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The Octopus

I don't even want to know how I came up with this. This is what happens one morning when Bella finds an octopus in her room...

If you don't get it, don't worry about it it's even more random than my other story.

1. Octopus

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It was a regular rainy Saturday in the small town of Forks. As this Saturday was marginally warmer than Saturdays usually are in Forks Charlie had left early that morning for a fishing trip. Bella's morning started normally, or so she thought at first.

Only half conscious, she adoringly clung to the cold, hard somewhat slimy form of what she thought was Edward. It took Bella a few moments to realize that Edward's skin was not usually slimy. Bella opened her eyes and found herself looking into the beady eyes of an octopus.


The octopus was equally surprised. He had no idea how he had gotten on Bella's bed and he was not used to people screaming. The people he was used to gave him nice treats and seemed to enjoy looking at him for reasons unknown to the octopus. Except for that one person that made him be in pain for three days, people generally seemed to like him and he liked the people. He thus began to scream in the ancient, silent language of the fifth circle of the brethren octopi. Octopus society was much more sophisticated than humans gave them credit for though this is irrelevant as Bella was completely oblivious to the plight of the octopus.

Hearing Bella's scream from outside her window Edward rushed in to her room. He had been hoping to surprise her.

"What the...? Why is there an octopus on your bed Bella?" asked Edward who glanced fleetingly from Bella to the octopus and back to Bella again.

"I don't know it was on my bed I just woke up and it was there," replied Bella whom was still staring incredulously at the octopus.

That was when Edward noticed that there was a note tied to one of the legs of the octopus. The note read:

If you are reading this note then the octopus did not do what it was supposed to do. Sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused you.

Much Love: Aro of the Volturi


"So do you think Victoria sent the octopus?" asked Bella once Edward had read the note out loud.

"I killed Victoria," Edward reminded Bella, whom seemed to be a little slow this morning "maybe this "Aro of the Volturi" person is actually Aro from the Volturi."

"Good idea but there are two problems with that theory, the note said that we didn't know who this was and why would Aro send me an octopus?"

"What should we do with the octopus? We can't just leave it here," said Edward who was now feeling ever so slightly irritated.

"Wait a second, this is no ordinary octopus," observed Bella, "if it were a regular octopus it would probably be dead by now, octopus need water to live and this octopus has been out of water for at least twenty minutes, probably much more than that."

Edward scrutinized the octopus more carefully now as all he had noted before was that it was in fact an octopus. He was no expert on octopi but he noted that the octopus was abnormally cold; it did not seem warm to him as practically every other living creature did. He also noticed that the octopus was fairly hard considering it was, well, an octopus. He also noted a crescent shaped scar on one of the tentacles.

"It can't be..." whispered Edward, loud enough for Bella to hear.

"What is it?" asked Bella curiously.

"I think this octopus is the octopus equivalent of a vampire," said Edward in a somewhat confused manner.

"I guess that proves that it was Aro who brought this octopus. But if he wanted the octopus to kill me why didn't he do it himself?" asked Bella whose mind seemed to be moving out of a kind of stupor.

It was then that Edward noticed that all of the pens on Bella's desk were broken and drained of ink. Edward also realized that even though this octopus was merely an animal that could have no possible reason to not suck Bella dry as soon as he laid eyes on her, the octopus had not tried to make an attempt on her yet. Perhaps vampire octopi didn't need to drink blood.

Edward then had a sudden though not completely unexpected epiphany. This was simply a test, to see if animals could be turned into vampires and to see if they could be set on their enemies, to be used as pawns so that the Volturi could have infinite numbers of bloodthirsty "soldiers" on their side so that there could be even less resistance to their mighty rule as there was now...

"We have to go see Carlisle NOW!!!" exclaimed Edward with sudden certainty.

"Umm... okay if you say so," said Bella, a little startled by Edward's sudden proclamation.

Edward wasted no time getting Bella into the car. In fact he shoved her rather roughly into the car he threw the octopus in even more roughly. The octopus objected as loudly as his silent language would allow, which was really not very loud. Edward ran to the driver's side but in his haste managed to trip, fall and smack his head. The smack on his head would have killed a normal person, but Edward recovered quickly.

Ten minuets later, they were at the house and Alice was stroking the octopus affectionately.

"It really is very cute Edward. Can we keep it? We wouldn't need to worry about accidentally eating it, it's already a vampire," cooed Alice somewhat predictably.

Edward then explained his epiphany to Carlisle and the rest of the family. A decision was made. Bella would have to become a vampire, the octopus was clearly a warning that the Volturi would be coming, if an unorthodox one. A second decision was also made; the octopus would be the Cullen's new pet. And so, Bella lived happily with Edward and the octopus, was well taken care of as the pet for a family of vampires.