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The end...or is it?

What really happened at the end of Twilight? Why didn't Edward bite Bella?


1. Chapter 1

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Edward kissed my neck once more. I moaned. Why didn't he just bite me already?

"I don't think I want to change you," he whispered into my neck.

"Why not? I love you, and you love me. What's the problem?" I complained.

He readjusted me so that I was facing him, still on his lap.

"Aren't you afraid? Do you want to end up like James," he paused to shudder, “or Victoria? Do you really want to drink human blood for the rest of eternity?"

I gasped. How could he think that I would drink human blood?

"Edward, I'm not afraid. I love you with all my heart. Besides, I won't drink human blood, if I want to, you'll save me from myself." He pushed me out of his lap and onto the cool bench seat next to him.

"Bella, I don't want to..." Edward was interrupted by a squeal.

We both looked up to see the gym doors open and Jessica walking towards us.She stopped when she saw both me and Edward. Talking. Alone. I swear that she was so slow sometimes.

"Oh, am I interrupting something?" she acted all innocent.

"No, we were just going back inside. Were we not, Bella?" Edward said before I even opened my mouth.

I looked to the seat next to me only to find it empty. He was standing in front of me, holding out his hand.

I sighed, grabbing his hand. Jessica was still there, watching our every move.

As we walked back to the gym, (in my case hobbled) I asked Jessica:

"So what was it that you had to tell me?" I sounded rude and annoyed, she didn't seem to notice.

"You'll never believe it! Mike asked me to go to Port Angelas with him. He even said that we could go to that little Italian restraunt!" she rushed it all out in one breath. She may be slow in the mind, but not in the mouth.

"That's great Jess!" I thought I heard Edward mumble something like, "...finally...get off her back."

We all walked into the gym laughing when Edward suddenly stiffened. I looked up at him to see him staring at Rosalie.

"See you later Bella!" Jess took off in a hurry to talk to Mike.

"What's wrong?" I asked since she was gone.

"Nothing, we just have to talk to my dear sister," he dragged me along with him to the other side of the gym.


"I made a promise to you at the beginning of this evening. I won't break it twice," he didn't want another Jacob scene to happen again.

Rosalie was glaring at me when we walked over to her. Emmett was off in la la land somewhere else.

"Why did you do that? I was perfectly able to take care of myself!" he yell-whispered to her.

She stopped glaring at me, to glare at Edward.

"Apparently not. You were about to do it," she responded back at him.

"Wait! What are you talking about?" I couldn't read minds like a certain someone. I hated being out of the loop.

"Rosalie overheard us outside, so she sent Jessica to distract us," he alleged.

"Why would you do that?" I requested."I want you to stay human, that's why," she surprised me with this.

"Why do you care? All you ever do is shun me!" I couldn't hold it in. She made me feel like crap when I was around her. I had to say something.

"Bella!" Edward was more shocked than Rosalie was.

"I'll tell you a story sometime," without believing it, she winked at me.

"Why don't you tell me now?" I wanted to know why she hated me so much.

"If you're relationship lasts longer, which I doubt it will, I'll tell you," Rosalie turned away from us to go find her husband.

I knew that this argument was over. Even if I did go up to her, she wouldn't tell me.

Tonight anyway.