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Diary of the Dead

SUMMARY!!!!!!!:Bella has a sister....Who ends up becoming a vampire. There is romance involved. I really hate summires. If you review I'LL GIVE YOU POWER WHEN I GAIN WORLD DOMINATION!!!! Bwahahaha!.....ok, just kidding...but seriously...I will be forever grateful if you review ;] ATTENTION!!!!!! I will be re-writting this entire story!!!! I started writing Diary of the Dead about 2 years ago but had to stop writing because some...personal issues came up. But , I'm back now and I've been looking over a few of the stories I've written and, to be honest...I think they all suck. So! I'll be re-writing AND finishing this story. Not alot will change form the original chapters. I'll probably just put more detail and re-word things a little differently. BUT I would STRONGLY recommend going back and reading before looking at any of my future chapters. I don't know when I'll have the re-written chapters up...probably some time in the next week. Untill the just hang tight! =D -Natasha Cullen


3. Remembering the Dreams

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Remembering The Dreams

"I'm alive

I can feel you all around me

Thickening the air I'm breathing

Holding on to what I'm feeling

Savoring this heart that's healing"


Even as a vampire, there are certain human experiences you never forget. Dying is one of them. Though, I suppose I remember my change differently than most vampires do. I wasn't awake for most of it.


I was screaming. I was screaming and my neck was on fire. Fire. Allie had said some thing about fire. She was on fire too. Where was she? I couldn't hear her any more. I just heard my screaming. Although, I don't really know if it could be qualified as screaming, I sounded more like a dying animal. Nicholas must have thought so too. He pulled his head back and regarded me with slight amusement.

"You know, Malinkaya, you do remind me of some one."

I nearly bit my tongue off when I tried to reply. The fire was spreading now. It was slowly traveling from my throat to my right arm.

"You look about the right age, I suppose." He said, leaning down so our faces were inches apart. He smiled sadistically. "And you do look so like her." He began to slowly run his fingers down my cheek.

"Get...the fuck offa me." I punctuated my sentence by spitting in his face. It was a miracle I even got that sentence out. The fire was increasing, but somehow I was able to hold in my screams. Now they were just strangled sounds trying to pass through my clamped jaw.

Nicholas, who was straddling my waist, sat back and laughed. "And you have the same fighting spirit!" He looked back at me, his eyes bright with excitement. "How wonderful! Ana will be furious, but I always have enjoyed collecting sets." Licking his lips he looked from my face to my arm, the one that was still covered in Allie's blood. I tried my hardest to pull back but I couldn't stop him from bringing my hand to his mouth.

He gently licked her blood from my hand, "Stop." I gritted out and was suddenly over come with nausea as I felt one of his fangs scrape over my palm.

His eyes slowly slid to mine as he made his way down to my wrist. "Leandra said the same thing 9 years ago." My eyes widened in horror as his lips began to brush back and fourth against my wrist, collecting the rest of Allie's blood. "Like mother, like daughter...I suppose. Eh, Malinkaya?" Nicholas opened his mouth, exposing his razor sharp teeth and bit down on my wrist. I couldn't contain my scream.

My mother. He had killed my mother. But that didn't make sense...she had died when....it wasn't because...I was there...he wasn't that man...he couldn't be...that...man.

It was getting harder to think. It was getting harder to breathe. The fire had spread to my chest and was starting its slow and agonizing circle around my rapidly beating heart. I was losing so much blood. Nicholas had moved his mouth from my wrist back to my neck. My head lolled to the side, away from his ice lips, and I caught sight of something blue. Blue hair. I thought sleepily, Allie's blue hair. My gaze drifted down and I saw her about an arms length away. She was as still as stone.

With the last of my strength, I slowly inched my arm (the arm Nicholas hadn't bitten) towards her, trying to reach her clenched fist. Nicholas didn't like that. Nicholas didn't like that at all. With lightning fast speed, he whipped out the hand he had resting on my face, grabbed my wrist, and slowly started to squeeze. "Food isn't supposed to move, Malinkaya." His hand tightened around my wrist and I whimpered in pain.

The smirk on Nicholas blood stained mouth widened into a manic smile. "Oh, does this hurt?" his grip on my wrist tightened. My face twisted in pain. "I'll stop if you scream for me, my darling Malinkaya." He whispered in my ear.

"Go-" I choked a little on my own blood. "Go to hell."

"I asked you to scream, Malinkaya, not to speak." There was sickening crunch as he broke my wrist. I screamed. "Now, was that so hard?" he chuckled "Both you and your mother...such stubborn women. Truly, in every way, you are just like-"

Nicholas was knocked off of my body with the force of a bullet train. The momentum from the unknown assailant sent me rolling forward so that I was now lying on my stomach, facing Nicholas. I inhaled sharply, grateful to be rid of his oppressive weight, but immediately regretted the breath as soon as I had taken it.

Thinking back on it, I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't been incapacitated by the fire coursing through the right side of my body, I would have thrown up. My stomach did back flips at the sudden intake of oxygen and my vision blurred.

When the world came back into focus, it was much clearer than it had been seconds ago. The image was sharper...crisper. I could see shoes. Dark shoes...made out of...leather? Boots. They were boots. The owner of the boots was standing very close to me, almost blocking my entire field of vision. I could just barely see Nicholas kneeling on the ground, snapping what looked like a very broken nose back into place, staring at the owner of the boots.

I closed my eyes in response to the sudden throbbing I felt at my temple and, with dull terror, recognized the slight heat traveling across my face. It was getting hotter and hotter. The fire was spreading to my brain.

"Nicholas..." A voice seethed; a boy's voice. I assumed it was the owner of the boots.

"Ah, Mahlyenki Dyavol, I thought I had finally eluded you in Santa Monica." Nicholas replied, his Russian accent more apparent. "But, I suppose, revenge is a stronger motivator than I once thought."

"I will kill you this time, Nicholas."

"Go ahead and try" Nicholas sneered "This struggle will end the same way it did 10 years ago, Mahlyenki Dyavol. Only, this time, young Claire isn't here to push you out of the way."

"DON'T SPEAK HER NAME!!!" the boy roared and there was a sudden crash, as if a brick wall had suddenly collapsed. I tried to open my eyes but my lids seemed so heavy; the kind of feeling you get when it's just too early to get up, the kind of feeling you get when your body is screaming at you to sleep. That what I wanted to do. I wanted to sleep. So I did.

The last thing I heard was Nicholas laughing.



It was a beautiful house, the house I was in. I was standing in the foyer with a long hall way that branched off into various other rooms behind me and a marvelous grand staircase to my left. It was a very beautiful house...and a very bright one too.

There was soft light every where. Light, streaming in through the windows above my head. There was light from the chandelier. More and more dim light from the rooms connected to the long hall way. Every where I turned there was light; it made every thing glow and shimmer with an ethereal look.

The light wasn't the first thing I noticed, though. It was the smell-oh god, the smell- it was sandalwood and cinnamon, all spice; it fermented the whole house and was absolutely intoxicating. So intoxicating in fact, that between the smell and the light, I didn't notice the little girl sneaking up behind me.

"Big sister," she said, tugging on my hand as I looked down at her in surprise. "Big sister," she repeated. "This way, this way!"

"Where are we going?" I asked as she pulled me down the long hallway. The little girl looked back up at me, blonde pigtail bobbing and she walked, with an utterly serious face. She couldn't have been older that five.

"You have to help him, Big sister." She started walking faster, still pulling me by my hand.


"He doesn't mean half of what he says. He really does love you."

My eyes widened in surprise, "Who are you talking about?"

"My brother." She quickened her pace again so we were almost running now. It amazed me that some one with such short legs could move so fast. Aside from my amazement came the overpowering feeling of dread. We were moving too fast. The hallway was getting darker and darker with each step. I wanted to go back. Back to the foyer. Back to a place where creepy little girls weren't babbling on and on about their siblings like I was in an arranged marriage.

"Stop." I said, trying to tug my hand away from her iron grasp. She ignored me and continued to drag me down the hallway. "STOP!" I said again, raising my voice this time. She stopped and dropped my hand but didn't look at me. Her head was bowed ad her shoulders began to shake like she was...she was...crying?

"You have to help him." She sniffeled. "Big brother just....he just feels guilty! He just...misses me. You have to help him." I stared at her for a few seconds before kneeling down to look her in the eye.

"Who's your big brother?" I paused and then asked, "Who are you?"

She finally looked at me with her big watery green eyes and said "I'm Claire"


There was a large oval mirror in front of me. It looked very old and a bit iced over. There were flowers and vines crafted into the woodwork of the border that were painted in varying hues of blue and shades of purple. Over all it was very beautiful. I looked into the mirror and saw a fuzzy reflection of myself...at first. But as I kept staring at my self I noticed things changing, becoming clearer.

I looked so beautiful in the mirror. My mahogany hair had long, glossy, spiral curls now in place of the dull lose waves it usually held. My pale skin now looked white and the features on my face were acute yet rounded at the same time. It's so hard to explain. I guess I almost looked...elf like?

It was a sickly sort of beauty though, like I was too pretty. I was, literally, the image of physical perfection. There wasn't a trace of fat on my body and I was blemish free. I looked stunning but there was something else; something beyond the inhuman beauty. Looking at myself in the mirror disturbed me. I looked...dangerous. The way my reflection held it's self made me look like a predator stalking its prey. I looked like a tiger about to pounce. My reflection in the mirror stared at me intently with dark, menacing eyes. She lifted her lip ever-so-slightly and snarled at me.

"You will feel it soon," She said to me. "and when you do you won't be able to resist."

I just stared at the reflection in the mirror. "Umm...what?" I asked.

"I am what you are going to become" she replied. "If you don't control your self...you could kill someone...you could kill Bella."

"No!" I yelled. That would not happen. I could never kill someone, it wasn't possible. And I could never kill Bella! She was my sister!!!! "That would never happen. I would never..." I couldn't finish.

My reflection laughed at me. That gave me a chill. She sounded demonic. "Oh but you will." She said and leaned closer so she was almost touching her side of the mirror. I could see the rims of her irises were out lined in red; I flinched away. "And you will enjoy it." She whispered.

"LIAR!!!" I yelled and plunged my fist into the mirror. My reflection screamed and disappeared. I pulled my bloody fist out and attempted to take the glass out of my hand. I looked back at the mirror but this time the only reflection I could see in the broken glass was my own. The monster was gone but in its place came the blood. My hand could not stoop bleeding...


"I love you mom." my mother said ,crying, as she hung up the phone. There was a loud BOOM. It sounded like something had exploded.

"Where is she Leandra?" asked a cold, dead voice. A chill went down my spine.

"She is not here!" my mother said. She surprised me by the amount of strength she had in her voice. But that was my mother. She was always the strong one, always the one to put on a brave face.

"She is here," said a second voice, it sounded female. "I can smell them" the voice hissed. I could hear foot steps coming closer to my hiding spot. I hugged the pillow tighter to my chest.

The cupboard door opened and a cold, strong hand pulled me out by my hair.

"Owwwww!" I cried. That hurt! I looked from my safe spot to the face of the person who had pulled me out. His face was obscured by a black hood, but when he tilted his head up, I saw the violently pale shade of his throat. His hand then tightened in my hair and I redoubled my efforts to squirm free.

He must have thought I was terribly amusing because once I started squirming again, he laughed a menacingly and said "Not so fond of vampires, are you girl" he came closer to my face and it took all my will power not to flinch. "You might start liking us soon my darling," he whispered, his Russian accent comeing out a little thicker.

"Let me go!" I shouted at the man as I slapped the hand that was still held firm to my hair. As soon as he let go, I ran over to my mother.

"Leave her alone Reith," my mother said "she has done nothing to with you. Your business is with me." The man named Reith stepped closer to us, looking my mother over closely.

"Well, well, well Leandra. It has been a long time, has it not? Last I heard you killed your own mate." Reith said. What he was saying made no sense. What did he mean by mate? Did he mean Daddy? My mother didn't kill Daddy. Daddy had just left on a trip last week. Mommy loved Daddy.

" Andalucía was very distraught when she informed me. After all Ricardo was her own brother and her dearest friend lead him to his death."

"Shut up!" my mother screamed as she winced with pain from the terrible memories. Reith was hurting her. I couldn't stand to see my mother in pain. It hurt me too. I ran up to Reith swinging my fists as I went.

"Leave her alone!" I screamed. I started hitting and kicking Reith in the legs. He just looked down at me with an amused look on his face.

"Why look!" he mumbled "The little one is trying to fight back. She is so like her father: fighting a fight she knows she will not win." and in the blink of an eye his hand flew to my throat and he lifted me to eye level.

"Perhaps I should just kill you now, eh? Kill you so you are out of the way." his hand tightened on my throat as I tried to pry him off me.

"No" hissed a voice from the shadows. It was the same voice I had heard earlier, the woman's voice.

"Reith," said the woman in a deadly quite tone "you will not kill the only remaining family I have left"

Reith released me and I fell to the floor gasping. I glanced over to where her voice was coming from and saw a beautiful woman step out of the shadows.

She was very tall with straight raven colored hair that went down to the small of her back. Her face was just as white as Reith's and almost as lovely. The only imperfection was a silver scar that ran from about half an inch above her eyebrow straight down over her sad grayish blue eyes to her cheek.

She looked eerily familiar, like a half remembered lullaby. Her eyes reminded me of something. Then I realized it. Her eyes were exactly like my eyes, like my fathers eyes.

"I'll let you drink Leandra" the woman said in a deathly quiet voice " I don't care about her, but if you ever lay a hand on my niece EVER again I will personally rip your fangs out."

Reith chuckled, "As you wish, Andalucía"

Reith stepped closer to my mother, smirking as he went.

"Ana listen to me!" my mother cried "I didn't....I could never..."

The woman named Andalucía stepped forward, a look of hatred on her beautiful face. "You killed him." her voice was deathly quiet, "He loved you more then any thing in this world and the next and you killed him."

"And this is how you avenge his death!? By killing his own daughter?!" my mother yelled

"Weren't you listening Lee-ah?" Andalucía said "We didn't come here to feed on her, we came for you" and in the blink of an eye Reith sank his teeth in to my mothers neck.

"NO!!!!" I screamed, running towards them.


I was running quite fast. The trees were whizzing by me in a wet green blur. Something was chasing me; a silver/grayish blur beside me. The awful stench in the air combined with the pouring rain made it hard to think. The air smelled like wet dog but, also like something else, something like freesia. I kept running. Whatever was chasing me had the intent to kill.

Eventually I reached a clearing and turned around to face the thing that was hunting me. My jaw dropped. A....wolf? Seriously? It growled at me. "No!" he screamed. That voice...I knew that voice. I turned my head and stared at him with wide eyes. The boy who saved me, it was him.

His eyes had the intent to kill too, but he wasn't looking at me. His special glare was just for the wolf. He was running towards us. The wolf let out an ear splitting howl and jumped at me. The boy tackled the wolf in midair. I just stood there, the wind whipping my wet hair around my face.

I couldn't move, my mind had gone into lock down mode, like I was in a coma. I was fully aware of my surroundings, though. I could feel the cold wind on my skin and I could see and hear the boy fighting the wolf, but I couldn't do any thing about it. I fought against it with all of my strength but no matter what I tried to do I still couldn't move. All I could do was stand there and watch them fight to the death. The wolf struck at the boy's stomach and he screamed in agony. I snapped out of my coma.

Every thing felt like it was in slow motion now. He was bleeding, badly. The wolf had torn at his abdomen, leaving a deep gash. I ran to him but I couldn't get there fast enough. "Get out of here Tayla!" he screamed at me. I kept running but stopped when I was about three feet away from them. I could see every thing so clearly now but, again, I couldn't move. It was like some invisible force had me paralyzed. It was pure torcher. I saw every thing, every move made and every hit taken but I was helpless to do anything about it.

Finally the wolf lunged at him again but this time it barely caught the side of his face. The boy quickly counter reacted by pushing the wolf back in to the trees. There was a loud CRUCH, a pathetic whimper and the silence. The boy turned around to face me.

His face tired and bloody as it was, was still inhumanly beautiful. He had perfect features framed by locks of straight black hair with bright golden eyes. I felt like he was searching for something in my eyes, he stare was so intense. He started walking to me and soon he was close enough that I could see greenish flecks in the gold in his eyes. "Why didn't you leave?" the boy asked. I just stood there like and idiot, staring and him with a blank and slightly awed expression. He amazed me.

I continued staring at him until I noticed the wolf rushing at us from behind him. It was a different wolf; this one was a russet brown. "MOVE!" I screamed as I pushed the boy out of the way. I caught the wolf head on and fell back wards as it tackled me to the ground. The last thing I remembered seeing were the wolf's eyes. They



The rest of my dreams didn't really make sense; they were just blurs of light and sound. When the dreams ended the pain started up again. I faintly remember screaming through it while someone held my hand and whispered in my ear. But, finally, it all ended. The next time I opened my eyes I felt the hunger...