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Diary of the Dead

SUMMARY!!!!!!!:Bella has a sister....Who ends up becoming a vampire. There is romance involved. I really hate summires. If you review I'LL GIVE YOU POWER WHEN I GAIN WORLD DOMINATION!!!! Bwahahaha!.....ok, just kidding...but seriously...I will be forever grateful if you review ;] ATTENTION!!!!!! I will be re-writting this entire story!!!! I started writing Diary of the Dead about 2 years ago but had to stop writing because some...personal issues came up. But , I'm back now and I've been looking over a few of the stories I've written and, to be honest...I think they all suck. So! I'll be re-writing AND finishing this story. Not alot will change form the original chapters. I'll probably just put more detail and re-word things a little differently. BUT I would STRONGLY recommend going back and reading before looking at any of my future chapters. I don't know when I'll have the re-written chapters up...probably some time in the next week. Untill the just hang tight! =D -Natasha Cullen


2. Malinkaya's Ironic Death

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Chapter Two: Malinkaya's Ironic Death

"Hear the sound
The angels come screaming down

your voice
I hear you've been bleeding

Make your choice
They say you've been pleading

Someone save us"

-Heaven Help us by My Chemical Romance


My name is Taylahlin Andrea Valdez. Tayla for short. I was 15 when I died. My life before I was murdered was considerably normal for a teenager. Besides the death of my parents. My mom and dad died when I was 6 so, seeing as I had no other blood relatives that could take me in, my god mother, Renee Swan, offered to adopt me. Going from being a spoiled, only child for 6 years to suddenly having to share every thing with an older sister was...strange, to say the least. But, Bella always put up with me.

Every time I threw a fit because I wasn't the center of attention, every time I yelled at her or stole her books or did any thing harsh or cruel to her, Bella would just look me in the eye and say " It's okay, Tayla. It won't hurt forever. I promise." I hated her for saying those words. I hated her for nearly a year until one day I did some thing really awful. I decapitated the Ballerina Barbie she got me for my birthday and threw it at her.


"I hate you!!!" I screamed.

Bella just stared at me in shock. She bent down and picked up Barbie's body and her dismembered head. "I thought you would have liked this one" she said, looking at me with confusion in her eyes. "You told mommy you wanted to be a ballerina, right?"

I shook my head. "No"

"Yes, you did. Remember?

"No." I glared at her.

"I was there. Mommy asked you-"

"She's not my mommy!" I screamed. Bella just looked at me. "My mommy...was gonna..." my voice broke and I could feel my eyes well up, "Mommy was gonna..." I looked at the broken doll in Bella's hands and looked away, sniffling. Bella look at the doll in her hand and then at me then back at the doll.

"Oh, Tayla..." she said as she realized what I was talking about. I looked back at her and started crying. Really crying. I couldn't stop wailing and the tears kept falling. Bella put the doll on her bed and walked over to me. "I'm sorry Tayla." She said, hugging me. "I'm so sorry" I could only wail in response.

Bella sat with me and held me for a good 30 minutes until my tears finally ran dry and I calmed down. For a while we just sat in complete silence; I listened to the sound of her breathing and she stroked my hair. Finally, I timidly said, "I'm sorry." Bella lifted her cheek from where it was placed on my head and faintly smiled at me.

"It's okay" she said.

"Mommy was gonna get me the ballerina Barbie" My eyes started tearing up again.

"I know"

"I miss her..." a few tears slid down my face

"I know," Bella said "but it'll stop hurting eventually. I promise"

I looked her square in the eye and asked "How do you know?"

Bella smiled and looked at the picture on her nightstand. "Have I ever told you about my grandma Marie?"


After the Barbie fiasco, Bella and I became really close friends. Over the years, Bella became my baby sitter, my tutor, my fashion assistant, one of my best friends, and, eventually, my sister. Even though we were polar opposites most of the time, we both usually understood each other.

Bella was shy and quiet and didn't have many friends; she was pale and delicate looking and defiantly had no sense of balance (watching her trip up the stairs became one of my favorite pass times). Bella always thought about things before she did them or said them. She always tried to be as tactful as possible. It was some thing she usually succeeded at, too...when her facial expressions didn't give her away. In that one way, we were always alike. Both of us obviously had no idea what the phrase "poker face" meant.

My face was much darker then Bella's though. My mother had been Columbian and my father was from Mexico so, while Bella always looked like a porcelain doll from the Victorian era, with her pale skin and slim body, I looked like the Hispanic version of my Barbie doll (except, you know, my head was still attached). I was a good 4 inches taller than Bella and was much curvier then she was. A fact that never went unnoticed by guys that sold movie tickets or old men at malls that swore I looked like some sort of Latina actress/singer/ or a younger version of their ex wife (yes, it actually happened. That was why I took to wearing my mother's old wedding ring on my left ring finger and called it my "creepy old man deflector")

Not surprisingly, because of my size, I always looked a few years older than Bella, which was actually pretty ironic because Bella was about 3 and a half years older than me. But, while I looked so much older, I always tried to act my age if not younger. I got so fed up with people expecting more from me than I could give because I looked like I was already an adult. Bella, on the other hand, acted old for her age. She always thought of other people first and how her actions affected them. She was the responsible one out of her, Renee and I. I knew that about her and I still didn't see it coming. The day she told me she was going to live with her dad in Forks was the day every thing went to hell. Litterally.

The day Bella broke the news to me was the day I died.


"You're doing what?" I screamed at her. This wasn't fair. She couldn't just-!!!!

"I'm going to live with Charlie, Tayla."

"Why the hell would you want to move to Forks?! It's...it's wet and rainy and nasty and.....and just plain EW!" I said, disgusted. "And what about mom?! Do you know how much she'll miss you?" Bella winced as I said that. I had struck a chord.

"Tayla," she sighed, "I already talked to mom about it. You know how torn she feels between us and Phil... and Charlie said he had enough room for the two of us" I paused and I felt my face fall in shock.

"Enough room for the two of us"? I asked, flatly.

Bella look up at me with a torn expression "I don't want to keep doing this to her. She's practically ripping her hair out, trying to balance her time between the three of us!"

"I'm not going!" I shouted. I knew I sounded like a five year old but I didn't care. I had been to Forks before and hated every minute of it. Charlie was a nice guy and all...and he was my god father but I couldn't fathom why he would want to live there. I was not going to move there was no way in hell I could let Bella move there. I just couldn't! The rain and constant cold might take away her sense of humor and turn her into one of those little emo children you see hanging out in grave yards and pretending to be vampires!

Bella sighed, "You should start packing your stuff tonight" she said "Our plane takes off tomorrow at noon" She whispered. I still couldn't speak. This wasn't happening. This could NOT be happening. My sister and I were moving to Forks of all places, completely uprooting my entire family from the fabulous Phoenix Arizona so our mother could fallow her husband all over the U.S. so he could get a job. Why couldn't Phil be something boring like a computer programmer or carpenter? But NO he just HAD to be a wannbe baseball player. My lower lip trembled in fury and my hands balled into fists at my side.

"No!" I yelled.

"Tayla would you quite being such a child about this? It's not the end of the world." Bella said, exasperated.

"I'm fifteen; I think I still have the right to act like a child!!!"


"I. Am. Not. Going."

"Fine, then!" Bella snapped and my eyes widened in surprise. My sister almost never lost her temper with me. I mean, sure, I annoyed her all the time but she never actually snapped at me.... "I guess mom will just take you with her and home school you" A heavy silence fallowed that statement. I tried to look Bella in the eye but she wouldn't meet my gaze.

"So you'd just abandon me, then?" I whispered, low and harsh. I was dangerously close to crying. I, like my sister, always cried when I was mad, it was like my emotions were hard wired to my tear ducts. Bella opened her mouth to say some thing but I stalked out of the room. "Tayla," I heard her call after me. I didn't look back me. I really wish I had.

As soon as I got to my room I slammed the door and let my tears escape from under my eyelids. How could they do this to me?! Why didn't Renee tell me sooner?! Picking up my phone from off my bed I quickly dialed a familiar number. Allie would know what to do; she always knew what to do. She was my best friend so she would stick up for me, right? Right?! I mean, come on! Renee was choosing her new husband over her own children!

The phone rang and rang but I still got no response, which was rather odd. Allie always answered her phone. It was like it was surgically attached to her ear. I decided to leave her a message.

"Alejandra Vienna Gonzales!" I yelled in to my phone "Pick up your phone! I'm having a melt down, Allie! A melt down! And if you don't pick up your phone I swear to God I'm gonna-" There was a beeping sound coming from my phone. I looked at the screen and it notified me that I had an incoming call...from Allie. I slammed my thumb down on the green call button and lifted the phone back to my ear.

"Hey" Allie said "Sorry, I couldn't pick up. I was kinda driving and my mom was-"

"That's fine, that's fine." I shushed her "Just listen..." I told her every thing that had happened in the past 30 minutes. Allie just waited silently on the other end for me to finish my ranting. When I was done, the first thing she said was:

"Well, that sucks."

"Oh, thank you, captain obvious!"

"Hey, hey, hey now!" she retaliated "I'm just trying to process every thing you just said."

I rolled my eyes "Yeah, well good luck with that. I'm still trying to process it!" I sighed and sat down on my bed, pushing my bangs away from my face. "Look, Allie." I said "Can you just...come pick me up? I have to get out of this house."

"Would if I could," Allie said. "But my mother has just, um...impounded my car"

"Oh God, Allie" I said with a bit too much exasperation, "What did you do this time?!"

"It's not like I knew I was speeding and-"

"Sweetie, you always speed." I interrupted.

"Neheeehhh!" she grunted and I had a mental image of Allie sticking her tongue out at me. "Sorry we can't all be perfect drivers, Miss Permit!" I snorted, "Any way," Allie continued "I tried to flirt my way out of getting a ticket but apparently not all middle aged men like cleavage...."

"Ewww!" I gagged

"What?!" Allie shrieked, incredulously.

"I'm sorry but, the thought of flirting with men that are at least twice my age makes me a little nauseous."

"Whatever!" Allie snapped "You're missing my point!"

"And that is?"

"I can't pick you up..." she paused and then sharply inhaled as if she just had a stroke of inspiration.

"You okay?" I asked, arching an eye brow.

"I just had a stroke of inspiration!" she said. "Why don't I just meet you at the park, like we did in the old days? That's always been a good halfway point, right?"

I sighed. "Allie, it's almost 8:30 and the park is a mile away from my house..."

"Then run!" she said. "I'll see you there in a few!" she hung up.

"Okay" I stared dejectedly at my cell phone "See you there."

Exhaling loudly, I lugged my self off of my bed and towards the mirror in my closet, grimacing when I saw my reflection. I looked like hell. My eyes were red and puffy from all of my crying and I think my lips were a little swollen too. I touched them lightly. Yes, they were defiantly swollen.

Inhaling deeply, I closed my eyes and moved my hand from my lips to my hair, brushing my bangs out of my face again. After taking one last look at my reflection, I began to search for my sneakers.

Finding them, I slipped them on and looked at my window. I was going to have to sneak out... again. Now, I know what you're thinking and no, it's not what you think it is. The only places I had ever snuck out to where the park and my parents graves. Those were my only safe places.

No, I didn't go to any keg parties or secret cult meetings. Those were never really my thing. If I was going to be up all night I'd rather stay in and read fan fiction or play Castelvania in to the wee hours of the morning. Yes, I know....I was nerd. The thing is, I just wasn't into stuff that involved me getting completely hammered or socializing with people that wanted to sacrifice my dog.

That being said, it doesn't mean I didn't hang around some, er....strange people. Allie, for instance, had blue hair and multiple piercings (that her mother did know about) and a tattoo on the bottom of her right foot that exclaimed "up yours!!!" (that her mother didn't know about.) She really was a sweet girl, though....I swear. She just covered up her sweetness by doing stupid things like, say...speeding, and getting caught sneaking back in to her house at 3 in the morning being more than just a little tipsy.

I never got caught sneaking out. I, unlike my sister, had the gift of grace. I would just pop the screen off my window, walk across my roof, jump, zip across my lawn and, boom! I was free. It was only that last night, the last night of my life that I ever even came close to being caught....


"Hey," she said, "You're late"

"Sorry," I huffed, out of breath. "I almost got caught..."

"Jeez Tayla, I thought you were the queen of stealth. But, I guess it would hurt if you got caught al least once....."

"Yeah, well...not all of us are meant to be juvenile delinquents."

Allie stuck her pierced tongue out at me. I smiled and sat down on the swing next to her. "So," she said, "do you want to talk about it or do you want me to distract you?"

"Distract away..."

"WELL!" she started, "I think I might be losing my mojo."


"My mojo!" she shrieked, "The cop that pulled me over didn't even look at my boobs! I mean, seriously, he was middle aged, he had a wedding ring and he wasn't exactly the tastiest lookin' cookie in the jar, if you catch my drift" I rolled my eyes. She just giggled at my reaction and continued "and it's not like I'm flat chested either! It should have worked perfectly!"

I looked up at the quickly darkening sky and swung back and fourth. "I think you're just mad you got a ticket"

"Yeah, well that too...." She pouted, "I just can't believe my flirting failed me....it ridiculous"

"Well, maybe not all middle aged men are perverts..."

She looked at me with a flat expression.

"...Or maybe he's gay?"

She looked away, "Yeah, maybe" Then muttered, "It's still ridiculous, though...."

I smiled a little and bit my lip. I had had enough stalling. It was getting late and I had to get home and start packing. I had to tell Allie good bye. I had to pretend I was going to be fine, that this was just a small freak out. I had to...I didn't want to.

So I didn't.

After a long pause, I spoke. "Do you think its ridiculous...me not wanting to go?"

She looked up and frowned. "No, I don't think it's ridiculous. I do Renee is being is ridiculous. She's acting like a child. She's taking away your home and your friends....You grew up here, we grew up here." She said, looking at me. "She's taking you away from every thing you've ever known with out even talking to you about it."

"Thats not what really bothers me, though"

"No?" she raised her eye brow.

"She's taking me away from mom and dad..."

We were silent for awhile. A tear rolled down my face.

"Do you want to go visit them?" she suddenly asked.

"Say what?" I asked, surprised.

"I think Leandra and Ricardo would be a little hurt if their only daughter didn't say good bye to them."

"You won't get in trouble for breaking curfew?"

"Please, I'm already in trouble." she rolled her eyes "Besides, it's nothing I haven't done before. My mother isn't going to die...she just act like she's dyeing" she smiled and stood up from her swing. "Come ‘on" she reached her hand towards me.

I smiled and let her pull me up. "Thank you."

"Any time" she smiled as we started walking towards Scotts Dale Cemetery. How ironic is it that we died on our way to a cemetery?


"So what do you think living in Forks is going to be like?" I mused.

"Sunny and sweltering. Every one is going to be tan and blonde and sparkly." Allie said with heavy sarcasm. I flicked her on the side of the head. "Ow!" she exclaimed. "That was uncalled for!"

"Ugh, please. You sound like Bella."

Allie laughed. "Speaking of the little priss, we probably should hurry up...shes probably feeling guilty about yelling at you. And, if I know Bella, she's probably getting up the nerve to apologize as we speak. So, we better say hi to your parents and get you home before she realizes you're missing. Let's go!"

"Well, she kinda already-" I started to say but Allie took off running and yanked me along with her. We had just passed over a heating vent in the street when I yanked my arm out of her grip.

"Ow!" I said, "I'd like to keep this arm, thank you very much!"

"Jeez Tayla," she sighed, "You're such a-" she didn't finish her sentence. I blinked and she was gone.

Startled, I looked around. "Allie!" I called "Alejandra!" There was a scream from the ally right in front or me. I ran around the corner and froze at what I saw. Blood. Fresh blood was every where, soaking the ground and giving off the smell of rust and salt. There was a scream of pain come from a lump in the middle of the ally. It was a body. There was a body in the middle of the ally. I realized with a gasp of horror that I recognized who it was. Allie....Oh my god....

"ALLIE!" I screamed and rushed to kneel down beside her. I picked up her head and held it in my lap, not caring that I was getting blood all over my jeans. Allie turned her head and weakly opened her eyes. I was amazed that she could still move; there was so much blood. Allie spoke but this time, her voice was barley a whisper. A ghost of the vibrant sound it was just a few seconds earlier.


"I'm here." I choked while stroking her cheek. I didn't know what else to do. I didn't have my cell phone with me. No one was around. No one to help and, there was so much blood. There was no way to even tell where she was bleeding from. I couldn't think straight. I was crying and there wasn't enough time....There was so much blood and there wasn't enough time. There was no one around. I couldn't stop the bleeding and there wasn't enough time and Allie was going to die. She was going to die! My best friend, she was going to....but she couldn't! But the blood....so much blood...

I must have looked absolutely horrified. Allie raised her bloodied hand to the one I had stroking her cheek. "Don't cry, Taylahlin. Is'sokay...." Her eyes started to drift close.

"Don't close your eyes Alejandra! Don't you dare close your eyes one me!" I yelled.

Her eyes sleepily re-opened "S'okay Tayla." She said, her voice losing volume. "Mm'not scared." She patted my hand on her face and the blood made a sickening "splat" as she did so. I cringed. "Ss'juss-" she stopped cold and her eyes suddenly opened wide.


She screamed bloody murder.

"Allie!" I didn't know what to do. I started to move my hand from her face but she gripped it with strength she shouldn't have possessed. Her now very aware eyes looked straight at me.

"Tayla," she whimpered. "It hurts!" she scrunched her eyes closed and pursed her lips together, holding in a scream. "The fire hurts!" She let go of my hand and balled both of her hands in to fists as her whole body went rigid.

"Allie?!" I didn't know what to do. She was fine, and then the blood...so much blood, now she was-

"She can't hear you any more, Malinkaya."

I whipped my head around and gaped. It was a man. A man with burgundy eyes.

"Or, to correctly put it," he said "she can't respond. It's a pity too...I thought I left her with out a drop of venom" He sauntered toward us and stopped when he was a few feet away. I moved my body closer to Allie.

"W-what?" I croaked out.

The man shifted his gaze to me. "You must be so confused, Malinkaya. I'm sorry. Let me introduce my self." He bowed and took my blood covered hand as if he were going to kiss it. I was frozen. Every cell in my body screamed at me to move but I couldn't. I was captivated by his red eyes.

"My name is Nicholas Alexander Reith." He flicked his tongue over the blood on my hand and shuttered as if he had just tasted some thing particularly delicious. My eyes widened in horror. I tired to pull my hand back but it was trapped in his iron grip. "I'm sorry, Malinkaya but, you smell better than she does."


In a flash Nicholas lunged at me, pinned me to the ground and started to drink my life away.