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A Dream-Like Surprise

Please tell me this isn't all just a dream.

Written for the No Dialogue challenge, February 14, 2007.

1. A Dream-Like Surprise

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As the intense sun blinded me, I blinked repeatedly. I hadn't any idea as to where I was. Surely I wasn't back in Phoenix, no, I wasn't in Phoenix… I was in our meadow. I looked all around and took in the familiar site. It was truly beautiful here. I closed my eyes and lay down on the soft earth and basked in the warmth of the sun. I was curious as to where Edward was but I knew he would, as always, turn up eventually.

I heard a slight rustle in the bushes and looked up to see him walk slowly into our meadow. He must have made the noise for my benefit so that I would not be startled, but all the same, my breath caught in my throat at the site he truly was. I didn't know if I would ever become use to him. He slowly walked over to me, smiling that gorgeous crooked smile of his. My heart just wanted to stop every time I saw that smile. He lay down beside me and in response; I shifted my position so that my head and arm were lying on his chest.

As was our custom, we lay there some time, in the warm, inviting sun. After what seemed like an eternity, Edward seemed to move slightly as if he wanted something. I looked up at him wondering what it was. He caught my chin and kissed me.

This was one of those kisses I always dreamed of. It was one of those kisses where he didn't hold back in the least but let all his emotions pour into me. As the kiss lasted longer and longer, the strength in which the kisses grew astounded me. He kissed me hungrily as if making up for lost time, and I in return, kissed him back in the same manor. I slowly began to entwine my fingers in his hair. I went slowly so as hoping that I would not startle him and cause him to back away. But when he didn't even flinch, I tightened my grip and let go of every ounce of restraint.

For how long we kissed I don't know; all I do know is that Edward had seemed completely different. It was as if he didn't care about what he was, all he did care about was the love he had for me and that he wanted to show just how much that love truly was. When Edward finally stopped and leaned back to just look at me, he smiled. But it wasn't his smile that made me stare; it was the fact that his eyes were green. How had I not noticed that before?

Something was wrong; something was not right with this place. Just then I heard what appeared to be a car horn beeping at exact intervals in the distance. It was growing closer and as it did, Edwards smile slowly diminished to a look of sadness. As I began to contemplate why he was looking so, the car horn was now blaringly loud and nearly deafening me. I woke with a start.

I slammed my hand down on the alarm clock in frustration. It wasn't actually real; it was but a dream.

Tears began to weal in my eyes. How could I have fallen for it? I should have known Edward would never have kissed me like that unless he was one hundred percent sure that I wouldn't be hurt. As the dream replayed itself in my mind, I began to think of just how nice it would have been if Edward had treated me like that.

I rolled over onto my stomach and let the tears fall like a cascading waterfall. I cried for nearly 10 minutes when Charlie, finally sensing something was wrong, more so than usual, came up the stairs and knocked softly on my door. He entered without waiting for a response and sat down on my bed and began to rub my back comfortingly. He knew what was making me cry, what the dream must have been about.

After a few minutes when he knew he wasn't helping and that I'd rather be left alone, he left and headed downstairs to finish getting ready for work. I heard when he finally left and heard the cruiser pull out of the drive. I was still crying.

I felt the warmth of the sun as it burst from the clouds as if trying to console me, but all it did was to bring the memories of the meadow back in full force. I cried harder and harder until I heard a small almost inaudible noise come from the direction of the window. I stopped crying to listen to the sound but it didn't come again. A gently breeze blew threw the window and I realized that it must have come open… but I had firmly shut it last night. It puzzled me but I didn't have the strength at that moment to get up and shut it. I felt how wet I had made the pillow since my face was pressed firmly against it. I lifted my head slightly when the wind blew through my room and with the help of the sun made a very nice comforting combination. The moment my head had left the pillow, I smelt something I hadn't smelt for months.


My head shot up and looked in the direction of the window. I saw him crouching on the windowsill, glistening like diamonds as the sun hit him. I couldn't believe he was here. How could he be here? Maybe my mind had finally lost it and I was imagining it. But all the same, I got up and rushed to him. He gracefully leapt from the window and held me in an embrace so quickly it left me stunned. I felt him, I smelled him, I saw him, but it still could be a dream. As I began to cry again, he tenderly lifted my head up so that our eyes would meet. They were so full of sorrow it hurt me to look into them just as much as I knew that looking into mine, it hurt him as well.

As I began to wonder why he was here it hit me. What was his purpose here? He had said clearly that he hadn't loved me anymore, but then why was he here now?

He must have seen the confusion on my face. He shook his head looking sadder than ever and then gently kissed me washing away any doubt that may still have been in my mind.

I melted, there were no other words that could have described how I felt right then. It was as if the past few months had never happened. That hole that had been savagely made by his leaving was now gone. It wasn't filled in, it wasn't stitched back together, it was as if it had never been made.

Then I heard the door creak open and knew we were in trouble. Charlie had walked in right in the middle of our kiss.

I looked at my clock and saw it was his lunch hour. He came back to check on me and found not only me, but also the cause of my pain. I looked up at Edward wondering why he hadn't heard Charlie coming. Edward only smiled and I took that as a sign that he had wanted Charlie to find him. Luckily, the sun had sunk behind the clouds before Charlie had walked in and Edward was no longer sparkling. I smiled, yet again, at Edward and then smiled timidly at Charlie.

I knew I was in trouble; I knew, by Charlie's furious glare, that Edward was about to by yelled at and possibly shot at, but I also knew everything was all right again and that this was not a dream but was real. Edward was truly back, his butterscotch eyes burned into mine and I finally felt at home, whole, and safe.