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Three hundred years after Bella insanely chose Jacob instead of edward, but Jacob ended up falling for a hispanic exchanged student and almost killed Bella. Bella was saved by a man known as Mikhail, he was a prince of his people, Carpathians. The hunt carpathians turned vampires. After three hundred years Bella and Edward finally meet again, but this time as true life-mates.

Carpathians drink blood, they can shapedhift, read minds, and will turn vampire if the darkness takes over if they can never find their life-m,ate.

1. Drawn

Rating 5/5   Word Count 700   Review this Chapter

Bella’s POV

The wind flowed beneath the length of my wings. Ripples spread through my hawk body; I was beautiful, graceful, and delicate. I could fly but couldn’t feel the emotion of happiness. Having been hunting vampires for three hundred years, I had lost my emotions and could only see in black and white. Mikhail-our leader-said that only our life mate can bring back the feelings and colors of life, only I was yet to find my other half.

Hunger growled at my stomach and I dived close in the trees. I shape shifted back into my human form. My hair long and almost reaching past my knees flowed with every stride I took. My skirt was long and flowed sexily around my calves; my blouse was blue and clung neatly to my curves.

Ever since the conversion form human to Carpathian, my features had grown exquisite. I followed the trees into town, where I would find someone to feed on. Feeding-I learned centuries back-did not demand that I kill the human simply that I take what I need and make sure that they won’t remember.

Jensen Holmes-a friend of Carpathians-walked down the street seeking fresh air. Immediately my mind reached out and I rapped his lesser conscious one in a mist of vapors. As I drank what I needed from him I thought about the strange presence that seemed to be within the Carpathian forest. The vampires seemed to be gathering together, trying to kill Mikhail. Not if I can help it. The day that I let someone get that close to Mikhail, is that day I die…again.

Withdrawing from Jensen, I filled his mind with fuzzy hazes, putting the idea in his head that he had drunken too much. Winding through the streets I head past the pub and the inn, but a force stopped me. It was like a pull, something told me that I needed to go inside the inn. Then I felt something tug mentally in my head, as if trying to enter. I reached out to them still leaving my mental block up so they couldn’t do the same.

Their mind was filled with sorrow, as well as happiness. It took me all of a second to figure out that it was male. Why can’t I get inside their head? I know she’s their, I know it’s a woman, but why can’t I touch her mind? It’s like it was with…her. Wondering who she was and who he was, I pushed open the inn door and stepped inside. Hazel was standing at the reception desk typing away at her computer, glancing up when I entered the room she smiled warmly.

“Hello Bella,” she said stopping her typing and leaning on the desk. “What can I do for you this evening?” I didn’t answer at first, taking a minute to reach out to his mind again, and pin-point which room he was in.

“I’m here to see someone in room twenty-eight, I believe.” Hazel nodded and reached under the desk and fished out a keycard.

“That would be Mr. Cullen, the rest of his family are in three other rooms across from him, they all are staying on the third floor.” I smiled thankfully and took the key. I got into the elevator and pressed three on the floor panel. Stepping out into the hallway, I felt my mind race as to why I was being drawn here, for no apparent reason.

Now standing in from of the door marked twenty-eight, I knocked politely. I barely pulled my fist away from the door when it was answered, and I stood facing someone I thought that I would never ever see again.

His auburn hair, his topaz eyes, his perfectly sculpted face and lips. It was all there, Edward was all there. My mind screamed for attention, of course. Mr. Cullen, god I should have known. Then something hit me hard. His hair, and his yes, they were…colors. I could see in Color! The emotions came flooding in then, and the first one I felt was surprise. Only one person would be able to bring all these things back…my life mate.