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 ^^^Made by the lovely, twilightOCD (yes I know thats my pen name, duh.) This is pretty much what would happen if I was Bella. Well, not really Bella, just having gotten to Edward first (I always dream of that :P) It's kind of boring at first, maybe to you, but for me, imagining me doing that, is just so exciting. Wow...he's even hotter in person, lol.


1. Chapter 1: One Girl's Purgatory is Another Girl's Dream Come True

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I walked slowly down the sidewalk, my breathing creeping near hyperventilation. I was starting at a new school, in a new town, in a new state. It was raining, as it did everyday in this bleak little green infested town, and the clouds blocked out the sun. It was absolutely miserable. But not for me. For my name is Jessica Miceli, and I have just moved to the town of my dreams.

The backpack on my shoulders was bright green (as if this town didn’t have enough) with drawings in black sharpie all over it. Several key chains bounced up and down as I walked, one of which a small stuffed cat. My jacket was black, and zippered up over my white skeleton-print t-shirt. My jeans were dark blue, reaching down to my white and black checkered slip-on’s.

In my arms, I held a thick volume that had in it everything I needed to know about Forks. On the cover was the familiar logo, with the familiar name stretched across the bottom. At the top was the one word I thought of every time I heard the words “Forks,” and “Washington.”

I turned onto the last stretch of sidewalk before my destination, and felt my heart beating erratically inside my chest. I smoothed down my hair and pressed pause on my iPod, turning it off and sliding it in my pocket. I decided I couldn’t miss anything today.

And then I turned right. I stopped abruptly, feeling the excitement in my stomach as I looked upon the school I’d imagined was waiting for me. It was just like in the book – a group of small buildings with white signs and painted black letters and picnic tables and students and a silver Volvo.

When I saw the Volvo, I just about screamed. It was just like in the book. Shiny silver pain, leather interior, tinted windows, and spacious inside. Slowly, I walked up to it, staring in silence. Then, I figured I’d draw attention, so I turned away and crossed the parking lot.

I found the office easily – just like the book had said, brick with a sign above the door reading “FRONT OFFICE” in big letters. I walked inside and saw the dozens of green, potted plants, and the counter with the various precariously stacked documents and bright flyers attached to wire bins and the woman behind it with the purple t-shirt.

It was almost de-já vu, if you consider ‘re-experiencing’ experiencing something you read about in a book.

“Can I help you, dear?” Asked the woman in the purple shirt – whom I recognized to be Mrs. Cope.

“My name’s Jessica Miceli,” I said. Instant recognition struck her features, and she turned and rummaged around for something.

“Here you go, dear,” she said, handing me a small packet of papers. I flipped through them, finding a schedule, a map, and a pink slip for my teachers to sign. She took the packet from me and opened it to the map, showing me where to find all my classes, and highlighting the best route to each.

“Have a nice day, honey,” she said as I turned to leave. I looked behind me and thanked her, then pushed open the door and stepped back into the rain. It had picked up, and I frantically looked down at my map to find my class. I was running late – the campus was empty.

As I ran, I ducked my head to keep out of the rain. Therefore, I wasn’t watching where I was going. And, knowing me, I ended up bumping into a last minute straggler.

I fell back onto the ground, and my book went flying from my arms. The boy I’d bumped into was still standing, shocked, in front of me. His shoes were black and made of a rough, tennis-shoe like leather. His legs were covered by plain blue jeans that were a centimeter from touching the ground.

I didn’t look up, but searched for my beloved book. It lay several feet away, face up on the pavement.

“Sorry,” he murmured, extending a white hand. Unthinkingly, I took it in mine, and was shocked by the icy coldness. But since we were outside, it didn’t seem strange. In one swift movement, she helped me up, letting go of my hand as soon as I was safely on my feet.

Then he disappeared from in front of me. I spun around, trying to find him, and then he was there again, handing me my book. I saw that a tan coat covered his arms, extending to his wrist, where blue veins rested under his pale skin.

I looked up to thank him, but what I saw sent my mouth agape, and my eyes wide open in shock.

His chin was angular, leading to perfectly round lips, up to a straight nose, purple shadows under sparkling eyes, framed by thick lashes.

He stared back at me, as if he were worried that I was about to have a seizure or something. “Are you alright?” He asked me, his voice tight. Although reserved, it was musical, like an angel’s.

“Uhhh….” Was all I could manage to get out. “Ummm…uhhh…yeah,” I said, finally making some sense.

No! My conscience chuckled inside my head. It’s not him, it’s just a book. Just because he looks like him doesn’t mean anything. I mean, I’m sure that’s not really what he looks like, that’s just what I think he looks like in my head. And I’ve been know to exaggerate.

“Um, here’s your book, Jessica,” he said, handing me my volume. Shocked that he knew my name, I just stood and stared after he gave it to me.

“How do you know my name?”

“Well, I’ve never seen you before, and word of your arrival has been going around for weeks,” he said with a dazzling smile.

I waited to hear what he would say next, crossing my arms and holding the book to my chest. He seemed to be waiting as well, as if he thought I might say something. Suddenly, his face changed, realizing what I was waiting for.

“Forgive me,” he said, extending his hand. “My name is Edward. Edward Cullen.”