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...The Death

Should i do it....should i jump?What life is there for me, what love, no, no life....only death. Esme's life is over, or so she thinks. When she jumps off the cliff a whole new life begins for her, a whole new life she would never have imagined possible.


6. The Perfect Dress

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I was surprised how few wedding dress stores there was in Canada. We drove everywhere and even though I was a vampire I still got bored of trying on dress after dress. None of them seemed to look right even though each woman who helped me said I looked beautiful in them all. I just didn’t feel right.

At one place called Bella’s Bridal Gowns, we chose the tuxedo for Carlisle and Edward, Carlisle’s was black of course and Edward chose a deep blue as the Man of Honor. The color made him look even more godlike but I couldn’t keep my eye’s off of my dear sweet Carlisle. We left the store with only a slip of paper which was when we were to pick up the suits and drove on in pursuit of my gown.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a little store that seemed to say something bridal gowns.

“Carlisle, we just passed one,” I said, my eyes looking back at the store quickly disappearing.

“I now but it seemed small, it doesn’t even seem open.”

“Please Carlisle.”

“Fine,” and he turned around but I could see he was just waiting for the chance to say, “Told you so.”

He parked the car and hopped out, offering his hand as I gracefully climbed out of the car. Then we walked up to the entrance and he peered through the door window.

“Carlisle, it says it’s open.” I said, motioning towards the OPEN sign that was hung in the big window.

“I see that, just seeing if anyone is in there.” And then he pushed open the front door and we entered a very crowded and musty room. There were boxes stacked ceiling high so that you could only see the light pink paint in the few gaps. On one wall there was a rack of beautiful dresses in different shades of white and pastels, on another wall there was rolls of cloth of the same shades as the dresses, and on the remaining wall were the boxes. In a scrawly hand the boxes were labeled and I managed to read them as the names of very fancy and expensive shoe brands. A woman of about 40 years was behind a desk and reading a newspaper. She had jet black hair and olive skin. Her eyes were jet black and the kind that seem to pierce the soul. She glanced up when we came in and exclaimed in a very high and jolly voice,

“Good evening! Welcome to Rosalie’s Bridal Gowns. I am Anna, how can I be of service? A wedding dress let me guess, ha ha ha!” After she was done laughing at her own joke which wasn’t even funny Carlisle stepped forward, introduced us and explained our business which was of course, buying a wedding dress. Anna then turned to me and studied me up and down, staring for a long time into my topaz eyes. It seemed that with her glance she could see deep into my soul and despite the warm temperature inside the shop I shivered. Carlisle gently touched my back and rubbed reassuring circles there that calmed me once again. Muttering something to herself that I heard as,

“Perfect, I have just what you need,” she got up and rummaged through the dress rack and finally pulled out one. I gasped, for it was exactly as I pictured my perfect dress looking like. It was an ivory, almost white, the collar was lace and stood a little more than an inch high. Silk bows were sown on either side and on the bottom of the sleeves that when put on, would reach just below the elbow which is common for the style.

The bustle was made my layered fabric and the neckline was low and square. It was embroidered with gold and looked fit for a queen

“Its, perfect,” I just managed to say as Carlisle chuckled behind me. Anna then led me to a fitting room where I was even more surprised to see that it fit exactly. I walked out of the fitting room after I managed to secure all the small buttons running down the back. Carlisle looked at me and his eyes warmed. He smiled and said,

“We’ll get it.”

It was a reasonable amount because the cloth was taffeta and silk so I didn’t imagine it to be any less. We walked away smiling as Anna counted the bills in her hands, her smile stretching from ear to ear.

“Thank you Carlisle, I really love it.”

“What you love I love,” he said, “and you looked exquisite in it.”


“Yeah and I can’t wait to see it,” Edward muttered sarcastically, he had stayed in the car when we went in this last store. We then began the long ride home with Carlisle pushing the car faster than it should have gone but we were all happy. It seemed that my insides bubbled with love and joy.

I smiled as it all finally sunk in. I’m getting married to the man of my dreams.