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Souls Forgotten

A poem about Rosalie's end of her life and how she really feels about all of it, and how she feels about Bella's decision. Photobucket


1. Chapter 1

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Souls Forgotten


Their breath stunk of alcohol.

And their eyes were glazed with lust and violence.

They didn't give a damn for the world.

They just wanted me.

And that thought alone makes my stomach turn.

Which, if I may add, is hard to do in my condition.

And my condition is their fault.

They stole my life away that night.

Took my humanity.

Betrayed my love and trust.

Revealed my body.

Left me to die.

To suffer in the heat of the night.


That's what they did.

They killed.

They corrupted.

They stole.

They raped.

All for what?

A few minutes of pleasure?

Certainly not for death.

That was a complete surprise.

Terror to them.

Pleasure to me.

A total opposite of before.

And not only did it result in an end of a life,

But it resulted in a soul.



Like my frozen heart.


The sensation flashed behind my eyes.

As they tore, ripped, and groped.

Giving in to their deepest desires.

I just think of them as weak.

They simply could not resist.

The strongest could.

I would of hated to witness that heinous act.

The scene would have been burned into my mind.

Not that it isn't already.

Clothes were shredded.

Skin was torn.

A life was lost.

And all because of their foolishness.


That's what my delicate head hit.

Heavenly blonde locks bounced.

Crystal blue eyes gazed upwards.

Waiting for more misery.

Tears ran, silently.

Tracking trails down my dirty face.

My eyes closed for the final time in my human life.

The blood seeped.

The wounds stung.

And forgotten pleas still hung on my lips.

Like when you wake up and can't remember a dream.

But no, I won't experience that again.

They had taken that away from me.

Icy Fire.

As soon as his teeth hit my neck.

They glistened with perfection.

Their pearliness and sharpness scaring me.

He pulled back.

His used to be white teeth, now stained with red.


My blood.

That's when it started.

A fire raced in my veins.

A pain flickered across my face.

A life was forgotten.

And a new one was reborn in stead.

Humanity had flown out the window.


Such a frightening experience.

One you never forget.

You learn strange things.

Like what you are.


A new thirst is added to your needs.

No more food.

No more water.

New strengths is learned.

Like the strength to resist.

You have to learn that all on your own.

New powers.

Run as fast as lightning.

Lift a car.

The worst part?

The loss of being human.

And the best part?



Oh, how sweet it is!

You lock and keep them away.

Just like they did to your heart.

You make your mark.

Aware the police.

There's a new killer in town.

And she doesn't have time for mercy.

Even though it's sweet, it's bitter, too.

To learn you could not, would not satiate your thirst.

I watched the lives slowly drain from their eyes.

With a glorious smile on my face.

Was it not what they deserved?

The monsters, villains, beasts in this far from fairytale life I led.


How did I find it?

I still am unsure.

An attack gone bad.

A man lost in pain.

An angel to help me live through this hell.

But we did to him what they did to me.


Another life forgotten.

Another new one was reborn in stead.

Topaz eyes now fill my mind.

And a sweet caress.

From lover to lover.

No words exchanged, just a glance.

And we know we belong to each other.


Such a strange word for someone who has always felt alone.


That word now seems so foreign.

A father.

A mother.




And they all care.

Such loyalty.

Such happiness.

We can never be apart.

Not mentally, nor physically.

It is our love that binds us all in the end.


There is a new love in our family.

A new girl we are supposed to accept.

And yet, she's human.

It rises old bitter memories to think the word.

The memories are what keeps me from her.

The memories from when I was human.

But, of course, she's had none of that in her life.

She's so innocent, so pure.

Well, that's what they say.

She has a life.

She has humanity.

And she wishes to give it all away.

Fool, that's what I say.


My feelings have bubbled into anew.

A feeling so foreign.

So distant.

I had to ask my brother what it even was.

"Envy," he says, "You know, jealousy?"

He doesn't understand.

No one does these days.

She has everything.

Everything I can never have again.


Blood pulsing.

A faint blush.

Soulful eyes.

Clumsiness, even.

Most importantly, a beating heart.

Beating the life into her body.


I bring myself to apologize.

After all, she did save him.

It was all my fault.

He tried to kill himself.

God, how I would have missed him.

She went to him though.

Brought him home.

To us.

She forgives me for my hatred.

For my cruelty.

My glares that I know freeze her in place in absolute terror.

And I accept her forgiveness.

I tell her my story.

I guess, even though I hate to admit, but I guess we could become friends.

My story.

It contains such hurt, betrayal, passion, hatred.

Overall, my life can't be that bad.

Encounters with them.

A meeting with murder.

Hurt burning through my veins.

Asphalt burned into my skull.

Icy fire racing through my body.

Awakening to a new life.

Vengeance for their sins.

Love gained.

A family who cares.

Anger that makes me numb.

And acceptance that has made my heart sing.

Even though I have experienced more than most.

Why do I still feel like I am just another

Soul forgotten?