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When Twilight Ends

Something is happening in the small, sleepy town of Forks, Washington. Something unexplainable. Something dangerous. Something evil. Under the cover of darkness it strikes without warning, killing in the most savage fashion. No one knows where it comes from. No one knows when it will happen again. Bella's transformation is slowly slipping closer, no longer shadowed by visible danger. But something has been overlooked-a loose end had been left undone, an error gone unnoticed. And now, it has been set loose. The Cullens, the Werewolves, and Bella are now racing time to stop the destruction reeking havoc upon the little world of Forks. Only one knows the key to unlocking the deadly secrets, only one knows the truth. As the seconds tick by, Edward finds himself amidst a dangerous plot and he is forced to make a decision that could change the path of destiny and forever. But will he make the right choice? Even if it meant sacrificing what is most sacred to him? Author's note: Look guys,I've been trying really hard to work on this story....but I've been sick alot lately. I have an immune deficency that causes me to have to go to the hospital often...its hard to type when i'm all tubed up on a hospital bed. I'm sorry....but i've started working on it again, so it should be up soon.

This is my first actuall Twilight story and I hope you enjoy it! It is what I think should happen after the events of Eclispe and some. Please read and review! *Rated for further chapters*

1. Not Human

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I could smell the human blood from where I stood-it wafted in the breeze, catching me unexpectedly in the face. It was an unfamiliar scent, something I have never smelled before. It pulsed hot but weak through nearby veins. From the potent smell, though, I knew it was not a human carrying the blood but a newborn, somewhere hidden among the thickets, breathing ragged and fast. I crouched in an instant, prepared for an attack. But nothing jumped out at me. I crept forward, slowly rotating as I tried to pinpoint the smell, tensed like a lion. Come on...show yourself, you coward.

I tuned out the sounds of the midnight wood around me and focused my mind on the unseen vampire. I listened, hoping its thoughts would break through the other sounds, directing me to its hiding place. But to, my surprise, nothing registered; I heard only the breathing-hard and shallow. Realization sank in as I listened to the breathing and I inhaled a sharp breath. The newborn was somehow, but most definitely hurt.

With a hand, I brushed aside a curtain of stringy moss and found the victim I had been looking for; it wasn't what I expected at all. The newborn lay curled up amidst sticks, dirt, and rock; it hands folded to its chest as though it slept. Its whole body heaved with labored breathing; small, pale fingers curled unconsciously around a twig, desperately trying to alleviate some sort of unseen pain. This is odd... As I drew cautiously closer, I realized the vampire was only a young girl, her head full of wildly curled dark hair that ended at the nape of her neck. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted as she gasped in each breath, sounding as though she had nearly been suffocated. A sparse sprinkle of freckles lightly dotted her nose and cheeks, something I had never seen before on the flawless skin of a vampire. I reached out to touch her mind once more but, again, received nothing in return. It unnerved me-Bella was the only one whose thoughts I couldn't hear.

Quietly, I knelt down beside the tiny body and laid an unsure hand on her shoulder. At the touch, her breathing abruptly stopped and she lay quite still as though dead. A weak, barely audible warning growl vibrated from her chest but then she was silent, obviously spent.

"Are you alright?" I asked softly, lowering my face so that I was within inches of her small, freckled nose.

Her eyes fluttered open and I saw her pupils were dilated over blood-red irises. They flickered across my face, glazed and unseeing then closed. She still wasn't breathing, inert and white like a corpse. Gently as I could, for I was not fully understanding the state she was in, I turned her over and examined her body, looking for anything out of the ordinary-for a vampire at least. Her clothing was torn and bloodstained and she wore neither shoes nor socks. Maybe she was still in her transformation and had not yet been completely converted. But I knew that couldn't be as I traced a finger over the well-healed scar on the side of her neck.

I studied her face again, contemplating hard. Who would have bit her then left her body without draining her completely of her life source? I smoothed back wild wisps of her dark hair and noticed she couldn't be any older than thirteen or fourteen when she had been bit, which couldn't have been more than a few weeks ago. I sat back on my heels and looked around. Carlisle wouldn't mind a new addition. I couldn't just leave the girl out here by herself...she was bond to get into some sort of trouble. She would learn our ways and become part of our family.

I lifted her as I stood. Her head lolled unresponsively to her shoulder and her white arm dangled limply while the other one rested across her stomach. I sighed and paused briefly. I didn't even get to hunt.

Carlisle was instantly at my side as soon as I crossed the threshold; his golden eyes shocked but also curious. He was followed by Alice, Emmett, and Jasper, who were soon joined by Esme and Rosalie.

"What happened?" Carlisle asked, examining the lifeless bundle in my arms. The newborn hadn't moved since I head left the forest, neither had she breathed nor made a sound. What did you do? I heard the thought from the doctor and glared at him. Before I could retort back, my brother voiced the same question.

"Did you lose control?" Emmett asked, bewilderment all over his face. I glared at him as well, miffed by the ridiculous notion.

"Have I been gone for three days?" I growled, shifting the girl's weight so that her head no longer hung at an awkward position. I turned back to Carlisle, who now looked apologetic. "I found her, actually, in the forest where I was hunting. Something's wrong with her-but I'm not sure what."

Obviously something is wrong with her. I heard the sneer come from stuck-up Rosalie. She isn't moving. I shot a camouflaged hiss at her.

Carlisle ignored us and peeled back an eyelid, revealing her irises. To my surprise, the blood red had paled to an almost pink.

"What's wrong with her eyes?" Alice asked, raising an eyebrow.

Carlisle sighed, "I know what's wrong," he said solemnly, running a pale hand through his blond hair. He released the lid and let it fall back into place. "It happens rarely...in fact I've never really seen it happen before."

I was confused as to what Carlisle was getting at. I waited for him to continue and maybe make more sense. He was now tilting her head back against my arm, and examining the half-moon scar etched in her neck. Like I had, he traced a finger over it, thinking to himself. I didn't bother to delve into his thoughts, because they probably wouldn't make any sense to me-so I waited for him to speak again; I could feel the agitation creeping into my voice when I urged him to go on.


Carlisle looked at me and he saw the impatience. "When she had been fully converted," he began again, studying each of our faces in turn. "For some reason-and I don't know what-" he added quickly when Alice opened her mouth to speak. She snapped it shut, looking somewhat chagrined.

I was only going to ask a question, her thoughts shouted at me and I shot a look at her that said to keep her thoughts to herself.

"For some reason," Carlisle repeated, "her instincts didn't kick in and I don't know why." This fact seemed to bother him immensely.

"Her instincts didn't kick in?" Emmett once again looked bewildered. "That sounds stupid. Wouldn't she have gotten hungry enough to get the incentive to hunt?"

Carlisle shrugged, "Like I said-I don't know a lot about this occurrence. It is very rare."

Esme was standing on tiptoes to look over Jasper, who was prodding the newborn's neck, as she studied the body I cradled. "What are we supposed to do then?" she asked, tucking a strand of caramel colored hair behind her ear.

"The obvious," her husband concluded. "We teach her hunt and what not to hunt," he smiled grimly at that. We don't want her taking a bite out of Bella the next time she comes over. I tried to cover the wince on my face, Carlisle acted like he didn't notice; he patted the newborn on the head and smiled for real this time. "She'll be fine after that."

As he said this, I felt a perplexity swelling in my chest and I hesitated to say what had been bothering the past hour or so. Would the fact that she was starved, hinder my ability to read her thoughts? I cringed at that. Bella hadn't been starved. But Bella wasn't a vampire...yet.

What's bothering your mind, Edward? Carlisle thoughts pushed through mine and I looked at him. He back was turned to me and he was rummaging through a nearby cupboard. You're grimacing like a gargoyle over there.

I sighed. Nothing escaped my father's well-trained eyes. He was a doctor after all. I laid the young vampire on the floor and walked over to him, leaning against his shoulder as I talked. "I wasn't able to hear her thoughts in the forest," I whispered as he continued to search. "Is it because she was starved?"

Carlisle withdrew a container, his eyebrows puckered in thought-I caught a whiff of animal blood. Who knows...maybe she has an extra ability like you or Alice. Maybe she's like Bella, unable to be touched beyond the physical.

I frowned at that. There was someone out there who was like Bella? No, I shook my head; there was no one like Bella.

I turned to see Alice kneeling over the newborn's body. "Oh, Edward, she's just a doll," she gushed. Mentally she said: you know, I haven't found a flower girl yet for your wedding, I don't think Bella would mind her.

I shook my head more out of knee-jerking reflex than anything else. "She is going to be nowhere near Bella until she gains enough control," I growled between gritted teeth. "No where." I emphasized, jabbing a finger at my over-excited sister.

She ignored me as usual.

"Isn't that weird that she has freckles? I thought the vampires couldn't have freckles?" Alice eyed Carlisle suspiciously as he began to work some old animal blood down the girl's throat. He chuckled and shrugged.

"Just another mystery, I suppose." Carlisle drew back the glass, which was now stained red, and waited for the newborn to respond.

The curly-headed girl shifted suddenly and I leaned in, curiosity getting the better of me. Her eyelids fluttered open, darkening in color at the taste of blood. She looked around at us her eyes wary and alarmed at the same time.

"Are you feeling sick to your stomach?" Esme asked, picking a dried leaf from the curls. I could see the motherly instincts kicking in.

The stranger nodded as she gulped in a breath of air.

"Would you like some more?"

She nodded hungrily, sitting up and reaching for the glass that Carlisle held. She was breathing ragged again; thirst was twisting her expression, contorting the freckles into a swirled pattern. "Please," she croaked and I could hear a light, Brooklyn accent lancing her words. "It hurts."

I nodded sympathetically. If she didn't have any instincts before, she was sure feeling them now. I understood completely. I imagined that her whole body was now screaming its rage for the want of blood. Her stomach was twisted in need and her throat burned from the rush of venom, like vomit, pushing its way up.

Carlisle held the glass to her lips again and she swallowed quickly, her eyes darkening by the second.

"What's your name?" Emmett boomed out without thinking, leaning in to look her in the face. Startled, the girl choked then sprayed out a shower of blood. Squealing like a rabbit caught in a trap, she scrambled backward, her need to protect herself overcoming her thirst for a brief moment.

"That was nicely handled," I spat, tossing my hands up into the air as feral snarls ripped from the girl's throat, though still somewhat weak.

"Calm down," Carlisle coaxed in his welcoming voice, setting the blood aside, and shooting a disapproving glance at Emmett. My brother only looked slightly ashamed. "I promise we will not hurt you,"

"It was just a question," he protested. "I wanted to know."

Rosalie hissed her annoyance at him, her golden eyes rolling towards the ceiling.

"What?" Emmett looked at her pleadingly, "Stop ganging up on me-it was just a question!"

The newborn had stopped growling and was watching the exchange with curious interest. Cautiously she crept back towards us, staring at the blood that her body was crying out for. "Can I have some more?" she asked, no longer afraid.

I struck by the innocence she displayed; the vampire in her did nothing to deter her. I wondered what had happened to her-how she had gotten bitten and how she had escaped alive-well, sort of.

With small hands, she drew the glass towards herself, her eyes still watching us, as though she wasn't sure what to make of it all.

"What's your name, little one?" Carlisle asked this question, his voice gentle and soothing next to Emmett's intimidating one.

"Addison." She said with her Brooklyn accent, blinking quickly, looking surprised at herself.

Carlisle cocked his head. "What?"

"My name is Addison," she repeated, this time a wide smile flashing across her face. "But everyone just calls me Addy."

Addy. I thought, turning the name around in my head. What an interesting name.

Dawn was breaking the horizon as I made my way up to Bella's house. Pastel pink and orange painted the sky gently; the yellow globe was already crowned with a circle of gray clouds.

I looked up, out of habit, at Bella's open window. The pale blue drapes fluttered softly in the chilled breeze that wafted through the yard. I felt a pang of guilt and wondered how late she had stayed up waiting for me. Maybe I should have called to tell her everything was fine and there was no need to worry. Leave it to me to not think about that. I looked towards the driveway and didn't see the cruiser. Charlie was gone which meant I could go through the front door.

I unlocked the door and quietly, like a wraith, made my way down the dark hall and to the glow of the light coming from the kitchen.

"Bella?" I called lightly. I looked around the empty kitchen.

No answer, only the faint dripping of the faucet and the drone of the refrigerator.

I climbed the staircase and opened the door to her room. I found her, curled up asleep on the rocking chair. She must have fallen asleep waiting for me. The guilt flooded me stronger this time and I wanted to kick myself. She probably had a heart attack wondering where I was.

Gently, I lifted her from the chair and inhaled her flowery scent, enjoying the banquet. She felt more fragile than usual in my arms, now having carried that vampire who was much too frail for a vampire to be. I laid her in her bed and covered her with her quilt. She shifted but didn't wake. I kissed her forehead softly and went to settle in my familiar rocking chair. It creaked as I pushed it back and forth, my thoughts drifting as I watched my angel sleep. I counted the tiny, blue veins etched in her eyelids like I had a billion times before. What would she think when I told her about out new addition? It was always a mystery for me to solve, the way she thinks. When I expect her to do one thing, she always ends up doing something entirely different. It was mind-boggling.

The morning brightened slightly and it wasn't long after sunrise before Bella suddenly stretched, a soft yawn issuing from her mouth. I was instantly at her side, wanting her to know that I was there; her chocolate brown eyes stared up at me.

"Good morning," I said pleasantly, touching the tip of her nose with a finger. She smiled sleepily, stretching her arms above her head. I waited patiently for her to fully wake up, knowing the inquisition would soon start.

"Good morning," she repeated with another yawn. Then she suddenly frowned. Uh-oh. I braced myself for the rush of questions to come, camouflaging the wince crossing across my face. "Where were you last night; I waited for you?" She eyed me suspiciously.

I sighed. There was no escaping the inevitable. "I got a little sidetracked."

One of her small fingers reached up to trace the dark circles under my eyes. Her finger was warm against my skin. "You're thirsty," she accused. "I thought you went hunting last night." She glared at me, expecting the truth.

I shrugged nonchalantly, "as I said-I got a little sidetracked."

I saw instant alarm fill her wide eyes. "What happened?" I could hear her heart accelerate suddenly and I anxiously tried to calm her.

"Nothing is wrong, Bella," I promised, drawing her into my lap and kissing the top of her head. "There is absolutely no need to fret, everything is now under control."

Oops. That was the wrong thing to say, I realized. Her faced paled, turning her ivory skin chalky, alarm turning fear. I made it sound like something had been wrong. "Bella, I didn't mean it like that," I insisted quickly, smoothing her hair soothingly. "I swear, nothing bad happened."

Bella calmed slightly, and she rested a hand on my chest as she thought. "But something did happen." She spoke after a moment, looking reproachful. I realized there was no way around this; nothing could be hidden from Bella for too long.

"Yes..." I articulated slowly, stalling.

"And," she prodded, her forehead creasing.

"I found another vampire in the forest as I was hunting," I finally admitted in defeat. She blinked her surprise. "It was a newborn, weak from starvation. I found her in some thickets."

A strange expression crossed Bella's face and her eyes grew distant. "Her?"

Her tone of voice made me frown. What was she getting at? "Well, yes, the newborn was female."

Something flickered across her face and she turned her head away, her eyebrows pulling together. A couple minutes past before I broke the silence, unable to stand it any longer. "Dear God, Bella," I said in irritation. "What are you thinking?"

I didn't receive an answer, which made me even more impatient. "Bella?"

Finally, she turned to look at me, her face oddly untroubled. "Do I get to meet her?"

My eyes widened and I felt a momentary spasm of panic. "Of course not!" I snapped. "She's a newborn; she wouldn't be able to control herself around you." I paused, struggling to contain my sudden emotions Bella's simple question had raised. "It wouldn't be safe." I punctuated my retort with that statement, crossing my arms.

I could see Bella grow defiant. She stuck out her chin slightly and scowled at me. "I want to meet her." She demanded. "You would protect me."

I refrained from rolling my eyes. "I wouldn't just stick you in danger like that, Bella, not when I know that Addison is only a freshly born vampire."

"Addison?" there was that tone again, making me lose my train of thought for a moment.

"Umm...yes, but she says that she's called ‘Addy'." I clarified uneasily.

Bella's left eye twitched ever so slightly. "Addy?"

This time I hesitated, thinking hard, studying the expression on her face. Then suddenly something clicked. I pushed back a chuckle threatening to expose itself. "Bella, are you jealous?"

A beautiful, red blush stained Bella's cheeks and for a moment she was flustered. She had no idea how cute she was when she was like this.

"No," she retorted after finding her voice. "That's ridiculous. Why would I be jealous of her?"

But I could see it clearly on her face. Laughing quietly, I drew her to my chest and kissed the top of her hair. Her heart quickened at my touch and her body warmed even more. "Bella, she is only thirteen or so, why would I find her attractive when I have you to deal with?"

Bella didn't answer. Instead, she rested her head on my shoulder, silent in thought, her body relaxing with each breath. I could feel the hotness of her breath on my neck and the thrumming of her heart against my chest. I rested my cheek on her hair and sighed, taking in her scent and reveling in its sweetness.

It was several minutes before I felt the vibration of her speaking against my neck. "I still want to meet her."

I clenched my jaw, refusing to give in to her bait. I was not going to argue about this with her.

She continued: "You know, I will be part of her family soon."

I felt that familiar tightening in my stomach at the mention of her transformation. I tried not to let it show, but it was hard not to keep my body from freezing up. I quickly hid my pained expression. How could I damn an angel? How?

Bella felt my sudden tenseness and pulled away. Her solemn eyes rose to meet mine. "I'm sorry," she whispered, guilt becoming clear on her face for bringing up the subject. Or maybe she felt bad for ruining the mood. Whatever it was, she looked so miserable for making me upset that I couldn't stay that way for long. I let a cautious smile spread across my face and leaned forward to kiss the tip of her nose, than her cheek, and then finally her warm lips. I heard her heart stutter.

I drew back a moment later and watched her scramble for her thoughts, her cheeks a scarlet red. I grinned.

"I..." she drew in a deep, shaky breath and eyed me. "I think I'm going to get breakfast now." She wobbled slightly when she stood, but managed not to fall over. I stood as well and followed suit as she made her way down the staircase. I watched as she ran a hand through her long, dark hair and contemplated on what to eat. She decided on her usual-cereal.

"I'll get it for you," I offered; she still looked a little off-balance and I was worried she would hurt herself somehow. As outrageous as that sounded-I knew Bella-I knew how she was able to find danger in even the most simple of tasks.

Bella shook her head, "I can get it," she protested, reaching up for a ceramic bowl.

"No really, I want to get it for you." I pulled out the chair I usually sat in and gestured for her to sit. She gave in and dropped into the awaited chair, her large eyes bright with curiosity as she watched me.

When I set the bowl and spoon down in front of her with a grin of triumph, she looked disappointed. "To be honest, I didn't think you could do it," she confessed; I could tell she had really hoped that I wouldn't have been able to do it.

"Silly, Bella," I teased and ruffled her already messy hair. "I've watched you make a bowl of cereal for over two years now; I'm not that oblivious."

"No," she muttered, lifting her spoon for a bite. I snickered at the look on her face. For a couple minutes, we sat in silence.

She spoke: "You said she was starved," Bella cocked her head at me. "Why?"

I leaned back in my chair, thinking about how to answer that. "To be entirely honest, I'm not sure. Carlisle said that sometimes, when a vampire is created...especially if they were converted young...sometimes their instincts don't kick in."

Bella contemplated about that. "Why?"

I shook my head. "I don't know."

"Maybe the vampire that had bit her left her almost completely drained, but not enough so that the venom would kill her. Maybe that would have something to do with it." She took another bite of her cereal.

I looked at her, amazed. I grinned.

"What?" she asked, looking puzzled.

I just shook my head again, "Carlisle would be interested in that theory."

Bella ‘humphed' and resumed eating. I continued to grin despite of myself. She was absolutely mystifying. Again we sat in silence. I watched her, pulling together a question that I had been meaning to ask her for sometime.

"So," I said casually as she ate. "Christmas is coming up. Anything particular you have in mind?" It's you last Christmas as a human, you know. I continued mentally with a pang of sadness.

"Christmas isn't for another couple months?" her entire face twisted in annoyance. "Why?"

I narrowed my eyes at her sudden attitude. "Usually people give each other gifts during Christmas." I said in a calculating voice. Here we go.

Bella screwed up her mouth, "But I'm not going to be human then-why bother with Christmas when we have to deal with other things?"

I looked away instantly, clenching my jaw to keep from saying anything I would regret later. "You know," I said softly, pleadingly, "You can wait until after Christmas."

I heard her slam her spoon down and I turned back to see her glowering at me. "Edward," she spat with such intensity that it startled me. "We made a deal that I expect you to go through on."

I instantly got defensive. "It was only a suggestion, Bella." I said, letting my voice raise slightly.

Bella's face turned so red it was almost purple. I felt uneasy...maybe I had taken it too far this time. "What if I did wait for Christmas? What then?"

I saw this as a hopeful sign. "Then you would be able to enjoy another human experience."

"And after Christmas?" she raised her eyebrows, rage still underlying in her words.

"Then you can have your way."

"No!" she burst out making me lean back slightly. Never mind about the hopefulness. "You would then try to convince me to wait until Easter...than Halloween...then Thanksgiving and then here we are back at Christmas again!" She snatched up her spoon again.

I realized she was right. I gave her a meek expression and waited for her fuming to simmer out. After she had calmed slightly I leaned towards her, staring into her eyes. "How about hypothetically speaking-what would you like then?"

For a moment I thought she was going to go off on me again. But she didn't.

Her spoon froze halfway to her mouth, dripping with milk; she looked at me suspiciously obviously wondering whether to yell at me again. But then that look vanished and she lowered the spoon, averting her eyes from mine. "Well, actually," Bella began nervously. "There was something..." her voice trailed off.

I perked up instantly. Well, this was new. Never before had she given in so easily for a gift arrangement. I felt excited and willing to grant any wish she might have. I waited, leaning forward on the edge of my seat in anticipation.

She sighed. "Never mind."

My stomach dropped and I glared at her resentfully. Why does she do that? "Bella, you are truly absurd." At that statement, she looked as though she would stick her tongue at me. Playfully, I wagged a finger at her face. "Tell me now, or I'll resort to forcing it out of you."

Her eyes widened slightly, but then she saw the humor in my eyes and relaxed; absentmindedly, she started to play with her spoon, swirling it around in her cereal. "Well...to be totally honest..." she stopped then and looked at me, chewing her lip hesitantly. For a second, I wanted to dramatically throw myself on the floor or something. She was driving me insane! But, then again, that was Bella, and that was why I loved her so much-no matter how frustrating it can get.

She blushed when she realized what I was thinking and smiled sheepishly, her chocolate eyes apologetic. "I wanted a camera."

I blinked in surprise. "But you already have a camera."

Her blush turned even redder and spread to her neck. She ducked her head. She was even more adorable when she did that and even more frustrating. "I mean a video camera-to record things...you know..." Bella's eyes darted to me then away.

I raised my eyebrows and stared at her. "That's all?"

This time she met my gaze, her chin slightly raised. "If you don't mind-you don't have to get me anything if you don't want to-it's just a suggestion..."

I sighed and shook my head to stop her from saying anything else. "It would be my pleasure," I flashed her a smile and she seemed content with that. When she finished her cereal-which hadn't looked very appetizing-she stood and washed her dishes quickly.

"I'm going to take a shower real quick," she looked sternly at me, her eyebrows puckered. "You stay."

I gave her a mock salute and froze like a stone. She shook her head at me and turned, making her way towards the stairs. She paused, though, at the threshold of the kitchen and turned shyly to look at me.

"Thanks for breakfast." She smiled, her eyes turning into crescent moons.

"You're welcome."

She jogged up the staircase and I heard her rummaging through her room and then walking towards the bathroom. The door shut with a soft click and there was a spray of water as turned the shower on. For a moment, there was nothing else.

It was then, that a long, piercing scream spilt the peacefulness in half, followed by a loud crash and the shattering of glass. I was like lightening; shooting up the staircase and bursting through the doorway, fear like a monster clawing in my chest.

"OH MY GOD, EDWARD!" Bella shrieked as she frantically tried to cover herself. I froze in shock, my mouth dropping open. If I could blush, my entire face would have been on fire. "SHUT THE DOOR-" she cried, "SHUT THE DAMN DOOR!

I slammed the bathroom door shut, gasping in embarrassment. I stood rigid for a moment in an effort to gather my senses than swallowed hard and turned back to the door. I leaned my head against the bathroom door. She was crying on the other side

"Bella," I called gently, feebly, feeling horrible. "I'm so sorry...I swear I didn't know...I heard you scream...it was instinct...I really wasn't thinking...honest."

I heard her sniffle but received no answer. The feeling of stupidity sank even deeper. "Are you alright? Can I come in?"

She didn't answer. I felt nervous as I waited for her to speak. "Bella...are you alright? Can I come in now?" this time she answered.

She still didn't answer; even through the wooden door I could hear her heart pumping spastically in her chest. A tingling sense of panic sparked up my spine. Slowly, cautiously, I let the door creak open. It was then that I smelled the potency of her fresh blood-so much stronger than usual...I had been so used to being immune to the overwhelming smell that for a moment I hadn't noticed.

She was on the floor, weakly struggling to prop herself up. And it was then that I saw it-thin lines of crimson, dark and red, streaking from a gash in her neck and staining the shoulder of her shirt. The window above was shattered with only a few stray pieces still jutting out of the frame. I swallowed hard, panic rushing through my body as I stared at her. The hint of panic morphed into terror.

"Bella, love, what happened?" I gasped huskily, fighting to keep my emotions in check. I knelt down slowly, ripping a towel from a nearby hook and using it to staunch the blood gushing from her spilt forehead. "How did you get hurt?"

Bella was shaking so badly, she couldn't even hold her head right. She looked at me with widened eyes her lips moving as she attempted to speak. It scared me the way she was breathing so hard and so fast.

"Bella?" I tried to push back the fearful edge creeping into my voice. "Bella, calm down-you need to calm down-"

"In-the-window-" she sobbed almost unintelligibly, clinging to me like a floundering child. "There-was-something-it-was-looking-at-me-"

My body tensed like a wire, I pulled Bella into my arms protectively and my eyes snapped up, scanning the room and not recognizing the scent wafting in from the broken window.

It wasn't vampire. It wasn't werewolf. But it was definitely not human.