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 ^^^Made by the lovely, twilightOCD (yes I know thats my pen name, duh.) This is pretty much what would happen if I was Bella. Well, not really Bella, just having gotten to Edward first (I always dream of that :P) It's kind of boring at first, maybe to you, but for me, imagining me doing that, is just so exciting. Wow...he's even hotter in person, lol.


12. Chapter 12: My savior

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I felt my eyes grow huge. Not able to stray from his face, containing the eyes that locked on mine, I didn’t see him kick me in the gut with is bare foot. But I sure as hell felt it.

I let out one single scream before I felt him lift me up and start running, leaving my abandoned bag behind. My eyes remained open, the rushing of air drying them out completely, burning them.

And then we came to a halt. Looking around, I realized we were in a small clearing. And we weren’t alone.

Approximately fifty yards away was a male with pitch black hair and olive toned skin, wearing similar clothes as my captor. Farther back, behind him, stood a female with wild red hair, also wearing ragged hiking clothes.

And I realized who they were.


We were sitting in my Volvo, driving home from school. Alice had shot gun position, and Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett all sat in the back. It was silent, all of our thoughts revolving around the same thought, the same anger, the same face.

We would have to leave town. We didn’t like doing it, but it had to be done.

“Edward?” Alice’s small voice broke the heavy silence that enveloped the car.

I glanced over, acknowledging that she’d called my name, but saying nothing.

“I think we should stop the car.”

“Why?” My voice rang out, cutting, furious in the silence.

“Because, -” She froze, and her eyes went blank. Another vision.

I saw it in her mind, but made no move to stop the car.

“Edward! Why aren’t you stopping?”

“I’m not stopping,” I growled in a harsh tone.

“But they’ll kill her! We have to-”

“We don’t have to do anything. We’re going home, and we’re going to pack up and move away.”

“But we have to-”

“WE’RE NOT STOPPING,” I shouted, causing her and the occupants of the back to jump. I pressed the gas pedal all the way down, and the car accelerated beneath me.

There was a long pause as Alice pursed her lips stubbornly.

“Is anyone gonna tell me what’s going on?” Emmett asked obliviously behind me. I shot him a murderous glance over my shoulder.

“Pull over.”

“No,” I growled lowly.

“Edward, pull over. I’m getting out.”

“No one’s getting out.”

“Dammit Edward! You said you didn’t want to be a monster. That you wanted to help people instead of hurt them! This is just as bad as hurting her!”

“How so?” I replied coolly despite my shocking revelation.

“Just letting them kill her?”

“Alice, vampires kill people every day. We can’t save them all.”

“But you don’t get it! We can try to save who we can! And we can save her!”

“We have packing to do.”

“Edward!” She whined. “You don’t see what I see! What Jasper sees! You’re blind!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“She loves you, Edward. She looks up to you. You’re her hero!”

I remained silent, not wanting to let her know that it was working.

“Be her hero now, Edward.”

I slammed my foot down on the brakes, moving over to the shoulder. I got out, slamming the door behind me, and took off running through the woods.

In the last thought of hers I heard, I heard her chuckle with satisfaction. “I knew you’d get it sooner or later, you dumbass.”


He dropped me to the ground, and I hit with a low thud. I scrambled up into a sitting position, shiftily glancing around at each face. The man farthest from me stared, and the woman was looking away in disinterest.

The wind blew sudden and sharp, swirling my hair around my face.

Three things happened simultaneously then.

All three of their heads snapped around to stare at me, their nostrils flaring, sniffing the air. In a movement so quick I almost missed it; they sprang forward at the same time. A rumbling growl erupted from all three directions, sending my cowering against a tree trunk.

But thankfully, they all had the same intentions in mind, and weren’t planning on sharing. They turned on each other, snarling and fighting. And, seeing as they were preoccupied at the moment, I had a window of opportunity.

I sprung up from my seated position and turned into the woods, running at full speed. I knew – using my Twilight induced knowledge - that I wouldn’t be able to out run them. But if I could just get to the road to call for help, I would be in the clear.

And I ran.

I hadn’t been running all that long before I hear a new growling far behind me. It wasn’t the angry quarreling growling from the meadow but a snarl of fury – of realization. They’d realized that I was gone.

I tried running faster, but I could hear the leaves crinkling behind me, growing faster and faster and ever closer to me. With wild desperation, I ran through the brush, as fast as I could. But fast wasn’t fast enough.

“You can’t run forever, girl,” I heard a low growl behind me. I froze in place, and slowly turned to see the second man leaning casually against a tree trunk.

“No, please!” I screamed, turning and trying to run again.

I didn’t see him do it, but suddenly, he was in front of me. I wasn’t sure which limb, but something struck my stomach, sending me flying back and hitting a wide maple tree, hard.

I fell to the ground, slumped over and trying to regain my breath. He was in front of me in a second, laughing cruelly from above me.

“Do you honestly think you can beat me? You’re nothing but a little girl. Insignificant, weak…” he tried to break me down. I clamped my hands over my ears childishly, shaking my head.

He laughed again, this time cold and hard. “You can’t win.”

He struck me again, and I was airborne once more, slamming backwards into another tree. I felt a trickling sensation at my forehead and an aching pain in my back. I only hoped now that the end was near.

He sauntered forward, sniffing the air. “What a lovely smell,” he noted quietly.

And suddenly, from the opposite direction, something, or someone, tackled him to the ground. A vicious growling burst out from his assailant – but it wasn’t the same terrifying snarling as before. This was clearly defensive. Defensive of me. And I knew the familiar cloud of untidy hair surrounding his glorious face.