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When Twilight Ends

Something is happening in the small, sleepy town of Forks, Washington. Something unexplainable. Something dangerous. Something evil. Under the cover of darkness it strikes without warning, killing in the most savage fashion. No one knows where it comes from. No one knows when it will happen again. Bella's transformation is slowly slipping closer, no longer shadowed by visible danger. But something has been overlooked-a loose end had been left undone, an error gone unnoticed. And now, it has been set loose. The Cullens, the Werewolves, and Bella are now racing time to stop the destruction reeking havoc upon the little world of Forks. Only one knows the key to unlocking the deadly secrets, only one knows the truth. As the seconds tick by, Edward finds himself amidst a dangerous plot and he is forced to make a decision that could change the path of destiny and forever. But will he make the right choice? Even if it meant sacrificing what is most sacred to him? Author's note: Look guys,I've been trying really hard to work on this story....but I've been sick alot lately. I have an immune deficency that causes me to have to go to the hospital often...its hard to type when i'm all tubed up on a hospital bed. I'm sorry....but i've started working on it again, so it should be up soon.

This is my first actuall Twilight story and I hope you enjoy it! It is what I think should happen after the events of Eclispe and some. Please read and review! *Rated for further chapters*

2. Demon from Hell

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Dark storm clouds were building thickly along the pale horizon. The sun was desperately trying to reach past the growing darkness but with little success. The wind had grown almost violent; brightly colored leafs tumbled across the empty road, swirling in rapid circles and slapping erratically against the windshield. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end. This was definitely going to be a big one.

Bella sat dead silent in the passenger seat (no pun intended), her head leaning against the window, her breathing shallow and her eyes vacant. The blood on her neck had dried to a brown crust, revealing the ugly gash etched into it. The slice on her forehead hadn't stopped bleeding; though, it was only trickling red line now. The towel she had pressed to her neck now lay limp in her lap, stained dark with crimson. I looked down at my own shirt and saw it streaked with red; I would have to get rid of it when I got home. I swallowed hard at the rush of venom in the back of my throat and stared fixedly on the road, holding my breath. The closeness of the car and the heat the vents spewed out intensified the perfume of her blood until my stomach cramped up with longing. But I had grown immune to it-not the smell, but the need to feed and in that, I found great relief. I could resist without struggle, but I couldn't hold back the instinctive flood of venom.

My entire body ached to touch her, to hold her, to let her know that she was safe with me, despite everything else. But I was afraid-I grimaced at that thought-I was afraid that a gentle touch from my icy fingers would, somehow, push her to the breaking point. Whatever she had seen, whatever had been in that cursed window, she did not want to share with me and that made me feel shamed.

My face darkened, though I tried to will it not to, at that thought and I glared at the pavement flying past, clenching my teeth in controlled rage. The fact that someone had been at Bella's window intending to harm her made me absolutely furious, completely livid...but even more so, was the fury of not being able to recognize the scent splashed across the windowsill. It was not vampire, not werewolf, nor was it human-I didn't know what it was and that was the unnerving part of it. I sped the truck forward and the engine whined from the strain; I silently cursed it. The moment Bella is converted I'm buying her a new car, no matter what she says or what she does.

Next to me, Bella shifted and I turned a fraction of an inch to look at her. Her skin had a gray tinge to it and a sheen of sweat glazed her face. Her eyes were closed now and, with a spark of fear, I thought she had fainted.

"Bella," I said in a raspy voice, turning my head to fully look at her, my hands clenching the steering wheel tightly.

Relief filled me when she responded to my voice by opening her eyes and looking at me.

"Edward?" she spoke in a trembling voice barely above a whisper-so soft that it wouldn't have been able to reach human ears.

My insides lurched. "Yes," I asked softly, watching her anxiously. Her large, chocolate eyes were wide behind wisps of dark hair-a stark contrast to her ivory skin. To my horror, her lip began to quiver and I saw tears sparkle like tiny diamonds in her beautiful eyes.

She didn't say anything, letting her head fall back against the glass pane, her eyes growing distant once more.

I was terrified now. I had never seen her in such a lethargic state before and it took every part of my being to control the wild instincts pulsing through me. I snapped my head back to the road, my eyes unblinking, trying to press the truck to go even faster as I sped through a stop sign and across a barren intersection. The houses were waning fast and the trees were thickening along the side of the road. We were soon going to be coming up upon my driveway.

Out of reflex I reached for my phone in the pocket of my jeans but the bulge when the phone should have been wasn't there.

"Damn!" I hissed aloud, realizing I must have left it at Bella's house in the bathroom. I went back to clenching the steering wheel, scowling darkly at the road in front of me. The clouds above looked ominous, threatening. A tiny drop of rain splattered on the windshield and other, much larger raindrops soon followed it and I flicked on the windshield wipers. A brilliant vein of lightening jaggedly split across the clouds and a rumble of thunder rolled down from the mountains. With that, the sun made its final curtain call and disappeared behind a blanket of dark gray, letting the rain above spill down in disarray. It was as if the heavens above have ripped open with a roar of thunder and let loose a torrent of a thousand unshed tears, flooding the earth below with its sadness.

I twisted the knob of the heater on high and the vents let out a blast of hot air. I didn't need it but Bella definitely would. There was another crack of thunder as a streak of lightening whip lashed down towards earth and Bella's body jolted, startled by the sudden loud noise. The air was sizzling with electricity and I could feel the buzz even inside the car. I reached across the consol and laid a hand on her arm, wanting the feel the warmth of her blood coursing under her skin. She felt cold-even to me, not the usual warmth that usually emitted from her body. She shivered at my touch and I quickly drew back, unsure of what to do.

Come on, come on...faster, faster you stupid truck!

A dark shadow, darker than the clouds looming above, flitted through my peripheral vision. A strange, burning scent wafted through the car and my instincts flared wildly out of control. Panic exploded in my head at the same time the animosity branched out like poison in my stomach. There was something out there. Something dangerous. Something coming after us.

Out of pure reflex, my foot slammed the brakes and the truck let out a high-pitched squeal. Bella was thrown forward in her seat belt at the same time I heard the shattering of glass and shards flew, one piece spearing my arm painlessly. I lurched across the seat as the car spun a wild three-sixty, my arms enclosing protectively around Bella's fragile body. Her ear-splitting screams of terror and confusion grated over my nerves, sending them haywire. The door ripped from its hinges and Bella's buckle snapped from my force of impact and we both flew out the door and hit the pavement; her head cracked against the moving asphalt and her screams stopped abruptly. The truck wheeled out of control and flipped on the shoulder of the country road with a horrible sound of crunching metal and popping glass. A random memory was flung across my mind as I thought of something similar that had happened that fateful day only a couple years ago that sent both of us spiraling into a future that was unknown. But I didn't have time to think about it much because my instincts were still screaming at me. We rolled several times before stopping with me on top of her. I pushed my weight off her motionless body and I sprang lithely to my feet, a savage snarl ripping from my throat. I crouched low over Bella, my eyes darting to pick out an object in the blinding sheet of rain. The burning stench was still there, more putrid than that of a werewolf; it made me sick.

Desperately I reached out my thoughts but only met a brick wall of resistance that nearly had me falling backwards. A flailing body flew at me and we crashed with the sound of colliding boulders. My attacker let out a shrill scream of fury when I reflexively sank my teeth into whatever was pinning me, giving me a brief chance to tear free. We became a blur in the rain rolling around violently, breaking apart for a second only to fly at each other again. My opponent was fast and strong and I had the disadvantage of not being able to hear its thoughts. I bit whenever I could, tore at whatever I could reach, did whatever I could do to keep the distance from Bella. We ended up in the muddy grass-water flew as we hit the ground in a chaotic frenzy. I could feel the slimy mud ooze thickly down my shirt and slick up my arms.

Then we broke out of formation, panting, growling, and snapping like crazed animals. I bared my teeth and hissed warningly and we circled each other, feinting sporadically, neither one of us willing to leap into action just yet. A sudden flash of lightening illuminated the field and I caught a brief glimpse of my opponent.

Brief...but it was enough to send a chill snaking down my spine. I found myself staring into pitiless black eyes and papery skin. It was tall but lanky-I could see his, or its, ribs-its entire skeleton forming knobby ridges under its skin, showing through the thin layer of clothes. Its lips curled over a row of pointed teeth and a malicious hiss rolled from its tongue. The creature looked like a vampire in a way but its putrid smell strung my senses out in an alarming fashion.

This couldn't be any vampire.

It rushed me shrieking like an demon out of hell, arms extended and hands curled like claws. Though I could not hear its thoughts, I could see its intentions and I crouched low, tensing my muscles. I sidestepped at the last second and twisted to catch its arm in an iron grasp. I threw it forward, my hands clenching around its boney neck, preparing to snap off its head.

Pain-horrible, agonizing pain seemed to bisect my skull. I gasped, releasing the creature as though it had shocked me, and sagged, landing in a heap in the mud. I tried to raise my head, tried to move towards Bella's vulnerable body but the pain pinned me down. I reached out in blind panic; I tried to push back the agony setting my veins on fire...this was worse than anything I had ever felt before-worse than Jane's sickly gift, worse than my transformation. Though I had no need for oxygen, I felt as though I was being suffocated-like a pillow was being shoved against my face. White strobes of light exploded in my vision and the earth below me swayed and lurched. Then the darkness crept from the edges of my vision and I could feel my mind slipping into a black hole-something that hadn't happened for a long, long time.

And then there was no more.

My eyes snapped open the exact time a roar of thunder rendered the blackened sky. For a moment I stared blankly, confusedly at the clouds above, unfeeling to the icy rain pelting my face. I couldn't remember where I was, how I had got there, and why I was lying on the ground. My head, or more specific, my mind felt disconnected with reality, with lucid thoughts. The things that flitted through my brain were mindless, random and confusing. I watched with incomprehension as the clouds began to rotate slowly in place.

A vivid flash of lightening spilt through the thick atmosphere echoed by a growl of low thunder. Like someone had switched the on button, my head instantly cleared and for a moment I could think with some clarity.

I sat up instantly, quickly, provoked by a spasm of panic and fear. I lurched unsteadily to my feet and suddenly found myself staggering drunkenly to the side. My head felt light and I felt strangely detached from my body, like I was some how watching myself from a distance, from a place out of my being. I shook my head, grasping a nearby limb for support.

Bella. If there was a god, please let her be alive, please let her be okay...I begged silently, wildly.

A siren blared in my head at my angel's name and I stumbled forward blindly, searching to catch her scent laced in the wind. It took only seconds to find her perfume tangled within the air and I followed her scent, faltering slightly as I ran doggedly towards the smell. The smell of burning rubber and leaking gas also wafted up my nose and I saw a whiff of gray smoke spiraling in the air. With that thought, my mind grew incoherent again and agitated panic flooded me as I tried to remember just what I was looking for. Beneath me, the wet, soggy ground swayed and lurched like the deck of a ship caught in a violent swell. I felt like a human who had just gotten off a four-hour ride on one of those spinning tops at the fairs and a very humanely feeling of nausea curdled my gut. I doubled over, gasping, watching as the mud blurred in my vision.

Wait. I demanded myself. Just think straight...Bella...I have to find Bella...I could smell her only yards away. I charged forward, running at a slight angle. Whatever that-that thing had done to me I didn't like it one bit. It left me feeling vulnerable and weak...not something that was easily accomplished. Things like this weren't supposed to happen. I felt too...too human. I shuddered.

Then I saw her, lying in a heap in the middle of the country road and I sank helplessly to my knees, still praying pleadingly in my head. The rain shattered when it hit the asphalt; it streaked down my face, washing away the mud and dripped from the tip of my nose and chin. The water had flooded the pavement up to my wrists as I slowly, achingly pulled myself in a crawl across the pitted road.

Bella lay motionless, her dark hair splayed out like a fan around her head. I reached her side and my body sagged down on one elbow, drained of my seemingly never-ending endurance. Tiny pools of rainwater had formed over her closed eyelids, overfilling and sprinting down the sides of her face in erratic patterns. Her lips were white and closed and tiny droplets of rain dribbled from a corner of her mouth.

"Bella..." I rasped weakly but received no response, only the faint rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. She looked like a rag doll-lifeless and empty; her white skin was a stark background to her hair. I used my other arm and braced it on the other side of her body, trying my best to shield her from the pounding, relentless rain. I had to get her out of this before her condition worsened. She was ill-I could see by the way her blood pulsed weakly through the thin, blue-green veins branching up her neck and the way her breathing came rapid and shallow. And her smell-it was tinged with a hint of bile.

There was no way I would be able to carry her safely through this, not the way I was feeling. Already I could feel my mind slipping again, haphazard memories stringing themselves through my head. It was like being in a dream, a nightmare where time seemed to collapse in on itself; where things seem to move in slow motion and then jerk forward at break-neck speed; where entire events seem to be ripped from existence, leaving ragged-edged fragments of memory or simply fleeting impressions strung together between the gaps. For a confusing moment I could see my mother's face piecing itself together in my head-this, throwing my internal system even more off balance bewildered me. I wondered if this is what if felt like for Bella after on of her nightmares. Angry with myself, I forced myself to rise to my feet, willingly to do anything at this point.

The moment I locked my knees, though, a dull, numb feeling birthed in my chest and I sank back down, groaning in defeat. I was feeling disconnected again, unable to grasp the situation I was facing. For a moment, all I could do was be still as stone on hands and knees, my head hanging. How weak I felt, how vulnerable I felt. It was disgusting. My thoughts were distorted as though someone had taken a wire whisk and scrambled them like eggs...I blinked once and looked around lazily. I had forgotten again-forgotten why I kneeling next to Bella...

Bella's body, still inert on the ground, brought it back and I shook my head free of the tangled cobwebs. I have to be strong for Bella. I cannot and will not be weak! But mind over matter was no longer an option at this point. Matter was definitely winning over mind. My resolve was weakening by the second, despite the will to find shelter for Bella. My head felt too heavy and the ground couldn't see to stop pitching beneath me.

My arms folded in on themselves and I sank to the wet earth and pressed my cheek against the rough ground, the feel of the rainwater streaming against my skin was almost soothing. Distantly, I thought I heard the shrill ringing of a cell phone and I could feel a vibration coming from Bella's jacket pocket. I stared unseeingly at the side of Bella's face, breathing slowly and evenly and, with my hand holding Bella's, I let myself drift to a place where reality seemed to melt away and nothing but surreal worlds existed.

"He looks like he's dead," a voice, familiar and soft, floated into the fog than out again.

"Well, technically, he is dead," another voice, familiar as well, came in; clouding out the darkness I had been drifting in.

It was then that I realized that I could feel no rain pounding against my skin, nor the feel of Bella's warm hand curled in mine. There was only soft carpet pressing under me and the inside of my eyelids glowed red from a bright light above me.

"Good thing you found them, Alice or the paramedics would have pronounced him dead on sight-you know, with no vital signs at all," said the second voice, seeming amused at the idea.

"Did he faint?" it was a different voice this time, male.

"Vampire's can't faint," scoffed the first voice.

"Quiet down, please," a new voice, soft and gentle, broke in. A hand fell lightly upon my brow than something was peeling back my eyelid.

I shook the hand away with a twist of my head, but my eyes remained closed, unwilling to let the oblivion fully pass.

"Well, at least his personality still intact,"

I opened my eyes at that comment to find Carlisle crouching over me. For a moment, I couldn't recognize where I was. I saw relief fill his face than concern. Edward, what's wrong with your eyes?

"We thought you were dead," Emmett mourned from above Carlisle, a mockingly sad look on his face. Beside him, Rosalie rolled her eyes towards the ceiling. But Emmett leaned in closer, his eyes narrowing.

"Hey, what's with his eyes?" he asked, flabbergasted.

"I'm...fine..." I mumbled faintly, pushing myself into a sitting position then, finding that it sent my head whirling, lay back down again. "Where's...Bella?"

Carlisle bent closer towards me, peeling back my eyelid even more than it already was. I cringed.

"Carlisle, I'm...not your patient..." I grumbled moodily, pushing his hand away once more. "Where's Bella?"

"You sound drunk, Edward," Alice pointed out. She was kneeling in front of my head, her eyebrows furrowed. "Why are his eyes like that, Carlisle?"

I snarled viciously, forcing my body to roll into a sitting position, ignoring my head's protests. "Where's Bel-"

There she was, my little angel, sitting on the couch with a blanket drawn up to her mouth. Her eyes were wide as she peered at me over the top of the wool blanket. The right side of her forehead supported a small, white bandage. "Bella..."

"Lay down!" Carlisle demanded, pushing me back to the carpet. "You look as disoriented as a penguin would be in Africa, now lay down!" Edward. Your eyes are as white as your skin.

Automatically I reached up a hand to my face, as though that would have done me any good. "Wha-"

Alice's hand clamped over my mouth, preventing any further speech. I glared at her savagely. What were they doing to me?! Edward, just please cooperate for a moment please. We found you and Bella in the middle of the road. The truck was pulverized and you looked as though someone had hit you on the head with a boulder. You were mumbling to yourself and when Carlisle tried to help you to walk, you just kind of hung there. Just try to lie still until we can find some sort of solution. You had Carlisle almost out of his mind with worry.

I relaxed my glare and she removed her hand with a look of triumph. But I soon forgot my deal when I caught of whiff of Bella's scent wafting up my nose. I sat up again and three pairs of hands forced me down again. "Is Bella alright," I hurled out at them on my way back down, struggling to crane my neck for another glimpse of her.

"She is going to be fine, Edward," Carlisle soothed gently, placing a hand on my shoulder. "A mild concussion and a couple stitches and a slight shock but she is perfectly fine-though worried about you."

"That's...that's...ridiculous," I sputtered furiously though my rage sounded quite pitiful, "I'm fine, I really am-"

This time it was Jasper who pressed a firm hand over my mouth. "I know what you feel like right now and, if I were you, I wouldn't move much."

I closed my eyes in defeat, trying to ignore the fact that my entire family was sitting there staring at me. I was feeling a lot more lucid though despite my mind still slightly numb.

"Maybe it was a talent the other vampire had," Alice's voice suddenly suggested. "Maybe he was able to drain strength or confuse the mind or something to that effect."

"You could be right," Carlisle contemplated slowly.

My eyes flew open. "That...was...no vampire..." I said faintly, feeling sick again at the thought.

Carlisle blinked and he leaned closer once more, his forehead creased. "What?"

"That...that thing that attacked...me and Bella...it wasn't a vampire...at all..." I struggled to talk intelligibly.

"What did it look like," he was persistent.

I thought hard but couldn't seem to drudge up a mental picture of the attacker. "I don't...remember," I admitted shamefully. Carlisle turned away from me.

"Bella?" he asked in gentle, calm voice, "Bella, you saw it, didn't you? Do you remember what it looked like?"

I heard Bella's breathing quicken and I tensed against the hands that held me down. I tilted my chin back as far as it would go, straining to see my angel's face. But I couldn't see anything beyond Carlisle.

"It looked..." she hesitated, her voice sounded small and weak. My entire being went out to her, longing to hold her in my arms. "Like, well, like...a monster,"

"Tuh," Emmett huffed, "That really helps, Bella."

I was about to defend her but Bella was faster this time.

"That's not what I mean...it didn't have any eyes but I knew it could see me...and its teeth were pointed..." her voice faded and I could almost hear her shudder from fear. Alice stood and moved towards her lovingly.

"It's alright, Bella," she said. "Everything is going to be just fine."

"Almost sounds like a mutated vampire," Emmett commented offhand and everyone was suddenly silent. "But...that couldn't happen...could it?"

"It was a demon from hell," I decided gruffly, scowling up at the ceiling. This was not some sort of idiotic science fiction movie where green boogey men mutate from green puddles of ooze.

I saw a slight smile press at Carlisle's lips, as though he could almost guess what I was thinking, but he turned back towards Bella. "Is that all?"

"Yes; he disappeared when...Edward ran in," I knew she had blushed as she said this. "I was too scared to notice anything else."

"Where's Addy?" I asked, noticing that our newest addition was not present.

"She went hunting with Esme and Rosalie," Jasper explained for me. "We wanted to keep her away from the house for awhile...you know..." Bella. You know, your eyes look a bit darker.

I grimaced.

"Maybe we should call Denali, see if they've had any sightings-"

I couldn't stop the moan, low and unearthly, from breaking from my throat. It suddenly felt as though something was compressing my head and I rolled to the side, clutching my head between both hands, attempting to push back the feeling. My breath escaped as a hiss of pain.

"Edward!" Carlisle was wrenching my hands from my face but that didn't stop the numbing dead feeling spreading through my limbs.

The feeling quickly passed though, "I'm...alright...it's gone..."

"Carlisle, you have to do something!" Bella cried out frantically.

Carlisle did not respond for a moment, he just kept looking at me, his eyes tight and worried.

"I'm...fine..." I said again spoke in a weak, hoarse voice, not convincing anyone. If I hadn't felt so horrible, I would have been extremely embarrassed. Carlisle was holding my face in his hands, talking to me gently, coaxingly.

I shook my head free, breathing ragged, cursing that thing to the deepest pit of hell. I clenched my eyes shut and searched for something to distract them, "I couldn't hear its thoughts," I said through gritted teeth.

Carlisle drew his hands away only to rest them on my shoulders. He looked surprised. "Really?"

"And, well, obviously I didn't see any of this happen," Alice confessed, sounding horrified of herself. She continued: "Carlisle told me you couldn't hear Addy's thoughts, either. " an unclear idea was forming in her head.

"Yeah," I huffed, feeling slightly defensive and slightly confused, yet, feeling more normal by the second. Carlisle's eyes darted from my face to Alice's on the couch back to my face. What is she getting at?

"Yeah," she repeated hesitantly, "And well, the truth is I never saw anything about her future either." She hesitated again, looking to Jasper for support. I reached out to touch her mind but stopped when I heard her singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic. "Its kind of like the thing that attacked you. You couldn't hear any of its thoughts and I," she made a disgusted face. "I, couldn't see any future. And, Jasper...he said he couldn't feel Addy's emotions.

"Its like...its like she doesn't have a real future...or a real emotion..." her voice trailed off and she paused for a moment before continuing. "And that thing out there-maybe he is devoid of actual thoughts-only driven by instinct. Its like...it's like..." I finished the thought for her, my mouth forming a thin, grim line

"It's like it doesn't really exist. Like Addy had never really existed."