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Etranger Angelique

French for 'Angelic Stranger', this story is a clip from Twilight in chp.8 Port Angeles, from the hostsess's and waitress's point of view. Enjoy!

Sadly, I do not own Twilight in reality, only in my most pleasant dreams. It is the property of its respective owner, Stephenie Meyer, and I bow to her greatness! ALL HAIL STEPHENIE MEYER!

2. Waitressing

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Chapter 2. Waitressing for a God

"Shoot!" I was scrubbing the number seven off of my sodoku pad when Lexi burst into the kitchen, her blue eyes wide with excitement and a pleased smile plastered on her face.

"Booth 9, Amber," she said, her grin growing, if that was even possible.

I rolled my eyes, returning to the puzzle. Tucking a strand of stray black hair behind my ear, I responded indifferently, "Can’t you have Jeff take care of it? I’m kind of busy here…"

"Believe me, Amber, you want to take this one’s order!" Lexi insisted.

That was all it took to spark my curiosity.

"Okay," I sighed, closing my pad. "What’s up?"

The smile that had dimmed ever so slightly on Lexi’s face beamed at me once more. "He is so hot! And I don’t mean, ‘next-door neighbor’ hot, I mean ‘angel disguised as a runaway model’ hot!"

My face must have exposed my intrigue, because she continued.

"He came in all graceful-like, and Amber, you should have seen his smile!" Her expression drifted then, obviously recalling an extra pleasant memory. She regained herself and continued, "He came in with this girl. Really plain. No chance they’re dating, at least, I hope not. Didn’t look like it, though. Anyway, he’s loaded. Look at the tip he gave me!"

She handed me what looked like a new bill, due to the fact it didn’t have a single wrinkle, and I saw it was fifty dollars!

"You must be a darn good hostess!" I said incredulously.

"Actually, he was just asking for a different table, and he just slipped it to me!" she shook her head with a smile. "He was so definitely flirting with me!"

I ignored her babble and skipped to the good stuff. "So he was hot?"

"My gosh, Amber! Did you not just hear me? He’s a total god!"

I simply nodded my head and mentally calculated how much of a chance I had with him. I wasn’t that good-looking, so I had to admit, the chances weren’t good. "And you said he’s not with this other girl?"

Irritated, Lexi answered, "I said he isn’t! Amber, just go!"

Then, she just pulled me from my seat, my papers and pencil falling to the floor, and shoved me out the kitchen doors.

I quickly collected my balance and braced myself for something as good as Lexi described. I tucked a short strand of hair behind my ear and turned around the partition, trying to slow my ever-increasing heart rate all the while.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __

All of the booths were empty except for one; there were two people sitting there, a woman and a man. Lexi wasn’t exaggerating; he was angelic. In fact, I had never seen anyone so beautiful. It took all of the self-control I had to tear myself away from my ogling to glance at the girl sitting across from him. She wasn’t ugly. Actually, she was quite pretty. Nothing compared to the man, of course, but more than ordinary. Amber had biased opinions of people, obviously.

I put on a warm smile and ignored the girl, in hopes of enchanting the man.

"Hello. My name is Amber, and I’ll be your server tonight. What can I get you to drink?" My back was turned to the girl.

The god-like one looked at her, and I reluctantly turned away from him.

"I’ll have a Coke." She responded as if she was asking a question. I could almost taste her ‘ackward-ness’.

"Two Cokes," he ordered with, unlike the girl, self-confidence.

I smiled flirtatiously and said, "I’ll be right back with that." I could feel my smile fade when I saw that he wasn’t looking at me, but rather the girl, and with such intensity it seemed impossible for them not to be dating.

I returned to the kitchen glumly. That had not gone well.

Lexi was obviously already waiting for me to dish in the kitchen. (No pun intended) She was sitting in the wooden chair I had been playing sodoku in earlier, biting her nails.

"So? What happened?"

I plopped down in the chair next to her and sighed. "He completely ignored me. But he was so cute!" The image of his face appeared in my mind’s eye and I couldn’t help but smile. I watched as he looked toward the girl with such love in his eyes that it seemed impossible that Lexi had not seen it.

"He didn’t even look at me. He was just staring at the girl with him. They’re definitely dating." I rose from my chair to fill two clear plastic cups with Coke and grabbed a basket of breadsticks.

"Really? It didn’t look like that to me…Oh well. I still got to flirt with him!"

I rolled my eyes and exited the kitchen, leaving Lexi staring off into space with a dreamy look on her face.

The Cokes chilled my hands as I walked to the booth once more. A few of the guests had left, but there they were, looking so out of place in this deserted restaurant. He was staring into her eyes again. I didn’t think he had ever looked away.

As I walked up, I could hear him say, "Just the same, I’ll feel better when you have some food and sugar in you." I wondered what had happened to make this god worry.

I put one of Lexi’s false smiles on my face to hide my fear of being ignored yet again. I walked up facing the man and placed the breadsticks and drinks on the table, being careful to keep my face up as I bent down. Again, his beauty shocked me, but it was something else that made me freeze momentarily.

He smelled, quite frankly, luscious. It didn’t smell like cologne, but it was definitely not natural. I felt a strange urge to pull away, despite part of me wanting to lean in and take in his sweet aroma.

I quickly gathered my thoughts, trying to not look like an idiot. "Are you ready to order?" I asked the man, not interested in what the girl said, though concern was building in the pit of my stomach for the girl due to the look on the man’s face.

"Bella?" he asked. So that was her name. I wondered what his was…

I turned to look at the girl named Bella. She barely glanced at the menu, just picking the first thing she saw.

"Um…I’ll have the mushroom ravioli."

"And you?" I turned backed to the man with a smile.

"Nothing for me." I thought I saw Bella roll her eyes slightly.

"Let me know if you change your mind," I said with a coy smile, but he was once again gazing at the girl. I left dissatisfied yet again.

"Drink," I heard him order as I walked away.