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All The Simplest Things

Edward's thoughts on what he's miss after Bella is changed.

I wrote this after I listened to Whatever It Takes by Lifehouse. :D

1. Chapter 1

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All The Simplest Things

What he’d miss the most were the simplest things, tiny things that would normally hold no consequence in the least. Bella’s notion of ‘changing her inferior qualities for superior ones’ did not agree with him in the least. Twice the number of doubts Bella had had already ran through his mind long before. He was worried – but he was not about to tell her that.

He had not been human for so long, he barely remembered anything from his life before. He had nothing to miss; but she, however, was throwing away all that she had in the world just for him.

A little sigh escaped her and in her sleep, she rubbed her hose almost wistfully before muttering his name and turning onto her side. Yes, he would miss this; watching her sleep had a sedative quality to it and he’d lay half-asleep, trying to clutch at sleep while the dreams continued to evade him. Sometimes, it brought back unexpected memories, flashes of a previous life. On stormy nights, he remembered running into his mother’s arms and resting beside her for the rest of the night, unafraid…

He would miss her warmth, the feel of the heat emanating from the soft silk of her skin. He had been cold for so many years; he knew he must truly love Bella to let her take these things away from him. Now that he knew what it was like to be warm, he found it hard to accept the cold again.

He would miss sneaking up on her. Every time he caught her doing something and unaware of his presence, he’d store the stolen memory away in his head to relive it again and again through the dark times when he was feeling lonely – they never lost their hopeful charm.

She smiled to herself in her sleep, her arms wrapping themselves unconsciously around him. Sometimes, when she was just as lost in the moment as he was, she would give him that smile – and by that sweet smile alone, he’d be dazed silly, flooded with the strange feeling of vulnerability, and the long forgotten feeling of being… human. He would miss those moments.

Her hand clutched him tightly and instinctively, he was reminded of all the times she relied upon him to catch her before she fell. He often teased her that it was a difficult job for him, with such luck as her – but now he would take it all back if he could. He savoured all those memories of her and stored them in his mind. He would miss that, too.

Soft freesia; perhaps he would buy them and place them in his room so her scent would always be there. It was known that scents changed slightly after one was turned, and he abhorred that fact. As torturous as it was to resist he all-too-sweet temptation of her blood, he realised he would miss it. After months and months of practicing self-control around her, would it not be extremely lacking if the thirst for her ambrosia were gone?

The gentle thudding of which he was so acutely attuned to – a sound he could pick out amidst the noises and hear it from miles away. It had a nice, slow rhythm; and in an existence where change was so prevalent, it was a form of comfort to him. To know that in the next instant, another thud would be heard, and the next, and the next…

Most of all, he thought ruefully, he would miss this.

The faint sunshine peeped through the grey clouds of the night, outshining the coruscating stars, shining through the glimmering moon. Faint, but magical all the same. A spread of pearly pink was painted across the expanse of the sky, the golden hues of the sun’s glow sending a delicate spray of light into the room, and onto Bella.

He glittered, but she did not. She was solid, real – but soon, she was to be a shining rock in the sun, like him. Yes, this was what he would miss the most. Her skin was dotted with the slight shadows that the facets from his skin had cast on her.

But once her eyes opened, he knew that for all that he loved, he would give it all up again just for her.

Sunshine filtered through the window and splashed on the side of her face.

“Morning,” she yawned, eyes reflecting the brilliance of the sun.

“Good morning.” Kissing her soundly on the forehead, he closed his eyes.

It was a beautiful new day, a beautiful new beginning. Perhaps it was time he found new things to miss – but would remain with him for all of eternity.