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 ^^^Made by the lovely, twilightOCD (yes I know thats my pen name, duh.) This is pretty much what would happen if I was Bella. Well, not really Bella, just having gotten to Edward first (I always dream of that :P) It's kind of boring at first, maybe to you, but for me, imagining me doing that, is just so exciting. Wow...he's even hotter in person, lol.


10. Chapter 10: Worst day ever.

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I froze. He just said the words ‘I’ and ‘love’ and ‘you’ – meaning ME – all in the same sentence! My brain was screaming, while my face remained frozen in embarrassed shock.

Without warning, he leaned in slowly. I heard vaguely the beeping of the heart monitor accelerate, but it was just background. Because I was focusing on something I’d never been rude enough to stare at before: his lips, making a beeline for mine.

He was inches away. Centimeters away. Millimeters away. The beeping was going crazy, like someone who was playing piano and had a seizure halfway through a song. I felt his cool breath on my lips, and my own mouth salivate in reaction.

And they touched. His lips. My lips. Together.

It was like I’d always dreamed. I’d meet the man from my fairytales – in this case a certain famous favorite book of mine… - and we’d fall helplessly in love. And I’d have my first kiss, and it would be like no other. My leg would pop. Except in this case, there was a bed underneath it… but I was sure it would’ve popped anyways!

I was lost in blissful romance, lost in the kiss, lost in his touch. And then, abruptly, he pulled back. My lips screamed, aching for more, but I stayed motionless, eyes closed. My lips remained pursed, as if thinking that something more was actually on its way. But nothing was. Dammit.

I opened first one eye, then the other. Then my lips slowly relaxed, still tingling with electricity from the kiss. My heart still continued to give me away, sending the heart monitor in crazy seizure piano songs. Except it wasn’t a regular piano…more like a keyboard on some crazy techno thing.

“I’m sorry…that was uncalled for,” he apologized, standing.

“Wait! Don’t go,” I cried, afraid he was taking it back.

He seemed to deliberate for a minute, between what he wanted, and what was right. He sat down then, choosing what he wanted. I was incredibly overjoyed that he didn’t go for what was right. Because, really, who cares about morals anyways?

Interrupting our connection, a nurse strode in. “Ah, I see you’re awake. How are you feeling?”

“Pretty good actually. I’m guessing the drugs haven’t worn off yet,” I said with a laugh.

“Yes, they seem to be dulling. There was so much, it was keeping you asleep for a while there,” she said in her nurse-ly tone.

“What’s the damage?” I asked with chagrin; this was the part I’d been dreading.

“Not bad actually. Considering what happened, you made it out with a broken rib, a laceration of the forehead, and a broken wrist. It could’ve been worse,” She added.

I nodded. “You won’t have to worry though, you’ll be out of here in three to four days, and you can go back to school a two weeks after that. Your father’s already set up to have your teachers send you all your assignments.”

“Oh, yes. I can’t miss out on my education,” I added sarcastically.

She engaged me in a little more polite conversation before leaving Edward and I alone. There was awkward silence for a while as we tried to think of something to sum up the…outburst from before.

“So…still want to have lunch with me?” He asked, a smirk spreading across his face. I smiled, already having made the decision to accept.


I walked slowly down the street to the school grounds. I’d pretty much healed by then – only still having a cast on my wrist, to be removed in two more weeks. I was anxious to get to school, to see who would follow me around, a hero for selflessly stepping in front of a raging monster car. I also was excited to see how Bella would thank me for saving her so courageously.

I passed her empty truck on the way to the campus, surprised to see that there were no dents in her fender. But then again, her car was one of those solid iron affairs, the kind that leaves from the scene of an accident, paint unscratched and bumper uncratered.

I entered my first class, realizing I was a little late. Not late enough to be marked tardy, but not early enough to not be the last one in the room. I looked for Bella, waiting for her to come running up thanking me and telling me that she owed me her life. But I didn’t see her.

Then I did find her – in the center of a group of people. At first I didn’t know what was going on, then I heard her talking about the crash.

“So the van’s speeding at me, and seeing as Jessica was right next to me, I pushed her out of the way so she wouldn’t get hurt. Then I stood in front of her, sacrificing myself to save her,” she said proudly.

“What about Edward? Tell them what he did!” Mike was shouting from beside her.

“Well, he tried to save me, because he was so impressed by my selflessness, but I wouldn’t let him, and I stood in front of him too. Meanwhile, the car’s still coming at me like a big boulder. So I froze, and I kinda just didn’t know what to do. And it hit my truck, but then bounced away, just inches from crushing me!”

“Wow!” Several admiring onlookers gasped in praise. “How selfless!”

From where I stood, I literally growled. Who did she think she was? Telling everybody that she saved me? I was the one that got in front of her and took the blow! I was the one who became the pancake, sandwiched between an ancient truck and a full size mini-van!

If looks could kill, Bella would be dead right now. She’d have been shot fifty thousand million times and be bleeding all over everywhere right now. And I’d be laughing like a maniacal, homicidal lunatic.

But my vision was incapable of murder. Dammit! I cursed in my head. If only I had death-ray vision. Yeah. That would be awesome. She’d be so dead that she wouldn’t even feel me kill her again. But then I’d need to have life-vision, so that I could bring her back and kill her again. Yes…

I stomped over to my seat and threw my book bag onto the floor. Still grumbling, I pulled out my binder and started on the drill, not bothering to look at her in her undeserved gloating. She makes me sick.

The rest of the day went something like that, with Bella gaining the spotlight while I remained ignored. At one point I’d heard her conversing in low voices, but just loud enough for me to purposefully hear, with Jessica Stanley.

“…can’t believe her. You saved her life, and she hasn’t even thanked you!” Jessica hissed in her ear.

“I don’t know. But it’s okay. Just seeing her alive and well makes it all better.” She replied in an undertone. Hah! As if that made her a good person? As if indeed.

Apparently, today was not going to be my day. As if Bella stealing my spotlight couldn’t get any worse.

I was sitting at Edward and mine’s usual lunch table, awaiting his arrival. He’d acted like the kiss had never happened, though it had brought us closer. Maybe he just hadn’t been ready to further the relationship. I could wait. I had all the time in the world.

“Is this some kind of joke? Huh? Is it funny to you?” He came out of nowhere, startling me.

“What?” I replied dumbly.

He brandished a book, and it took me a second to realize what it was. He stuck it in front of my face, his arm shaking in anger, causing the book to shake and the title to blur.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“This book! Do you think making up these…these lies is humorous? Do you think spreading this crap about my family is funny?”

The blood drained from my face in recognition. He was talking about Twilight. About how the main character of it happened to be named Edward Cullen, plus all the other coincidences.

“How can you do this? Hundreds of people have read this, and these lies! How could you make up this book about my family? How?”

“I didn’t make it, I swear!”

“Yeah sure. I’m not stupid, Jessica. I know what a pseudonym is,” he spat.

“No, it’s really not mine! It’s just a-”

“A coincidence? How can this be a coincidence? How can you have known all this? How could you assume?”

“I didn’t write it, Edward!”

“Do you honestly believe this? That we’re- we’re monsters? Just like in the book? Well, you’re wrong. I can’t believe you would do this!”

“I didn’t!”

“You know what, Jessica? I though I could trust you. I thought that you were different.” He concluded, before stamping off to that table where his siblings sat.

I stared after him, tears running over, my face frozen in a mask of shock. My day could not get worse than this. It couldn’t get worse than losing Edward to the assumption that I was a crazed stalker.