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Runaway Groom

The invitations were sent. The location was booked. Everything was in place for the joining of Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen in holy matrimony... but when Bella woke up the day of, all that was left was a note: Bella, I love you. I won't say that it will be as if I never existed, for I know that I cannot make you forget something. I will not tell you to try to love again. I would greatly encourage you to live your life well, and that is why I am gone. You'll be safer without me. Please Bella, never blame yourself. You are, were, and will be all that I ever wanted in my existance. Forgive me. -Edward Be safe. Now, Belle's friend is getting married, her other friend is throwing a halloween masquerade, and maybe, just maybe with all these chances, Belle can find love again.


2. Blue

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“It would look so good on you!” Allie was holding up a chartreuse cashmere sweater with wooden buttons.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Allie was a lot like another being I used to know. Even their names are similar. I have a limit now… forty bucks a month on clothes.

“And it’s only $18.95! Too bad I don’t look good in chartreuse,” Allie looked at the sweater longingly. She was acting of course. She looked good in everything, she just didn’t like to wear certain things. “Buy it. Oh look at this blue scarf!” It was a pretty, but I looked at her with my eyebrows up. “Oh, right, blue. You don’t like blue. How can someone not like blue?” Allie headed toward the cash register with her new J. Crew wardrobe, discarding the scarf onto the nearest table. I looked at the scarf. It was midnight blue and had faded light blue paisleys. I haven’t liked blue since he left. I know it’s silly, but it’s part of me now. Now I just sincerely don’t like the color. But who cares anyway?

I bought the sweater and Allie and I headed to Sephora.


“A small peppermint mocha.”

“$3.75.” I handed the cashier the money, grabbed my drink and sat down across from Allie in the Dean and Deluca café. We were silent for a bit.


“What?” I said.

“Bell, your engagement!?!”

“Oh yeah… that,” I had almost forgotten that that was why were here. I told her. Somehow Allie can always get the story out of me. Maybe because she always acts like she will be understanding, but she’ll criticize me a little if I was being terrible. I don’t know, I guess that’s why we’re friends. The story is… I met him. We were going to get married, and then the next day I would be changed. We were going to live all happily together, but you know he watched me all night and then he wrote a note. Left it next to my bed… and I woke up and haven’t seen him since. I know, sad right? I mean the guy can’t even tell me good-bye to my face! Although, he did once and I didn’t really handle that so well either…

I told Allie everything. She knows about vampires too. Apparently, she was prey, but a doctor found her and fixed her up. She has a cold scar, but it’s on her neck… eek! I have a little hunch that Carlisle saved her. He was probably in Indiana (that’s where she’s from) at the time. It all happened a year before I met Edward. In college, she wrote this very realistic story about a girl who starts living with vampires… and so I very subtly asked her about it… and we figured out that we both knew about them. Meg doesn’t. So, we have to be careful when we talk about our past. It’s all very different from who I am now.

“What was his name?” she asked after a short pause after I was done.

“Whose?” Of course I knew whose, who else’s could she be wanting to know?!?!

“’Him.’ You know, your fiancée!” She said him with quotes in the air. I hadn’t even realized that I hadn’t been saying his name.

“Edw---“ I started, but something caught my attention. The teenager to our right was staring at me. Well, who wouldn’t be, afterall, I only just talked out my thirsting for blood ex for thirty minutes.

“What? Bell, come on!” I widened my eyes and motioned towards the girl to our right. She had somewhat short brown blonde hair, she was very pale, and was eerily beautiful. Holy crap! I just figured it out! Pale? Strange? Beautiful?!?!

I think I just described a vampire!!!!