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...The Death

Should i do it....should i jump?What life is there for me, what love, no, no life....only death. Esme's life is over, or so she thinks. When she jumps off the cliff a whole new life begins for her, a whole new life she would never have imagined possible.


5. More than Love

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Experimenting is fun. I thought, Carlisle and I lay side by side in bed, both completely nude. With my first husband, we always thought about making love as mandatory for a husband and wife to do. With Carlisle it was completely different, each step of the way he stopped and asked me in his most gentle tone, “Is this ok?” Of course in moments like this I was too pleased, or preoccupied, to speak so I only nodded my head and we moved on, exploring new joys either of us had never thought possible. We were in love.

Breaking my thoughts, and memories, I see Carlisle back from his hunting trip, kneeling on the floor in front of me, a small black box is in his hand.

“Esme,” he says, opening the box, “you are the love of my life, will you marry me?” I look into the box and I feel a lump form in my throat. Inside is a beautiful diamond ring, not too big but not small. There were 5 diamond shaped ones all gathered around a circle, forming a flower. It was beautiful, elegant, and simple all that I had ever dreamed of was right before me, a house, a marriage, a son, and a adoring husband. Yes I would be quiet content.

“Yes Carlisle, I will gladly marry you.”

He then swung me up in his arms and the experimenting began all over again. My tongue entered his mouth and I drowned myself in the pleasures of him. He was intoxicating. As I began unbuttoning his shirt he whipped off his pants and my dress in an instant, then he was above me drowning me with the words, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” He began kissing my cheeks, then my neck, then my breasts, then he made his way down farther and farther, with each kiss he grew more hasty and frantic, then he stopped. A look of amazement filled his eyes for now, I was above him. I kissed his forhead, his ears, his lips and snuggled my head into his chest, breating in the scent of him.

We were not in love any more. We were love. The both of us together were like an unbreakable bond. Such passion that I had never heard of. Our love was like a bird. He was the wings and I was the body, if these two vital members were separated, the beast would not be called a bird any more. Such, was our love.

“Carlisle,” I whispered

“Yes my dear,”

“Should we not wait till marriage?”

“If you wish to”

“Yes, I think it is right. I mean, we only have forever.”

The word forever and we sounded so good. We then got up and changed clothes. He drove me into town and we began our search for the perfect wedding dress.