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 ^^^Made by the lovely, twilightOCD (yes I know thats my pen name, duh.) This is pretty much what would happen if I was Bella. Well, not really Bella, just having gotten to Edward first (I always dream of that :P) It's kind of boring at first, maybe to you, but for me, imagining me doing that, is just so exciting. Wow...he's even hotter in person, lol.


3. Chapter 3: Haha, yeah right.

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In Alice’s head, I saw her vision. We were all at the house, standing on the lawn. A car pulled up – a rusty purple neon. The door opened and Jessica stepped out, beaming.

What was she doing at our house? She went around to the trunk of her car and pulled out two suitcases. Why did she have suitcases?

I walked up to her and took one of them, then leaned in a pecked her on the cheek. What the hell? She blushed, and picked up her suitcase and followed me to the porch where the family was waiting.

Esme hugged her and said, “Welcome to the family.” WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

“Thank you,” she said, stepping over the threshold. “Its so nice to belong,” she added.

“Come on, Jess, I’ll show you your room!” Alice exclaimed, grabbing her hand and pulling her up the stairs. Just as she was leaving, I caught sight of her eyes. They were golden.

I was pulled out of the trance quickly. And then I started laughing. It was a maniacal, insane laughter that made Jessica back up several steps.

“Haha, Alice, you are too funny,” I said, continuing to laugh crazily.

“Are you okay?” She asked, giving me a strange look of confusion.

“Ahaha…haha….aaahhh…yeah. I’m good.” I said, throwing in one more laugh just for the heck of it.

“Okay well…I’m gonna go now…bye,” she said, turning and slowly leaving.

I spun around in the chair, laughing again at their expressions. Alice was contemplating my sanity, Rosalie was just plain freaked out, Jasper was stifling laughter, and Emmett was dying. Of laughter that is.

“Edward, what’s your problem?” Alice asked, raising her eyebrow. Are you insane?

“Haha…Alice…haha…you are so funny!” I said. Emmett was approaching the falling on the floor, kicking and laughing your butt off part of his fits of giggles.

“What are you talking about?” She said.

“You actually think that’s going to happen? Haha, Alice…ohmygod. Haha.”

“Edward, I didn’t make it up. It was a vision.” She said slowly, still questioning my sanity.

“Haha, yeah right.”

Edward, I’m serious.


I sat back down at the still-empty table. Finishing my pizza, I thought about what had just happened. Her name was Alice.

That had to be more than a coincidence. Maybe Stephenie Meyer was really a fortune teller, who predicted things and wrote them in books. Except there’s no Bella. Does that mean that has yet to come? Maybe that I got here early.

No! It was just a coincidence. I’m sure there are a lot of Edward Cullens with sisters named Alice and two other adopted siblings that lived in Washington. Well, maybe not in Washington. But everywhere else, I’m sure.

There was only one way to find out. I turned and looked over at Edward. He was looking at Alice, saying something and laughing. And then I thought. Very, hard.

EDWARD! Can you hear me? HELLOOOOOOOOO? HEY, CAN YOU HEAR MY THOUGHTS? He didn’t turn. Damn! Maybe he wasn’t the real Edward Cullen. Stupid, phony impostor!

I looked at the clock, and seeing that I had five minutes to find my biology class, I finished off my apple and closed my water, tucking it into my backpack. I studied my map quickly, and then was off.

When I stepped into the room, I looked around, and then almost fainted when I saw Edward Cullen in the back of the room, looking out the window wistfully.