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Three hundred years after Bella insanely chose Jacob instead of edward, but Jacob ended up falling for a hispanic exchanged student and almost killed Bella. Bella was saved by a man known as Mikhail, he was a prince of his people, Carpathians. The hunt carpathians turned vampires. After three hundred years Bella and Edward finally meet again, but this time as true life-mates.

Carpathians drink blood, they can shapedhift, read minds, and will turn vampire if the darkness takes over if they can never find their life-m,ate.

2. Explanations

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Edward’s POV

The scent hit me hard in the chest and a low familiar growl rumbled in my throat. Nothing had ever smelled so good. But it wasn’t just the same smell; this one was similar, yes, but stronger, better as if it had advanced.

Her eyes-still the same chocolate brown-looked at me, her shocked face mirrored my own. I wanted to stare at her forever, grab her hand and hold on so I wouldn’t ever loose her again.

There was something overwhelmingly different about her though. It wasn’t just her scent; it was something else, too. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but my curiosity increased when I felt a tug in my mind.

“Bella,” I managed out at last. The tug ceased and Bella blinked rapidly.

“Maybe we should talk inside,” she suggested glancing down the hallway. I nodded and moved out of the way so she could enter.

She sauntered over to the bed and sat crossed legged on it. My eyes grazed over her body intimately, bringing back feelings. Her hair tumbled past her knees as she sat, and she pushed a loose strand away from her face. The natural movement seemed almost sexy. I took a seat in the chair next to the bed, facing her.

The silence carried for endless minutes, neither of us knew what to say, or how to even say it.

“So,” I started slowly. “How have you been?” Her shoulders relaxed slightly.

“Pretty good considering,” She replied licking her lips. “What have you been up to?”

“Not much.” She nodded as if waiting for me to say more, but when I didn’t she sighed.

“God, this is hard.” She stated mainly to herself. “I mean it’s been so long since we last saw each other.” I cleared my throat and sat up farther in my chair.

“So how’s Jake?” I asked wondering if the werewolf was still alive. To be honest though I really didn’t want to know how great there life together was. It already hurt to know that she chose to be with Jake, I don’t need her telling me how great a choice that was.

“I’m not with Jake anymore Edward,” she reassured. A wave of relief washed over me at her words, and at the relaxation in her tone. She obviously wasn’t broken up about it.

“I’m sorry,”

“No you’re not.” I stared at her shocked. Her statement had been full of confidence.

“Excuse me?”

“You aren’t sorry,” she clarified, I scoffed.

“What makes you think that?” she grinned ruefully.

“You do. You thought it,” she answered swiftly. Startled, my eyes widened. SHE had been the tug in my mind, SHE was the girl that I couldn’t read, it all made sense now.

“You can read minds?” she nodded slowly registering my reaction.

“And emotions, and other things.” My brow furrowed.

“What other things?”

“Shape-shifting, and communicating with animals.” I blinked and then leaned forward.

“What are you?”

“A Carpathian,”

“What is that?”

“It’s a species of the earth. We can roam at night and we sleep during the day. We do sleep though most of the time it’s within the earth, underground. We can shape shift into any animal, but personally I prefer the hawk and the snow leopard. We drink blood, but only what we need to sustain us, and we don’t kill humans when we do feed. They don’t remember it either; instead we plant a false memory so that they aren’t confused.

“We fight and kill vampires-not your kind, a different species. These vampires are former Carpathians turned evil.”

“How did this happen? How did you become one?”

“Mikhail-our leader-turned me, I was dying so he exchanged blood with me three times. Now I’m tied to him-not sexually or anything, just mentally-he knows my thoughts and I his. His life-mate Raven wasn’t too keen on all of it, actually. Carpathian jealousy, it’s strong enough to make you kill.” She chuckled at the memory.

“Why were you dying?” she hesitated before answering.

“Well when Jacob imprinted on this girl named Maria, he got angry at me for making it hard on him. He got out of control and hurt me pretty bad, but Mikhail sensed me in the area and reached me just in time to save me.” My nails dug into the leather of the chair.

“I knew that dog was too young to be around you, he couldn’t even control himself,” I hissed.

“Yeah, well he lived a happy life. He married Maria and had three kids. They were cute, there names were Tyler, Lilly, and Courtney,” she sighed longingly. “As a Carpathian I can have children, but only with my life-mate.” I swallowed hard.

“Who is your life-mate?”

“Up until now, I didn’t know,” She replied honestly.

“Who is it?” the thought of her with another man was devastating. She smiled.


“Me?” I asked astonished. She nodded.

“You are my life-mate.”