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I Swear;

Basically, it's about Edward's thoughts and feelings throughout the whole story.

I wrote this quite a long while ago and decided to post it now, while I have the time.

1. Chapter 1

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I Swear;

I swear; I love you.

Nothing can be said or done to even distort that truth. My love for you has always been true. The moment I had set my eyes on you, you had set my heart on fire – burning, twisting with orange flames of fiery passion and love for you. I have walked across the dark ashes of the earth for so long, and yet, no one has even made me feel a quarter of what I feel for you. How can a huge mistake like this feel so good and so… right?

I swear; I have always loved you.

You have made me see life in a completely different slant. All this while, I thought that I was perfect, a flawless creation – how wrong I was – never knowing what I was lacking, until I met you. You are the part of me that is human, while I am a monster. You are the part of me that is tender, while I am harsh. You are the part of me that is light, while I am darkness. And while we are together, you make me whole.

I swear; I am sorry I lied to you.

It was the most painful day of my life. I’d welcome the mortal agony of death anytime – rather than have it lead on to my lies. Your face was torn in an excruciating likeness of betrayal – I do not blame you at all for that – and it will burn it my memory forever. My heart broke when you so easily believed the lie I told you – it was a strange feeling, completely foreign, and yet, more agonising than anything I have ever felt. I truly think you deserve so much better than me, after all the lies that I made you believe.

I swear; I am sorry I broke my promises.

I always thought myself to be a man of my word, but I was proven wrong yet again. My word has lost its value now. How could I keep all the other frivolous promises I had made but when it came to the promise that meant the world to me, only to find that I had failed horribly at it? The truth is, I am a hypocrite, a fraud – nothing but a fake.

I swear; I will never leave you again.

Nothing in this world can tear me apart from you now. Where you walk, I shall walk too – even to the ends of the earth if need be. I will stay by your side till the ends of time and nothing can pull me away from you. In this darkness, you are my ray of sunshine through the storm, guiding me towards the light and keeping me safe of the icy darkness.

And I swear it all again; I love you.