long," I replied, rolling my eyes.

He nodded. "I know what you mean."

When we got to one of the most crowded spots at school I felt his hand resting on the small of my back, guiding me through the throngs of people. It seemed that even more were jammed into school that day.

I looked at Jasper and he smiled down at me. I faced forward again, grinning. It'd be better to be looking ahead anyway.

I couldn't get rid of the warm feeling inside me. I'd enjoy being Jasper's lifeline, no matter what the consequences were.