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When Twilight Ends

Something is happening in the small, sleepy town of Forks, Washington. Something unexplainable. Something dangerous. Something evil. Under the cover of darkness it strikes without warning, killing in the most savage fashion. No one knows where it comes from. No one knows when it will happen again. Bella's transformation is slowly slipping closer, no longer shadowed by visible danger. But something has been overlooked-a loose end had been left undone, an error gone unnoticed. And now, it has been set loose. The Cullens, the Werewolves, and Bella are now racing time to stop the destruction reeking havoc upon the little world of Forks. Only one knows the key to unlocking the deadly secrets, only one knows the truth. As the seconds tick by, Edward finds himself amidst a dangerous plot and he is forced to make a decision that could change the path of destiny and forever. But will he make the right choice? Even if it meant sacrificing what is most sacred to him? Author's note: Look guys,I've been trying really hard to work on this story....but I've been sick alot lately. I have an immune deficency that causes me to have to go to the hospital often...its hard to type when i'm all tubed up on a hospital bed. I'm sorry....but i've started working on it again, so it should be up soon.

This is my first actuall Twilight story and I hope you enjoy it! It is what I think should happen after the events of Eclispe and some. Please read and review! *Rated for further chapters*

5. Green

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I must have blacked out briefly because I was suddenly aware of Carlisle's uncharacteristically angry voice, the feel of Bella's hot breath on my neck, and the smell-I almost groaned-what an awful smell of sour vomit hanging in the stifled air of the oversized jeep. For a moment, I couldn't move for the burning in my chest. I must have done it again...why does this keep happening? Vampires can't do this-vampires are not able to do this. I mentally vowed to get even with that demon if I ever met up with him again. He won't know what hit him.

"How can you forget about gas?" Carlisle was speaking icily, his usual calm demeanor shattered. He was turned at a ninety degree angle, facing Emmett with cold speculation. "After you took this tank out for a five-hour drive-how could you forget about the simple asset of gasoline?"

"I didn't know something like this would happen," Emmett countered reproachfully, sounding defensive. I listened as he tapped the wheel unconsciously and it was then that I noticed that we weren't moving. The engine had gone quiet. Vaguely, I heard him cursing his head and mentally taking notes about storing extra cans of gasoline.

Carlisle banged his fist on the dashboard, which I assumed left a formidable dent. Emmett's mental cursing grew louder. "Emmett, you can drive some beings to the extreme." He shook a livid finger at his son and Emmett huffed indignantly. The windshield-wipers frantically whipped back and forth but did little good as the snow continued to build along the glass.

"Hey," Emmett complained loudly. "Careful with the merchandise!"

I opened my eyes slowly, unwillingly, and was greeted by a brown curtain of hair hanging over my face. I recognized the scent tickling my nose from the soft tips of hair brushing my cheek and forehead and inhaled deeply.

"Are you okay?" Bella asked anxiously, seeing my open eyes, and running a tender hand through my hair. I could tell I had frightened her immensely.

"Yes," I answered softly, not wanting to move an inch from my angel's warm hands.

"To be serious, I almost decided to perform CPR on you," she admitted hesitantly and I felt her skin warm considerably.

I chuckled weakly, trying to cover the wince that resulted from a sudden spark of pain in my chest. "Not that it would have done any good." I reached up and traced a finger down her cheekbone. "My heart stopped beating over a hundred years ago, love, nothing can change that now."

I saw a smile grace her lips and felt smug. Slowly, I sat up from where I had slumped against Bella, rubbing my chest absentmindedly. She picked out the movement and stared for a moment before looking away. "I'm fine," I insisted and she narrowed her eyes at me. She turned to stare out the window, thinking thoughts that were forever hidden to me and I desperately wanted to unlock them, to know what she what was really going on in that fascinating head of hers.

I scanned the dark compartment and stopped at the heap at next to me, a sick feeling rose in my throat. Addison lay lifeless against the car door; her head sagged against one shoulder. Her shirt, which had been too big for her skinny frame, had fallen off the shoulder her head had lolled to, revealing her pale skin. Her eyes were half open, though they were rolled back so I only saw the whites. She wasn't even breathing, looking much like the weak newborn I had found in the forest only two days ago with dried blood spotting the front of her shirt.

"She's been like that for several minutes now." Bella spoke in a whisper, as though she were afraid to disturb something. She stared as well, biting her lip.

I wrinkled my nose. "She reminds me of the girl from the Exorcist." I said softly. I half expected her to go into a seizure and start screaming but I decided not to tell Bella that. "Have you ever seen that movie?"

Bella shook her head and pursed her lips but said nothing else because Carlisle broke in irately, addressing Emmett once again.

"So what do you propose we do? We can't just sit here like ducks on a pond."

She inclined her head towards Carlisle. "He's been like this for several minutes too. I've never seen him angry before," Bella shuddered in thought. "It's kinda scary. I think he's just really worried about you, though."

I huffed in frustration. "I don't see why he is." I muttered back, folding my arms over my chest as a slight twinge prickled along my ribs. "How long was I out?"

"Several minutes."

"Oh, yes, you've said that before." I closed my eyes and leaned my head on Bella's soft shoulder. The pain had faded to a dull buzzing feeling and I did my best to ignore it. "Are you alright?"

I felt her nod against my head. "I'm not the one passing out."


Carlisle cut in to our conversation, his voice evidently calmer, "How're doing, Edward?" he asked, turning in the seat to study me over the headrest. His eyes were stressed though and the gold had darkened to an almost black. You startled me for a moment-first I had Bella's lacerations, Addy throwing up everywhere, than you just blacking out for no apparent reason.

"I'm fine," I repeated, opening one eye in emphasis and pretending I didn't hear his thoughts. Carlisle's frown deepened and I could tell he didn't believe me. He was reading me like a billboard. But he averted his penetrating gaze from me and examined Addy's lifeless bundle.

"Is she alright?" he asked slowly, eyeing the sickness spewed on the back of the vinyl and floor. Rosalie's going to have a stroke when she sees this.

I rolled my eyes then grimaced, thinking suddenly about the glazed-eyed look Addy had given me. "She's not moving." I suggested. What had meant when she apologized to me-and why did that pain come to me so suddenly? I shook my head and pressed a hand to my chest. Nothing. No pain. No numbness.

Bravely, Bella leaned over me and prodded Addy's shoulder tentatively. The newborn vampire didn't respond, didn't move, didn't breathe. She just laid there like a corpse. No, a corpse looked better.

"Maybe we should just leave her behind." Emmett suggested suddenly, turning around in his seat as well. She got vomit all over my jeep! This thing wasn't on sale.

Carlisle glared at him, appalled. "Of course not! Why would suggest such a thing?" he added: "No one gets left behind. We're family-all of us. Even Bella. Even Addison."

"We could leave Emmett behind." I smiled crookedly, pulling away from Bella's shoulder. Bella shifted suddenly beside me.

"Very funny, Edward." Emmett sneered, revering the engine in vain. I wasn't the one throwing up everywhere.

"I'll leave both of you behind." Carlisle concluded with a tone of finality. He was still angry about the broken down jeep. I didn't think he was going to let this go. Suddenly, he tone grew soft and gentle-the voice he only reserved for Bella. "Bella, are you alright?"

My eyes snapped open to see tears streaming down Bella's cheeks. Apprehension blossomed in my stomach. She was clutching her hand to her chest and I could see that her wrist was swollen.

"Nothing's wrong," she whimpered, glaring wildly at me. I didn't know what that look was for so I abandoned it.

"Bella, what did you do?" I quickly checked over the inside of the jeep, looking for anything out of the usual that could have offered any danger to Bella. Nothing seemed out of place. It was basically baby proof...but obviously it wasn't Bella-proof.

"I...punched your shoulder," she spluttered, glaring some more.

I scrunched my eyebrows. "What for?" I asked, baffled, mentally going through a list of things I could have done to provoke Bella into violence.

"Because of what you said to Emmett-that was mean."

Emmett roared with sudden laughter, throwing his head back and guffawing at the roof of his jeep. Carlisle gave him a disapproving glance but Emmett didn't seem to notice.

Bella hesitated briefly, than spoke over Emmett. "You mean...you didn't feel that?" she spoke with disbelief and irritation.

I shook my head, feeling horrible. "No." I pressed my lips into a taut line to keep from displaying my amusement. Only Bella.

Bella huffed and looked away, her face grumpy.

"Let me see," I gently, carefully pulled her injured hand away from her, despite her reluctance and pushed the oversized sleeve up her arm. I could feel the break in her wrist where the segment of bones and sinew pressed against her skin, almost puncturing through. The blood had pooled around the breakage, causing the swelling. "Bella, you snapped your wrist."
Bella whimpered again, her face hot and pinched with resentment towards me and I automatically felt guilty. "I'm really sorry, Bella."

"Humph," she replied stubbornly and I chuckled to myself.

"I don't have a brace to give you, Bella," Carlisle spoke softly towards her and I guessed he was saving his angry voice for Emmett and me. "Are you going to be alright?" I could see that he wanted to switch into doctor mode with so many sick people in the car, but he didn't have any idea how to do it. And, from the thoughts in his mind, I knew he mentally kicked himself for not being prepared for Bella's wonderful ability to cause herself arm.

"I'm fine," Bella said, wiping away the last of her tears. "It doesn't really hurt that bad-it just made me mad that I didn't even hurthim.." I smiled and drew her close to my chest; despite the searing feeling that flared in my chest I received from the movement. I knew there was another sorrow beneath her words that caused the tears-not the pain, sparked by the memory of Jacob Black. I remember she had punched his jaw once and, instead of injuring him like she had intended, she fissured her knuckle. I bristled at the memory of him kissing her and did my best to hide it.

I heard the sound of the motor before I saw it. Carlisle's face immediately drew alert and soon a clunker of a blue van chugged through the swirl of snow. Bella raised her head as it passed, her eyes wary.

"Carlisle, he's stopping," Emmett said nervously as the large van heaved to a halt, smoke sputtering out of the back pipe. "What are we going to do?" he asked, hurriedly twisted the keys in the ignition. The engine groaned but offered nothing else. "Dammit!" he hissed through clenched teeth.

A tall, wiry man with wire-rimmed glasses stepped out of the van wearing a thick coat, a wool hat and gloves complete with rubber boots.

"Just act normal everyone," Carlisle said calmly, evenly.

"Yeah, right," I laughed humorlessly in sarcasm. "It's not like we're not already."

Edward, please try not to be too sarcastic. Just relax.

Quickly, yet at a human pace, Carlisle unlatched the door and stepped into the dying blizzard. The lanky man waved at Carlisle and trudged towards him with his hands in his pockets.

Fast but gentle, I climbed over Bella and opened the car door, letting in a jet of blistering wind. Addy still didn't move.

"Wait," Bella grabbed my arm with her good hand. "Let me go with you."

I relented without a fight, turning my face from her to hide my disapproval. I didn't want an argument. She kept hold of my arm as I climbed out and we both weren't expecting what would happen next.

"I'll stay here," Emmett grumbled, still clenching the steering wheel tightly in her massive hands, his bands of muscle popping out along his arms.

The moment I put my weight on the ground, my legs gave out and I collapsed ungracefully into a deep drift of snow, dragging Bella down with me. She gave a short shriek that was lost in the howling wind and toppled from the jeep and fell face down in the white powder. She raised her head, recovering quickly, spitting out a mouthful of snow. Unfortunately I raised my head at the same time and I wasn't able to stop my full momentum in time. My head and her nose connected, throwing Bella back. She didn't even cry out it happened so fast.

Bright red blood gushed from her nose, spattering garishly on the dusty white in morbid starkness. Instinctively she lay still for a moment, breathing slow and even.

Time slowed for me and my ribs lanced with sudden pain.

She raised a hand to her face-as if checking to see if it was still there. Blood covered her hand. It began trickling through her fingers. And down her wrist.

I couldn't get to her fast enough, even though I was only inches away. "Bella," I gasped, taking her face in between my hands, ignoring the crimson as it stained my hands and the rush of venom that followed. "I swear I didn't mean too-I swear!"

To my utmost relief and bafflement, Bella smiled up at me, though I could tell it was rather forced. "It was an accident," she said in a nasally voice, sounding as though she was suffering from a serious cold. "I'm fine." She wiped at the blood, succeeding only in smearing it.

"Did I break it?" I asked anxiously, examining it closely, carefully touching the tip of it. She didn't flinch.

"I don't think so," a strange look past over her face and she giggled weakly. "Edward, you got a hard head."

I managed an unconvincing smile.

"Bit slippery there, isn't it?" an unfamiliar voice asked from above us and we both looked up. The man stood over us, offering a hand to Bella and me. Bella graciously accepted it while I declined, rising slowly to my feet on my own. No weakness this time-only that annoying twinge in my chest, slowly growing to pain again.

Carlisle handed Bella his handkerchief and pressed a hand to her nose. "It's not broken," he said. "But you'll have two black eyes in the morning. The prize-fighter look, Bella." He laughed quietly to himself. Be more careful next time, or it might be her skull you crush next.

Bella sighed. "It always happens to me."

Carlisle smiled and I looked away momentarily.

"The name's Arthur Dean," the man said with a grin, despite the wind pounding his face. He possessed a thick, British accent. He yelled above the wind to be heard. "Are you guys stranded?" Strange fellows these folk are.

Carlisle nodded his head, gesturing to the jeep. "Yes, the engine has run out of gas." The snow had started to ease up, though the wind continued, and the man relaxed even more though he was still slightly at ease in our presence. He studied each of turn, confused by the plainness Bella had next to us.

Arthur gave a low whistle and patted the side of the jeep. "Hell of a motor car you have here?" Must have cost a fortune-they must be hard rich.

Carlisle shrugged, "We indulge every now and then."

I'd say. Arthur leaned towards the open car door.

"Uhh..." I reached to stop him but froze at Carlisle's warning glance. Calm... he reminded me.

I heard the man's thoughts bridle at the smell. "Is she sick?" he asked, his eyebrow rising in a questioning slant.

"She has epilepsy," I said, lying without hesitation.

Arthur's frown deepened. "Do you need a ride up to the accident department?"

"The emergency room?" Carlisle asked. "No, she'll be fine. It happens all the time. I'm a doctor."

"Really?" he looked at Addy's slumped form again. "Is that blood?"

"It's kool-aid." Bella piped up suddenly. Carlisle and I looked at her. She continued with only a mere glance at our faces. "She threw up red kool-aid."

"Ah," Arthur wrinkled his nose and gave Bella a long, appraising look. Then he changed the subject. "If you only need some petrol, I have extra in my boot if you need it."

Bella looked down at his shiny pair of boots, looking utterly confused.

"He means his trunk," I stage-whispered loud enough that she could hear.

Bella went red.

"I would be greatly appreciated," Carlisle went on without even looking at Bella. Though I heard him chuckle in his mind.

Arthur's Cheshire grin appeared again. "Of course."

Only a few minutes later, Arthur was popping the lid off a gas can and carefully pouring it into our gasket.

"Bloody horrible what happened to that family back in Forks, eh?"

I snapped my head up and Carlisle's immediately sharpened. "What happened?"

"You haven't heard?" he paused, shaking his head. Too busy wallowing in that money of yours, I suppose. "They found a whole family dead in their house, blood everywhere. Just like some chap just went in and tore them all to pieces."

I looked at Carlisle with urgent, wide eyes. Carlisle didn't meet my gaze as he continued to look intently at Arthur.

"Do you know their names?" Bella asked in a strangled voice. The snow was falling gently again and she blinked rapidly as snowflakes entangled in her eyelashes.

Arthur screwed the lid back on and thought for a moment. "I can't rightly recall...New...New..."

"The Newton's?" Bella gasped, immediately throwing herself at my side.

I inwardly cringed. Though I had no preference towards Mike, I still felt horrible for Bella.

Arthur studied her. "Did you know them?" he asked, removing his glasses and wiping them off with the hem of his shirt.

Bella didn't provide him an answer so he continued.

"That's why I'm heading back home-there's something not right when a small town gets a multiple homicide like that. Bone-chilling actually." He shook his head and turned to head back to his van. "Someone would have to be a monster to conceive a crime in that magnitude. Three children..." he sighed. "Nice meeting you."

We all looked at each other when he said monster Bella shook her head at me.

Arthur Dean picked his way through the snow and threw the empty can into the back of the "boot". He climbed into his van and chugged away, moving slowly down the hidden road.

I spun around and caught Bella by the elbow, restraining her.

"Lemme go," she growled at me, struggling wildling against my steel grip. "Charlie is back there-I can't leave him. It's too dangerous!"

I reeled her back into my arms. "That's right, it is too dangerous, that's why we can't go back."

She continued to fight against me. The blood had dried in a smear on her face where she had attempted to wipe it away. I felt horrible about it-I've given her a concussion, stitches, a broken wrist, and a bloody nose all in the matter of two days.. Maybe I should make her sit up front with Carlisle.

"Bella!" I continued, shooting Carlisle a pleading look for help. "Charlie is in La Push-he'll be fine! I promise!"

As Bella tried to twist out of my arm, still not listening, she suddenly elbowed me in the stomach and searing pain tore through my torso. I gasped and doubled over, releasing my hold and falling to hands and knees.

Bella didn't run. She stood there with her hands over her mouth and a terrified expression on her face. Carlisle, who had been watching the exchange silently, dropped to his knees. "Edward, what happened? Where does it hurt?" What are we going to do with you? His hands quickly made an assessment. I don't understand!

I shook my head and managed a weak laugh. "I...guess we're...even, Bella."

Bella let out a dry sob and fell down next to Carlisle. "I'm so sorry, Edward. I wasn't thinking...I never knew I could hurt you." She threw her arms around me and buried her face in the back of my neck.

"Well, now you know," I grimaced as the feeling began to pass.

The jeep suddenly rumbled to life and Emmett appeared in me peripheral vision. "What are guys doing out here? What's wrong with you, Edward?"

"Just checking out the snow..." I answered flatly.

"Well, Addy's awake-"

As I sat up, Addy appeared from around the van, looking as though she had just fallen off a cliff and gotten ran over by a semi. She watched me with her dead eyes, her arms hanging loosely at her sides. Deep, dark rings shadowed her dark eyes and red-brown blood crusted the hollow of her neck and stained the front of her shirt. Her face was bone white. Even the curls of her hair seemed to droop. "I'm feeling better now." She said, looking at each of us in turn.

Not even Carlisle had something to say to that.

"Where are we going?" she asked, her nostrils flaring slightly as she watched me struggle to my feet. Her eyes then flitted to Bella and she studied the blood on her face.

I pressed a hand to my chest as though I could push back the irritating pain throbbing around my still heart. Carlisle laid a hand on my back and Bella clutched my arm for fear of me falling again.

"Are you going to be all right?" my father asked gently. I nodded slowly, still massaging my chest.

"You better look at Bella's hand," I said quietly, trying to avert the attention from me.

Bella shook her head at him, glaring fearfully. "I barely feel it now. I've had worse."

Carlisle didn't listen to her. Tenderly, he pulled her to him and quickly examined the swollen wrist. He patted her back soothingly. "Your right about the break Edward...you must have hit him hard, Bella."

Bella stuck her bottom lip.

I chuckled to myself and leaned against Emmett's jeep.

Without waiting for any other pretense, Carlisle lifted her into the front seat, saying: "You might not want to sit back there."

Carlisle turned to me and opened his mouth to speak than froze in that ridiculous position, staring.

"What?" I turned around but saw nothing out of the norm. I turned back. "What is it?"

"Edward..." Carlisle seemed to be struggling for the right words. "Edward, your left eye...it's green."

I reached automatically to my face. "Your lying," I accused stubbornly, my breathing quickened. Before Carlisle had time to respond, that pain returned.

"Ahhh..." I doubled over again, pain suddenly searing through my mind.

"What is it?" Carlisle asked loudly, "What is it?"

"My head!" I gasped. But it wasn't my head. It was much deeper than any normal headache. It was as if some invisible force was attacking my whole mind and being, creating an agony beyond pain.

Carlisle said something else but I didn't hear him. I was silent, still doubled over, breathing erratically and staring unseeing at the white-gray snow. I didn't understand.