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Etranger Angelique

French for 'Angelic Stranger', this story is a clip from Twilight in chp.8 Port Angeles, from the hostsess's and waitress's point of view. Enjoy!

Sadly, I do not own Twilight in reality, only in my most pleasant dreams. It is the property of its respective owner, Stephenie Meyer, and I bow to her greatness! ALL HAIL STEPHENIE MEYER!

3. Chapter 3

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Why am I doing this? I thought. She’ll be fine! There is simply no need for me to go and spy on her! A small, pessimistic portion of my mind spoke up just then. That’s not the only reason you’re going, and you know it. I quickly quieted the voice, but I knew it was true. It had been too long since I’d seen that angel’s face, her deep brown eyes, her scarlet blush…

Stop that! I commanded myself.

I took a deep, unnecessary breath and made my way to the front door as silently as possible, as not to attract any unwanted attention from my family members.

Just as I was reaching out for the brass knob that stood between myself and freedom, a voice spoke up from behind me.

"Where are you going, Edward?" Rosalie asked.

My body grew rigid. I sighed and turned about. "Nowhere, Rose. Just…out."

Her eyes narrowed. "You’re going to see that…girl again, aren’t you?" she sneered. Isn’t night enough for you?

"Look, Rose. Where or who I spend my time with is absolutely none of your business."

She laughed humorlessly. "Tell THAT to Alice." With that she walked up the stairs, Vogue magazine in hand.

Great. The whole ‘sneaking out’ thing ran quite smoothly. I rolled my eyes.

I was soon out the door and in my Volvo. I hesitated starting the engine, contemplating what I was about to do. I sighed heavily and took off.

My mind was swimming as I sped down the street, toward Port Angeles. What if she didn’t want me there? What if she had decided to finally take my warnings seriously? I don’t think I could handle that. A sudden flashback of the last time I had seen her face swam in front of my eyes. Her face looked so…disappointed when I had told her I would not be attending school the next day. Or was that just wishful thinking?

I gulped. What if the worst thing of all had happened? What if she found out what I REALLY was?

But doesn’t she have the right to know that I’m a vampire? I’m certainly not going to tell her, but if she figured it out herself, would it be a, 'Que, sera sera’ moment'? I severely doubt it.

I slowed dramatically as I entered the visitor-friendly Port Angeles. I had not thought about this. How was I going to find her? If I could read her mind, this would be a whole lot easier.

I scanned through minds, searching. She was friends with Jessica, right? She was probably with her.

Bingo. I found her. Which one should I choose? The black one is definitely sexier, but I love this blue one. What do you think? She thought.

For the next half an hour or so I tuned in and out of Jessica and Angela’s minds, watching as they each chose a dress and worked their way through accessories.

How could they be so…boring? There was no other adequate word for it. Periods between checking their thoughts grew longer, until I realized that she wasn’t with them anymore. In Jessica’s mind I saw a picture of where she sent her, and off I went without a second thought.

I stopped outside the store I had seen. It was strange, to be honest. There was incense, crystals, spiritual books, and other mystical miscellaneous. I stepped outside the car, and could tell she hadn’t gone in, but rather headed north. Her luscious scent formed a long trail, but I lost it in the crowd.

I resorted to searching random human’s minds, hoping to see her face. I found my fair share of troubles at work, home, and romantic lives, but not what I wanted.

Should I try to find her on foot? I thought. It might be easier…

I cut off my thought when a sudden image startled me. Ain’t she a beaut? Can’t WAIT for that…

"Bella," I whispered. A man had seen her passing by on the street. Maybe I could just politely ask for help locating her, and-

But his thoughts continued.

How shall we do it? Another man asked him. Like the last one. That ended…nicely. I could feel my eyes widen. Ya think she’ll fight us off? The other continued. Nah, she’s too small. She’ll be a great victim.

Images of previous ‘victims’ and what those, those men had done to them flashed in his mind. I couldn’t believe it. They were going to rape Bella!

I have to get to her! I thought urgently, racing down random streets, trying with all my might to follow that voice.

I must have flown down a million different routes before I saw her, Bella. She was standing between four men, each advancing on her. I sped up.

Something was wrong. I could see no fear or worry in Bella’s eyes. Just a strange determination. It was obvious she was concentrating very hard on something, but what that was I could not fathom.

Why isn’t she running, screaming,anything? I thought urgently.

She noticed my headlights and saw her opportunity. She jumped in front of my car, trying to save herself.

At least she has some kind of self-preservation. I thought.

I fishtailed around to the curb and flung open the door. Relief flooded her face, and for a brief moment in time, I forgot my anger and could only see her beautiful face. It was, indeed, a very brief moment.