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...The Death

Should i do it....should i jump?What life is there for me, what love, no, no life....only death. Esme's life is over, or so she thinks. When she jumps off the cliff a whole new life begins for her, a whole new life she would never have imagined possible.


3. A Pair of Love Birds

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As we ran to Canada I got to explore the benefits of being a vampire. I could run at super-human speed and not even have to look where I was going my senses were so strong. Vampire sight was like looking at a picture, everything was incredibly clear, it was almost unrealistic and it took me some time to get used to.

A few miles south of the border between America and Canada, an overpowering smell filled my nostrils. It was sweeter than candy and I had to get it, no matter the costs. I steered towards the smell and took off but Edward was faster than me, he always was and still is, even though I had just been changed. He fastened his arms in a death tight grip around my waist. In a minute or so Carlisle caught up and released me from Edwards strong grasp, pulling me instead, into his own arms where he whispered words of love into my ear and caressed me gently.

“That will soon go away,” he said softly, “in time you will learn to ignore the smell of humans, don’t worry, it happened to Edward and me as well. Just take your time and remain patient.”

When the smell disappeared I finally loosened my tense muscles and Carlisle released me. I looked up into his eyes and beneath their topaz waves I saw to my satisfaction and embarrassment, a little love but above all proudness, like I was a child who had just got over the temptation of a candy bar that was not mine.

“Thankyou,” I whispered, happy that he understood me, “where’s Edward?”

“He went hunting; I think he wanted to leave us alone.”

“To do what?” I asked, as a smile formed on my lips. Carlisle’s eyes were sparkling and he looked like an eager child.

“Oh, whatever you want.”

“Oh you know what I want,” I said playfully and then as I gently pushed him to the floor, he attached his lips to mine in a unbreakable kiss. He then wrapped his arms around me and suddenly he was above me with a mischievous look on his face. As he began to kiss me across my throat I began to unbutton his shirt and seeing his stone, white and muscular chest I gave a slight gasp. As Carlisle grew impatient he tore off his shirt, ripping off the rest of the buttons.

“Aww, that’s going to take some time to sew back on,” I said, pushing out my bottom lip.

Carlisle stopped kissing me for a moment to mutter, “Damn the shirt.” And then he started all over again, working his way to my chest where he gently slid my dress over my head and unclasped my modern corset. I am sure that if I was still human I would be blushing madly as Carlisle stared at my newly exposed skin. He then pushed his body against mine and I shivered a bit at the feel of it. I had never felt this good. My late husband never really loved me and was very awkward and clumsy when we made love. He was nothing like Carlisle, Carlisle was forceful yet gentle, wild yet in control, I had never loved anyone, not even my family, as much as I loved him. He was my god..

Suddenly, he broke away from me and looked up to see Edward, with his lips covered in blood. Edward was looking at us with a look of disgust on his face, teenage boys I thought.

“Edward, go away, we’ll meet you in Canada,” said Carlisle in a forceful and fatherly tone.

“I’d be glad to, you two love birds enjoy!” he said sarcastically, and then took of into the trees.