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...The Death

Should i do it....should i jump?What life is there for me, what love, no, no life....only death. Esme's life is over, or so she thinks. When she jumps off the cliff a whole new life begins for her, a whole new life she would never have imagined possible.


2. Making Plans

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When I first opened my eyes all I could feel was the pain, like fire burning in my entire body. This had to be worse than any broken bone. What was happening to me?

I heard loud piercing screams and realized that they were my own. I could not control myself. My entire body shook with pain and screams.

I soon lost track of time, but later I found out that it was three days, three entire days that my body burned like it was on fire. When the last flames finally died out, I opened my eyes, it was like a dream. Everything was incredibly clear and I felt amazing. Yet, something felt strange.

I grabbed my chest and was shocked to feel… well…I felt nothing. The familiar beating of my heart was gone! Was I dead?

I heard a light chuckle from behind me and I quickly (very quickly, much to my amazement) turned around. Standing there was Edward Cullen! As beautiful as ever with his pale skin, bronze hair, and crooked, godlike smile.

How do you feel?

But that wasn’t Edward, I looked to his right and standing there was Dr. Cullen!

Fine….what happened?

I asked and was shocked to hear that my voice was…well…beautiful!

We have some explaining to do.

Edwards POV

I watched quietly as Carlisle told Esme about vampires. It was slightly amusing how every once and awhile her jaw would drop. She was quite pretty as a vampire.

So, I know that is a lot to take in but I have one final question.

said Carlisle in his most calm voice.

Would you like to stay with us…or…or go off on your own?

I watched very closely as Carlisle said this. His face seemed to fall as he said the last part. Esme thought for less than a minute.


She said quietly. Carlisle’s face immediately lightened up.

Carlisle ’s POV

She wanted to stay! I could almost hug her right then. As a vampire she really was gorgeous. Her butterscotch hair fell in loose curls down her slender shoulders and she had the most beautiful curves. Being with her I felt something I had never before felt with a woman……love.

Esme’s POV

It was so hard to believe. Me….a vampire....forever! Well as long as the two gorgeous male vampires were part of the bargain I was all for it! Edward left a moment to give us some time alone.

So, we can’t stay here any longer now that they think you are dead, so where should we like to go next?

Ah, the WE part sounded so good! I finally belonged somewhere.

I listened intently as Carlisle explained to me some places that we could go next. We finally decided on a place in Canada where the sun wouldn’t bother us. After we had made all the necessary arrangements, we just sat on the couch thinking. After a while Carlisle (very hesitantly) put his arm around my shoulder. He seemed to stop for a moment to see if I was comfortable with him. When I made no sign to stop him he put his arm close and held me tight. It was amazing the way I felt just then. I’m sure that if I still had a heart it would have skipped a beat. He looked into my eyes and warmth seeped through my entire frozen body. I smiled and we leaned closer till finally our lips met. That kiss was more than a kiss of love, it was a kiss that foretold our entire future…as vampires.