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Runaway Groom

The invitations were sent. The location was booked. Everything was in place for the joining of Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen in holy matrimony... but when Bella woke up the day of, all that was left was a note: Bella, I love you. I won't say that it will be as if I never existed, for I know that I cannot make you forget something. I will not tell you to try to love again. I would greatly encourage you to live your life well, and that is why I am gone. You'll be safer without me. Please Bella, never blame yourself. You are, were, and will be all that I ever wanted in my existance. Forgive me. -Edward Be safe. Now, Belle's friend is getting married, her other friend is throwing a halloween masquerade, and maybe, just maybe with all these chances, Belle can find love again.


4. Jenna

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I can't believe that all these damn vampires just keep on coming back into my life. I mean, yes, I do teach a mythology course, so that's sort of asking for the topic to come up... but really? Do they have to keep on showing up in my now semi-normal life?

So back to the vamp tramp. As I said, there was Allie in Dean & Deluca, and myself about to say that stupidly sexy--sexy? I mean jerkish!--name. And then I noticed that girl. That stupid sexy--here I actually mean it-- solid rock girl. I turned to her,

"Er... hi. Did you hear... er... that?" She looked at me with light topaz eyes, almost corpselike in their glazed stare.

"Yes." That was it. That's all she said. But the word sent tingles down my spine--that magically enhanced voice.

"Well. I'm assuming you're... um... a, well, you know what," I said. I was trying to keep this from being awkward. But it's not like one has much experience in telling someone that they (a human, mortal, lowly insignificant ant) know about them (strong, beautiful, godly creatures).

"Yes," she replied. I was silently screaming. Was this girl somewhat retarded? Did mental disability go with a person when they transformed? But, thank God, she continued, "I am. I'm Jenna, Jenna Hull."

"Belle Alstead," I replied. I paused for a moment before remembering my manners. I stuck out my hand, she shook it. Her hand was ice cold. She must have felt me shiver, because she took her hand back and said,

"Good to meet you." I forget exactly how it happened but as the small talk turned into conversation, I asked her how old she was.

"Sixteen, I guess. But really I'm about thirty. But since I haven't aged, I still sort of think like I'm a teenager. I love it. I never have to grow up!" Bitch. I almost slapped her. Couldn't she see that both Allie and I were obviously not teenagers? And didn't she know that we were getting older every second that we were obviously wasting with Miss Neverland?

"How nice. So when were you changed?" I regretted saying this as soon as the words were out of my mouth. Her face darkened in moments. She was suddenly severly morose.

"Well, fourteen years ago. But its a bit of a tragic story." I would bet. It's not usually by choice that someone gets changed into a vampire. Of course, when you wanna be changed, the vampires just ditch you. What is wrong with the supernatural world? "I was changed by a guy who's car crashed into mine."

That's not a story you hear everyday. Of course, I'm not really sure of any changing stories besides those of Carlisle. Dr. Carlisle Cullen, I should say. It's not like we have a friendly relationship. I haven't seen the guy in fourteen years.

"The guy was speeding, and so he just slammed my truck to bits. And I must say, that truck was pretty fierce. It was just like old metal. You know? The type that makes it out of freak car crashes. But not this one," Jenna laughed a little, "no, this one was pretty bad. When the car hit mine, the metal just crunched up. Part of it crunched into me. But that wasn't the bad part. No, the bad part was when I was thrown into the front dashboard when the car set on fire. I mean, my entire face was either cut up or burned. But at somepoint, the driver of the car realized that I was dying, so he saved me. You see, his clan kinda thinks that way. The whole saving the dying through taking their soul." She laughed again, at this almost sinister idea.

At this point you may be seeing similarities. I, however, had not seen them... until she said,

"but I mean, that crash was pretty much the best part of my life. Cause the driver. He and I, well, we've been together ever since." How sweet. "The only bad part was that I lost my truck. It was a 1953 Chevy truck, too, you know. My dad had just bought it for me. My mom hated it, but you know. It was too cool to pass up. Uh, Belle? Are you um okay?"

"Sorry. I just--I have to go to the bathroom." I got up. The seat screeched across the tiles as I slid my chair back. I bolted toward the bathroom. I was gonna be sick.

I couldn't deal with this. Not now, not ever. Things were good. Normal. Empty, but good. I couldn't deal with the hope again. Or even the despair. He was mine, he had left. Now he was gone. He was not allowed to come back. He COULD NOT COME BACK. It was impossible. It was cruel. He, the one that I loved so much, he was the cruelest being I had ever known. I had told myself long ago, that I would never let him hold my heart again. It was finally taped up, and he couldn't have it. But here I was, in the bathroom at Borders, and I could almost hear the tape being torn off. The pieces both healing from him being brought up, and ripping apart from being put into this vulnerable place once again.

Stop it, Bella. No, I mean, Belle. I'm Belle now. He took Bella with him when he left fourteen years ago. Yet, if he was going to come back, would Bella be back as well? I forced myself to admit the truth.

Jenna Hull was a vampire. Jenna Hull was pale. Jenna Hull had brown wavy hair and chocolate eyes. Jenna Hull looked good in blue. Jenna Hull drove a 1953 Chevy Truck fourteen years ago.

I'd bet that Jenna Hull was in Forks, Washington too.

Now she was with Ed---him. My him. The him that I should have been with. The truth flooded in to my blood, drowning me with realization---

---Jenna Hull was Bella Swan, if Bella Swan's dreams had come true.