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Three hundred years after Bella insanely chose Jacob instead of edward, but Jacob ended up falling for a hispanic exchanged student and almost killed Bella. Bella was saved by a man known as Mikhail, he was a prince of his people, Carpathians. The hunt carpathians turned vampires. After three hundred years Bella and Edward finally meet again, but this time as true life-mates.

Carpathians drink blood, they can shapedhift, read minds, and will turn vampire if the darkness takes over if they can never find their life-m,ate.

3. Life-mate

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Edward’s POV

I stared at her for what seemed like hours.

“I’m your life-mate?” I asked with uncertainty. She nodded again.

“Yes,” She said as if it were the simplest thing in the world.

“I see, and uh…what exactly does that entail?” She hesitated a moment and glanced around the room as if suddenly unsure of herself.

“I’m a different kind of vampire than you are Edward,” She said still turned away. “There are different rules for me. You can see the sunlight; I cannot. I can shape-shift; you cannot. I would not dare take an animal’s life, where you have too. That I understand so I won’t hold it against you, but I’m not so sure the rest of my kind will agree.” She paused to gaze out the window as if watching for something. She sighed after a moment. “Being my life-mate would entail that I would no longer be in danger of turning vampire-again not your kind of vampire.”

“Save you from turning Vampire? I don’t understand.” She took a deep breath and turned to face me.

“I’ve been a Carpathian for over three hundred years.” She said. “And in that time-as most Carpathians do- I lost my sight too see in color, and to feel any form of emotion except determination. Then tonight I saw you,” She searched my face as if trying to figure me out. “And it all cam flushing back. Obviously, I knew what that meant. ‘Only your life-mate can bring back color and joy as well as your soul.’” She recited. I swallowed back all the emotions building inside me. This was Bella. My Bella. Yet she was a more inhuman Bella, but still her just the same.

“And where does that leave us?” I asked hesitantly. She uncrossed her legs, stood and sauntered over to me, her hips swaying as she did so. She cupped my face in her hands, and lowered her lips until they were mere inches from mine. Instead of kissing me, she instead nuzzled my neck.

“Do you feel that?” She whispered in my ear. “The attraction is yet another give away that we belong together. It pulls us closer. Makes us hungry for one another, it creeps along our skin begging us to become one.” She pulled back to look into my eyes. Her eyes mirrored my own. Lust was so obviously there. “That won’t go away as long as we both shall live.” She said running her finger along my jaw. Then suddenly she pulled away. “But that’s not love, at least…not yet.” I shook my head and opened my mouth to speak but her voice enveloped my mind. Until then Edward, I will not take you in any way except in friendship. I love you, but I need your love in return for this to work. This is forever. Moreover, unlike human marital vows, these cannot be broken. She turned and walked over to the window.

“Wait,” I called knowing she would disappear if I let her. “When will I see you again?” I asked sounding almost desperate. The effect she had had on me was still ragging through my body. “Everyone would love to see you. Especially Alice, she misses you.” Bella looked out the window and back at me. She nodded after a moment.

“Tomorrow night. I will come.” She paused. “Be careful until then. There are conspiracies going on here against our prince Mikhail. It would not be wise for you to get involved. Now, I must go. The sun will be up soon.” She laid her hand on my cheek and leaned in to kiss my lips briefly before evaporating into air, and flying out the window, leaving me in a trance and her in my thoughts.