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Looking in His Eyes

This is the last night Edward and Bella are together before Edward leaves. In Bella's view.


1. Chapter 1

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I lay in bed, tears endlessly rolling down my cheeks. Suddenly I feel a cold breath on my neck and I am swung up into Edward’s strong arms.

Be happy. He says though I can still detect the anger in his voice.

My heart aches.

Does he not want us to be? I don’t understand. Just hours ago we we’re laughing and everything was fine. Then I got a stupid, stupid paper cut! Why did I have to be so very clumsy!?!

It wasn’t your fault.

He whispers, his voice smooth like velvet, barely any traces of the anger he recently felt. I look into his eyes, small pools of gold boring deep into me. I look away. He is hurt from my reaction, I can tell. He lets me go, puts me back on my bed and tucks me in. My arm throbs with pain. Sudden flashbacks of memory come. Once again I see six ravenous vampires staring at my blood, here Edward shout "NO!", and hear the loud bang that is caused as Edward and Jasper crash into each other. Suddenly I am very angry, but not with Edward, Jasper, Alice, or Rosalie. I am angry with myself! I did not deserve the happiness of a family who loved me and a boyfriend/vampire who would die for me. I, a boring girl did not deserve such love. Even if I had, I had just thrown it all away by being so clumsy.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and suddenly all of my worries were gone.

He loves me.

There is nothing that you can do to stop love. I looked into his eyes once more. He smiled and my heart skipped a beat. After all I had done, he still loves me.

Go to sleep.

He purred and then started humming my lullaby. The sound seeped through me like water and erased all my thoughts except for this one.

He loves me.

And I love him back.

My eyes feel heavy and begin to close. No! I don’t want to sleep. I force them back open to look at him, staring at me. Beneath his shirt I can see the smooth lines of his chest. I look up to his face, the picture of ease, and I want to touch him. To reach out my arm and trace the smooth lines of his nose, cheekbones, ad lips. I reach out my hand but am stopped by a burning pain in my arm. He realizes my intentions so he gently takes my hand and puts it to his lips.

My eyes are so heavy. They close and I start to drown into the blackness of sleep. I wrestle them open to look at him, smiling my favorite crooked smile.

Go to sleep.

He says again, this time more urgent.

Will you be here in the morning?

I ask, immediately I regret it, seeing his face suddenly drop. I smile and he again lights up. My eyes start to droop again but this time I let them fall. Warmth sleeps through me and I know everything will be alright.

Edward, I love you!

I manage to say before my eyes fall closed and I drown into the blackness of sleep.