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When Twilight Ends

Something is happening in the small, sleepy town of Forks, Washington. Something unexplainable. Something dangerous. Something evil. Under the cover of darkness it strikes without warning, killing in the most savage fashion. No one knows where it comes from. No one knows when it will happen again. Bella's transformation is slowly slipping closer, no longer shadowed by visible danger. But something has been overlooked-a loose end had been left undone, an error gone unnoticed. And now, it has been set loose. The Cullens, the Werewolves, and Bella are now racing time to stop the destruction reeking havoc upon the little world of Forks. Only one knows the key to unlocking the deadly secrets, only one knows the truth. As the seconds tick by, Edward finds himself amidst a dangerous plot and he is forced to make a decision that could change the path of destiny and forever. But will he make the right choice? Even if it meant sacrificing what is most sacred to him? Author's note: Look guys,I've been trying really hard to work on this story....but I've been sick alot lately. I have an immune deficency that causes me to have to go to the hospital often...its hard to type when i'm all tubed up on a hospital bed. I'm sorry....but i've started working on it again, so it should be up soon.

This is my first actuall Twilight story and I hope you enjoy it! It is what I think should happen after the events of Eclispe and some. Please read and review! *Rated for further chapters*

11. A World gone Mad

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When everything is dark, still something shines.

-Narnia; The lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Cullen house was dead silent and motionless. It was like walking though a museum after dark, when the doors have been locked and the lights turned out. They were statues, unmoving, unblinking, not even breathing, frozen where they were.

It was creepy. Unnerving.

For the first time since I'd know the Cullens, I was frightened to the point that my heart throbbed rapidly in my chest and cold sweat beaded on the back of my neck. Emmett sat in front of the blank television, the remote glued to his hand. He didn't move as I walked slowly in front of him. Esme sat in front of her easel, her head in hands, with her caramel hair falling over her face. Rosalie sat on the bottom staircase, staring out the window with large eyes, the fingertips of her left hand frozen to her lips. She didn't even flinch when I stumbled going past her. Addy was at the threshold of the front door, her chin tilted back and her eyes closed, giving the impression of serenity. But her fists were clenched so that her knuckles jutted out in sharp ridges.

What scared me the most was Jasper. As I rounded the banister and made towards the other flight of stairs I saw him standing like a displaced marble statue outside his and Alice's room, his hand on the doorknob and his eyes to the floor. When I passed him though, he came to life with the dramatic slowness of a horror movie. His eyes were black with a storm of emotions. Pain. Confusion. Anger. Hate. They followed my every movement without sound.

I began to run, my footsteps loud against the silence. I didn't know where neither Carlisle nor Edward was and I had the urge to scream out Edward's name but I didn't. I couldn't find the voice to do so. I tripped on the top step and went sprawling, but I refused to pause, rolling through the fall and flailing to my feet.

I locked myself in the bathroom and switched on the bulbs, letting the yellow light gush around me, blinding me and I had to squint. When my eyes adjusted I turned and nearly screamed in shock until I realized who it was.

She stared straight at me, looking lost and forlorn, small and pale. Her dark brown eyes looked muddy brown beneath the pool of tears welling in her large eyes. Her lips were turned down and her cheeks were white and streaked. Dried blood splotched a shoulder of her sweatshirt which still looked damp from the snow. Strands of her hair were plastered to her wet face while the rest frizzed in disarray. She didn't make an effort to pull them back.

She didn't care anymore. She didn't bother to care.

I hesitantly, slowly reached to touch her sad, frightened face; she mimicked me and I pressed the tips of my fingers against the satin smooth glass of the bathroom mirror.

The girl then blinked and a tear caught the fluorescent light as it chased a trail down her cheek and clung to her chin before she drew her hand back to wipe it away.

I waited for my hammering heart to calm, staring at the girl, at her large eyes, tear-drenched and sleepless red, widened by fear and anguish. Her pupils were retracted to pin-points. Her eyes seemed to take up most of her face, it was hard not to notice.

Trembling from the aftermath of the adrenaline rush, I sank to my knees, watching as my pitiful reflection sank from view as well.

So much had happened over the course of a few days.

I pressed the palm of my hands to the ceramic tile, feeling the coldness creep up my arms. Goosebumps blossomed along my skin and I shivered, hanging my head so that my wispy hair brushed the floor. I hadn't realized my hair had gotten so long. So long that in fact it fell to my waist, creating a curtain around me as I bent forward. Grief can be such a strange emotion. Sometimes it comes softly, unexpectedly, like a whisper of wind curling its self through a thick forest-barely noticed. Other times, though, it comes on suddenly, forcefully, grabbing your heart in a fist of iron misery, dragging you down to dark, depression filled depths.

And that was how I felt. As though my heavy heart was sinking deeper and deeper-as though each new thing was a brick laid on me...and Alice was the breaking point, where my knees start buckle and the weight starts to crush and I was struggling to keep myself from slipping under.

But I couldn't let it go. I couldn't breathe.

No. I couldn't believe it. I wouldn't believe it. I was being stubbornly stupid. I was grasping at air.

We were meant to be friends not matter what differences existed. We just had connected and trusted each other. Well, me trusting more than anything else. It was Alice who accepted my plainness, my blatant human qualities. She saw what I could be and she took me in as a sister.

I thought of the tiny vampire with bitterness setting deep within me. I could see her in my mind-her small, whippet thin frame, her black hair, disarrayed but never a hair out of place...her large dark eyes, sometimes gold sometimes inky black. That dazzling, innocent smile. Why her? Why was it that she had to go-to vanish like a wisp of cloud. I didn't even get to see her go-say goodbye, see her pixie face one last time.

Could life really be snuffed out that fast? Like a tiny, flickering flame when all it took was a quick puff and it was gone.

I scooted myself across the cold floor and leaned up against the door.

I wanted Edward now. I needed him. For the sake of my sanity.

Except that I couldn't have him. I couldn't even get near him since Carlisle or Esme were hovering over him like he was the only thing in the world.

Well, he was to me.

But he didn't seem to remember that. These last few days seemed to have driven us farther apart. He always seemed only inches from my grasp. So close but so far. It felt as though he was a stranger, a whole other universe. He was no longer the vampire I had come to love. He wasn't indestructible, fast or dangerous. He was just...human.

Like me.

He needed sleep. He needed food and water. He needed air to breathe or he would perish...I wasn't trying to be negative-I had often dreamed of Edward becoming human some how, some way, however impossible it seemed. I dreamed of us being of equal parts, on the same level. Not having to worry about being too strong or too weak.

Or too dangerous.

This was not how I wanted it to be at all. And all I wanted was Edward. That was all I wanted. Was that too much too ask?

I watched, lip trembling, as my tears splattered the tile and the top of my hands.

They were warm. I held real still. Like tiny, glittering diamonds, they settled on my skin-a clear, miniature orb that glinted from the ceiling light.

Would Edward be the same? Would he still love me through human eyes?

I curled my hands into tight fists and the orbs slid from my skin. I clenched them so tight that my knuckles turned almost as white as Edward's skin. Or what had been Edward's skin.

My heart ached with every beat.

I sat there, pain squeezing my heart. I wanted to stand but I couldn't see a thing through blurry, tear-filled eyes. So I became motionless like the Cullen family, curled up, feeling like a helpless little girl.

"Where's my mom?" I called pitifully to anyone who might hear. "I want my mom!"

No one answered.

Why I had cried that, I didn't know and probably never will. Perhaps there comes a time in every girl's life, no matter how old or young she was, when she just needed the loving, healing touch that only a mother can give. Or maybe it was just instinct pushing its way out of my confusion and trying to piece together a random solution. Hadn't every little girl grown up knowing that her mom could solve anything.

I began to cry, dissolving into a puddle of salty tears. But no one answered my weeping. I couldn't remember the last time I had cried so hard, felt such anguish. My tears turned to sobs-gulping, gut-wrenching sobs. I couldn't even sit up anymore...the pressure was just too great. I sank to lay my cheek on the tile, curling up in a fetal position, trying to create a small sanctuary for myself.

The word seemed a very cold place.

I continued to sob but now they were silent sobs-sobs of hopelessness.

The pain was unbearable.

I jerked awake with a start, feeling the floor beneath me vibrate. I pulled myself upright, pulling the sticky strands of hair away from my cold face. My eyes felt swollen and puffy and my head ached a fit to burst. I looked away, feeling muddled, trying to figure out my surroundings, why I was lying on the floor of a bathroom.

Again the floor vibrated and the vibrations trembled up my arms. Startled and confused I looked around, blinking rapidly, then I pressed my ear to the floor. I heard it then: someone was shouting-no screeching in what sounded like extreme rage.

I jumped to my feet and unlocked the bathroom door, hurrying out.


I ran into someone and bounced back, hitting the wall.

"Bella!" Edward said in surprise, blinking fast. "Forgive me, I didn't see you there."

I couldn't find the voice to answer. So I stared.

His eyes, though not as stunning when they were a liquid gold, were still beautiful, two glittering, priceless jewels only inches away from mine. They had lost their agelessness, that ancient misery they usually held, and were youthful, young, seemingly unburdened by the troubles of the world. Being this close, I could see the faint circle of coppery freckles sprinkling his cheeks and nose. His arm was bandaged but I could see a fresh splotch of blood where the wound had bled through.

I shuddered, remembering last night and what Carlisle had did.

Edward hadn't known, but his bone had punctured through his skin-it seemed as though he had a high tolerance of pain. Carlisle had to make an incision in his flesh and push the bone back in, setting it in its place. I swallowed hard and breathed through my mouth to get the imagined images to dissipate from my mind of what I thought it looked like.

"Are you all right?" he asked, cocking his head to the side as he studied me.

"Yes, why?"

He only smiled. But the smile was weak and somewhat forced. Gently, somewhat hesitantly, he reached out a hand and touched my face with soft, warm fingers.


Startled, I took an involuntary step back, my heart thudding so hard I thought it would beat right through my chest. This time, Edward couldn't hear my reaction but he could definitely see the flush of red across my cheeks and neck. He dropped his hand, looking puzzled and hurt.

"Did I do something I wasn't supposed to?" he asked but then light suddenly dawned on his face. "You're not used to my skin." He assumed.

I nodded. "I'm sorry; it-it just startled me."

He didn't answer. He only touched me, his fingers tracing my lips and then my jawbone. We drew closer so that our noses were almost touching. For a moment, I believed he was going to kiss me but he suddenly turned away, his hand withdrawing from my face. He tilted his chin back and stared at the ceiling.

That was when I noticed the tears welling in his eyes. My heart broke.

"Edward?" I whispered, longing to reach out and comfort him but feeling unsure.

Edward blinked and a single glittering tear escaped from the corner of his eye and slipped down the side of his face. "I can't believe she's gone." As he spoke, his voice cracked, something I wasn't used to.

I felt the tears coming fast but I didn't move, didn't speak. I backed away, not wanting him to see my emotion. But it couldn't be helped. Even though Edward wasn't at super speed catching my reactions, it still wasn't hard for him to read my face.

"I didn't mean to upset you." Edward said softly, placing a hand against the wall for just because or for support, I didn't know.

What I did know was the anger suddenly flashing through me. "Upset me?" I snapped, struggling to keep my voice down. "Edward, how dare you say something like that? You have every right to be distraught after what happened. You and me both-"

A crash sent both of our heads snapping to the right.

"What was that?" I asked.

Edward didn't have an answer. "I have no idea." He grabbed my wrist. "Come on."

We both jogged towards the staircase and hurried down the steps. I was internally glad I didn't fall due to the fast pace we were obtaining. I could picture my clumsiness sending both me and Edward plunging down the staircase, ending up with cracked skulls.

We stopped on the large landing and, in unison, we leaned over the railing. Edward rested a hand on my shoulder and I could feel the warmth of his breath on my neck. But when I saw what was going on down in the living space, I almost had to look away.

"None of this would have happened if you'd just listened to me in the first place!" Rosalie's sharp voice split the room in half, dripping thickly with rage and hate "I told you to stay! But did you listen? NO!" Her black eyes seethed murderously and she paced the carpet like a restless lioness, her lip curling over her teeth.

I opened my mouth to speak but Edward's hand suddenly clapped over it. With his free hand, he brought a finger to his lip, gesturing for me to keep silent.

She was screaming at Jasper. I could hear the pain simmering beneath her words but that only fueled her all the more. I looked around for Carlisle or Esme but I saw neither of them. Then I saw Edward looking away and towards the top step of the stairs we had just descended. I followed his line of vision and saw Addy's tiny figure crouched there, with her large, unusually gray eyes peering down at us. She sat motionless, like a frightened kitten afraid of a dog that had just cornered it. I couldn't read the emotion on Edward's face and I suddenly, desperately, wanted to read the thoughts zooming through his skull.

With a blur of blue, Addy suddenly zipped past us and down the staircase.

I almost laughed at the look on Edward's face. "Now you know how I felt all the time."

He smiled for real this time and brushed wisps of my hair from my face with a tender hand.

I looked down again, blushing deeply and saw Addy attempting to slink past the three angry vampires unnoticed.

"I don't think this is good." Edward muttered to himself.

I thought the opposite though. Maybe seeing Addy would calm them down. I thought that maybe they would just go their own seperate ways and let the steam vaporize.

How wrong I was. I didn't know that a vampire's temper could be so volialtile. Rosalie turned on the small vampire with vengeance. "You!" she accused with violent spite. "Ever since you came along, all this damned stuff began happening to us."

Emmett seemed to agree. I rarely saw him angry or serious and I was a terrifying sight as he leaned towards the suddenly very, very small figure beginning to slink backwards. "I say we kill her."

Horror filled with inch of me as I saw the three turn on her. I suddenly felt protective of her, of her innocence. I lurched forward. "NO!" I screamed, making Edward jumped nearly a foot in the air. It only took him a second to realize what I was doing.

"Bella, no!"

His words made me stumble over the top stair and my socked foot slipped on the rounded, soft edge of the step. I flailed momentarily, trying to regain my balance. "Edward!" I gasped.

He lunged forward to grab me, snatching my upper arm. But my momentum was too much for him and what I had feared suddenly happened like a curse fallen over me. We were suddenly both crashing down the last flight of stairs, hitting the wooden bannnister and floping against the wall. I to break my fall or even slow it, grappling at the edges of the carpet and the wooden railing. Edward suddenly collided with me and I yelped when his head smacked my lip.

We landed in a heap at the bottom, our arms and legs tangled together.

"Owww," Edward moaned, pulling himself away from me. "Good God, Bella, are you all right?"

I sat up as well, bringing a hand to my swollen lip. "You have a hard head."

I watched as he gingerly touched the back of his head with the tips of his fingers. "You have a hard mouth," he said, wincing with the pain.

We didn't have any chance to examine any other possible injuries for the room suddenly erupted with snarls and bone-chilling growls.

The floor shuddered and I turned just in time to see four vampires make impact in the midst of a deafening explosion. I jerked my hands up over my ears, my head ringing from the immense sound. "Edward!" I screamed, my forehead throbbing.

I had never been in the middle of something like this before. Yes, I had witnessed their practice fighting but I had never seen them fighting out of anger. I felt as though I had been stuck in a bad horror movie but I was afraid to move for fear of drawing attention to myself.

I heard a cat-like shriek cut the air and Rosalie suddenly was airborne. She collided with the wall behind her which buckled on collision. I saw three portraits shuddered than fall, crashing to the carpet, their glass frames shattered. But she jumped right back in and all I could make out was a blur. And I was mesmerized and scared out of my wits, like a mouse caught in the eyes of a snake.

That is, until, Edward suddenly grabbed my arm, jerking a hand free from my ear. "We have to get back up stairs." He shouted over the noise of feral snarls. "It's too dangerous!"

Staggering, I stood and Edward pushed me ahead of him.

I felt as though I was moving through Jell-O as I attempted to run back up the steps. Maybe that was why when I saw Jasper out the corner of my eye lock his muscles on Emmett and fling him towards the staircase, towards us that it moved in slow motion. Like someone had stolen the control from the T.V. and pressed slow-mo.

But the moment Emmett's huge body hit the diagonal banister, time was flung forward again. The stairs shuddered and bent. Edward fell back and to the left landing near the threshold of the front door. I grabbed the railing with both hands and screamed when Emmett's rolling body fell into me and I fell the five steps and hit the floor face first with Emmett's crushing, unbearable weight on me.

I couldn't breathe.

Suddenly the weight disappeared and an outraged snarl came louder than anyone else's. I managed to look up and I saw Carlisle crouched over me, arms extended as Edward had done many a time.

"THAT IS ENOUGH!" Carlisle boomed with such authority I was surprise when the howling wind outside didn't even stop.

But the vampires did. They froze where they were and a crypt-like silence filled the house. Nobody dared move.

"How dare you lower yourself to such behavior!" Carlisle was irate-no beyond that. I didn't even know the word to describe how he sounded. His voice made chills streak up my sore back and shiver down my spine. For the first time since I had known the doctor, he actually sounded like a vampire. "You're acting like a bunch of newborns-I am appalled."

There was a deep silence and still nobody moved. Edward was being guarded by Esme who looked almost as mad as Carlisle sounded.

I saw Carlisle fling his hand out toward the crumpled, pitiful looking staircase. "Look what you've done to my house! My house. You've destroyed it-destroyed it like a group of mindless monsters!"

Another pause and Carlisle was just building steam. He looked at each in turn and lowered his voice but still was able to sound just as menacing. It came out almost as a hiss. "I brought you all into this house and I will take you out single handedly." He took in a deep breath of air and I realized he had been holding it. "I want you all out now! GO! And don't come back until you have eached learned how to control their temperament and keep a level head. Now out of my house!"

And then they were all gone like a whiff of smoke, leaving behind a trail of guilt. Only Addy remained, huddled in a corner, her head cradled by her hands. She was trembling but Carlisle ignored her.

He slowly turned than looked down at me with gentle, concerned eyes. Nothing like the creature who had just seconds before stood over me. "Bella, are you all right?"

I hadn't realized I had been breathing so fast and so rapidly. And I knew he could hear my heart pounding an irregular, violent beat in my chest.

He held out his hand and shakily I took it, but found I could hardly stand up for my bruised back. Carlisle practically lifted to my feet and held me up waiting for me to catch my bearings.

Then I burst into tears, burying my face into his marble chest, unable to stand on my own.

It seemed as though the world had gone mad.