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Etranger Angelique

French for 'Angelic Stranger', this story is a clip from Twilight in chp.8 Port Angeles, from the hostsess's and waitress's point of view. Enjoy!

Sadly, I do not own Twilight in reality, only in my most pleasant dreams. It is the property of its respective owner, Stephenie Meyer, and I bow to her greatness! ALL HAIL STEPHENIE MEYER!

1. The God

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No one else is going to come in, I thought to myself. Maybe I could take off? I mean, there’s only like, what, ten customers here? And six of them are eating dessert, for Pete’s sake!

I slumped over on the hostess podium, my clipboard pressing softly against my arm. I could hear footsteps approaching, so I straightened up slightly and rubbed the clip reading ‘Alexis’ until it was straight. I wonder if I could get Margie to change it to Lexi. If not, I could cut it… I eyed the scissors on the shelf.

A couple was coming toward me, their arms intertwined and a beige coat folded over the woman’s arm, rubbing against her mauve dress.

"I hope you enjoyed your meal at La Bella Italia!" I called, bogusly cheerful. "Have a good evening!"

The man didn’t look up from the woman’s eyes as he responded, "Thanks. You, too."

I slouched once more the moment they had passed me, only to have to stand up again a second later when two more people walked in.

It was another man and woman, though this one did not hold hands or even touch, for that matter. The man kept a safe distance from her, moving discreetly to the side whenever the girl’s slightly swinging arm moved too close.

All of this occupied about a half of a second, leaving time for me to realize the obvious: this guy was unbelievably gorgeous! He looked maybe my age, nineteen, maybe eighteen. He had bronze hair and pale, white skin. His features were angular, and oh so perfect, there was no adequate way to describe him.

The girl next to him was smaller. Probably around sixteen or seventeen, she had straight brown hair, wide brown eyes, and full lips. She was ordinary enough, but when placed next to this, this god, she was just short of hideous.

She could be pretty, I thought, if she knew how to use makeup. But even then she wouldn’t be great. …They don’t look like a couple, I mean, she must be pretty loaded to land a guy like that!

I eyed her outfit. Just a simple blue blouse, jeans, and bjorndals. Something you could buy at Walmart. No loaded person would be caught there!

That can’t be it… Maybe they’re not dating. Maybe she’s just a friend who decided to take him to dinner, and, being the gentleman he looks like, reluctantly agreed. I gasped. Maybe he’s single!

I straightened up to my fullest height, tucking a piece of beautiful blonde hair behind my ear nervously. I glanced at the girl’s ordinariness again, and smiled.

He would most definitely like to be with me, more than, her, at least.

I smiled flirtatiously. "Hello," I greeted in what I hoped was an alluring voice. It must have worked, because the girl looked irritated.

"A table for two?" His voice was so smooth it startled me.

How strange… His eyes look yellow! Well, not yellow. Gold, maybe? Or perhaps topaz… His eyes gazed into mine with such intensity my mind could not focus. I must have looked like an idiot! My mouth was hanging wide open and my mind was a scrambled mess before I could shake it off and lead them to their table.

Maybe he said a table for two so he wouldn’t offend the plain girl. I smiled at his kindness, and I thought I was being nice, as well as I led him to the room where what remained of the guests were dining and stopping abruptly at a large square table big enough for a family of four.

At least, I thought it was nice until he stopped his ‘date’ from sitting, and said, "Perhaps something more private?" He slid me a bill, and I ogled at it, realizing it was fifty dollars.

The girl next to him looked as shocked as I felt.

"Sure." I shook off my amazement and tried to remain professional. I led them around the glass partition and to an empty ring of booths. "How’s this?" I asked, trying to seem friendly.

"Perfect." He flashed me a gleaming smile, so perfect and dazzling I couldn’t think. My thoughts were scrambled and my breathing turned shallow and sharp.

"Um…" I shook my head, trying to clear my mind, and blinked my eyes. "…Your server will be right out." I walked away unsteadily, trying to unscramble my thoughts, but I couldn’t get the image of that perfect white smile out of my head.