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Bite Me

I didn't know. I couldn't have known. This vampire stuff was so much harder than it looked... Meet Elena, a newborn teenage vampire. Turned by her nonvegetarian boyfriend and now in full rebellion against all things vampire. But it's hard to go against the pure instinct that drives her. Now she's seeking out the biggest coven of vampires known to follow an 'alternative' life style. The Cullens.


1. Farewell to Peter

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Which is worse? The wolf who cries before eating the lamb or the wolf who does not? ~Leo Tolstoy

"Hell's bells!!" I snarled viciously, glaring at the hand shaped indent on the metal of my locker. I smacked it again, and the weak steel groaned in protest. I held the shattered bit of plastic in my other hand, trying to reaffix it to the locker so I could turn the thing and get my homework.
I drew back my fist and slammed it into the locker, punching a hole through it, I peeled back the metal and retrieved my binder, stuffing it in my bag. The movement was so quick and precise, there was little sound from the breaking steal. I growled under my breath, ignoring the terrified face of a tiny freshman as he ran down the hallway. The inexplicable fury was so strong I was shaking from it.

"Hey, Elle!! What's…what happened to your locker?" Sarah stared blankly at the mess of scrap metal I had made of the locker.

"Nothing happened to the goddamn locker." I snapped, gnashing my teeth.

"You shouldn't swear like that." Sarah muttered, watching me and holding her books tight to her chest. Her face was full of fear and shock. I glared at her, hoping against hope she would stop inquiring about the bright vibrant red of my irises.

"I've told you a million times that they're contact lenses. Contact lenses." She was silent for a moment, then reached into her bag and pulled something out. I spoke quickly, before she could ask.
"And no, I don't want a granola bar!! Leave me alone." I roared, ignoring the looks of surprise cast in my direction as I slung my bag over my shoulder and turned on her. They were getting harder to disregard by the moment. If anyone gave me that look again, I'd kill them. I'd rip them into tiny pieces and…I took a deep yoga breath and closed my eyes. No. I wouldn't do any of those things. I stalked down the hallway, forcing my anger into my walk. She followed hastily, struggling to keep up with my long stride. It was too long, too fluid, to pass for human.

"Look," She was getting angry with me now. "I think they're might be something wrong here. Maybe you should see a doctor."

"I don't need a doctor, I need an exorcist. Or somebody who specializes in my disease." I giggled, my voice on the edge of mania. Her face grew even paler at my mention of the word exorcist.

"Don't talk like that. Look maybe it's a circulation problem, because you've stopped eating. It could be anything, Elena. We should talk to the school nurse-" We'd ventured down a darker hallway without her noticing, one of those the school no longer had any need of. It was empty and the florescent lights flickered dully, strewn with moths and dead bugs that slowly rotted away in their light-filled, glass prison. I rounded on her, my movements so lightening fast she never saw a thing.

Her sharp intake of breath was almost a scream as I held her with one hand, feet dangling above the tiling. She kicked helplessly, her eyes full of fear. Her heart hummed along at a rodents pace, pounding with terror. My eyelids fluttered and I inhaled, shaking my head and trying to clear it of that marvelous smell. Her skin was so warm and her blood pulsed through her carotid artery with a calming, steady cadence. It would make such a pretty stain against my skin- I snarled and clenched my teeth. I was not like this!! This wasn't me!!

I peered at her out of the corner of my crimson eyes, trying to reason with myself. To obvious a kill, the Volutiri would destroy me. Plus, she was little, not enough to keep me going. Not that I needed anymore blood in my system.

"The nurse?" I laughed, enjoying her look of terror and hating myself for it. "It's not a problem that requires the aid of the nurse. Put your hand…" I picked up her frail palm and pressed it to my chest. "There. What do you feel?"

"I feel…" Her face blanched white with horror. Her lips formed the small 'O' of shock. "N-nothing."

I opened my mouth and showed my fangs. She would have screamed if I hadn't cut her airway off with a slight squeeze of my thumb. Her eyes rolled upwards into her skull and she fainted. I dropped her in disgust. Peter had told me about this, a hunger for people's blood. Vampire, he told me. If only I'd believed him. I sighed as I sprang lithely up the flights of stairs and dashed down the hallway without a backward glance at the surprised teacher who I left in my wake, standing stupidly and wondering exactly what had brushed past her.

I was out the front door of the school in a second and at the car in another. Peter looked up at me with lazy red eyes, setting down his pencil and rolling down the window for me. His alabaster skin was stretched tight over his angular, inhumanly beautiful face.

"You have my attention, sweetheart." He drawled, his voice a melody all its own.

"Don't call me that!!" I raged, glaring at him. I wanted to rip him apart and wrench every agonized scream from his lungs! He leaned back and grinned at me, perfect lips spread wide in a smile. He looked me up and down and his smile stretched wider.

"It can't be reversed, you know. Is she dead?"

"No, she's not." I snarled, pacing up and down beside the car and clutching my skull. I could hear the basketball team practicing through a three-foot solid brick wall of the gymnasium. The noises and distractions would drive me mad. Bounce, bounce, bounce. The sounds of a ball against wood thrummed with a heartbeat.

"Elle, you are remarkable for a Newborn. No new kills?" He asked, reaching out to tickle my chin with his white fingers. I shrugged away from his touch, shaking my head. His 'gift' as a vampire was the ability to be able to relive, or somehow see, what you'd done simply by touching you. I didn't want to see my parents again….the blood splattered kitchen…the screaming. I fell to my knees and moaned, tearing at my hair. I didn't want to see those things.

"Where can I go? What can stop this?" I whimpered, glaring at my sandaled feet.

"There is nothing-" I wrenched the car door off it's hinges and threw it behind me, listening to it smash against the tarmac. I wrenched him out of the car with my other hand and slammed him back against it, my face inches from his.

"You useless excuse for a.." I trailed off, unable to find the right word. He laughed at me, beautiful face turned to a horrible Halloween mask by his malice.

"A human being? We're more then that, Elena. We're gods."

"No, we're not! Tell me!! We don't have to live off human blood!! I'm young but I know it!!" I snarled, my teeth inches from his throat. "Tell me or I'll kill you."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Try me."

"Elena, Elena, Elena love." He purred, his silken voice soft this close to my ear. "You don't like to kill. Not even me."

"I'm stronger than you. You killed my parents." I threatened, glaring at him. He laughed and set his bone white hand in my hair. I jumped at the touch and my fangs shut less then an inch from his throat and he stopped. He slowly released me and set his hand back on the roof of the car in a nonthreatening position.

"We. Not me, we both killed."

"Tell me where I can go. Not the Volturi. Where they don't suck blood." It was an idiots request. All vampires sucked blood, but there had to be a humane way of doing this, there just had to be.

"There are covens-" He began, lips twisting in an unsatisfied snarl. He didn't want me to leave him.

"Where?" I slammed him back against the car as incentive that he tell the truth.

"Alaska. Washington." He replied, cool and calm. "They'll kill you if you get near, trust me."

"Where in Washington?"

"I don't know." He groaned obnoxiously struggling to push me off. I slammed him back against the car and something cracked, making him gasp. "Near Seattle. Begins with an F. Fork, or something." He struggled to get the words out, gaping like a fish. I had hurt him.

"Where?!" I roared.

"Forks!" He gasped, "Their in Forks!"

"Thanks, Peter." I snarled, the smirk beginning to spread on my face. Then I grabbed him and threw him like rag doll. He smacked against the pavement with a sound like a giant boulder being thrown. Then I hooked my fingers under the bumper of his Mercedes and heaved it over on it's side. "It's been fun."

He wasn't even on his feet by the time I drove past, my foot like lead on the accelerator. Some things required the use of superhuman speed, this was one of them. I whipped out my cell phone and tried to get directions to the nearest airport. In my haste I snapped the flimsy piece of machinery in half. I roared and tossed the useless thing into the back seat, trying to rein in control of my strength. I wondered illogically if my steering wheel had always had these little grooves for my fingers or if it was a result of my rogue strength. The common sense thought helped slow everything down to a more manageable level. I'd just have to drive to the nearest airport I knew of. I could handle this. It wasn't the end of the world. It was a two hour drive to the airport, I think I made it their in a record forty-five minutes.

I left my mothers Ford Escort in the long term parking lot and ran. I chatted up a nice woman named Natalie Shwartz, bound for Seattle on a business trip. It took me about a half an hour to convince her I was trustworthy. It took less then that to suck her dry, hide the body and steal her boarding pass. I waited until I was safely air born to mourn the horrible creature that I was.